JC Jesus Christ Channelling: miracles are not concepts, but real experiences

JC Jesus Christ mission: miracles are not concepts, but real experiences

Miracles and love accompany 2022-08-10 02:38 posted on Gansu

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The following article is from Wei Jiafang author Clare


Wei Jiafang: miracles and love follow
Complete the journey of spiritual transformation together!

Messenger: Wei Jiafang
Communication time: August 6, 2022

Sorting records: Haihong
Hello, I’m your brother JC. It’s a pleasure to meet Chinese friends again.

I should call you Chinese brothers and sisters, because we are indeed brothers and sisters. We are not only friends, but also all from the same source.

So this is also a way I hope you will look at me like this. I am not the image you instilled in religion. I am not your master, but I am your brother. Brothers and sisters will lead them forward and explore together, which is also my role.

Although the story of JC in your human history took place in the western world, there is no distinction between the East and the West in the spiritual world. However, in your experience, I become a universal symbol, a symbol of Christ’s self. This is our common nature, which is what we call divine nature, or what Buddhism calls self nature.

Therefore, the symbolic significance of JC in this era is to unify all human beings under the common self. This is the meaning of my coming to the world again at this time. It is not to establish a new religion, nor is it to upgrade the status of the original sect. Instead, I hope that all brothers and sisters can finally combine under this common self nature and understand that we are all the common essence of love.
In the past, because of the missionary process, the symbolic name of me was also brought to the world.

Therefore, people in both East and West, whether they have religious backgrounds or not, all know the name JC. However, this name has been misused for thousands of years, so I revised the content of my story and the real teachings I want to teach in the world through the messenger Tina.

We suggest that students who have not read JC: my autobiography can read this book so that you can correctly understand what kind of connotation and spirit I really want to show in history and what my real teachings are.
Of course, now you have this miracle course as your learning tool. We also understand that the language of the miracle course has a lot of Christian color. This is due to the influence of past history. We must temporarily use these words to transform people’s understanding of the source, the origin of the universe and the truth.

However, as a modern spiritual student, you can transcend these languages and words, and you can directly receive the inspiration from the energy and frequency behind these languages and words, so as to achieve a full consciousness.
What is full consciousness? This is the outline of the class that we instructed the messenger to assign to you: understand who I am. “I am” is a kind of pure awareness, pure awareness that I am the origin of all this and the embodiment of the creator of the universe.
In the future, I will guide you to further realize that you are the embodiment of the source and the son of the source. However, we don’t want you to take these names as a slogan or a concept to learn, but to really transform them into your own strength, to really live, and to really use this strength to break through your fear.

Miracles are a real experience. Miracles are not a concept of the mind. This is also the real connotation and real utility of the miracle course.

In the future, we will also guide you through this messenger how to truly live miracles and truly bring the laws of the higher world to this world to transform the linear laws of the three dimensions. This is the real miracle, and it will lead you to a stage in the future.

But first of all, you must overcome your own obstacles and do not regard yourself as a linear life. That is to say, don’t think that you are a limited body, don’t think that you are just a life from life to death, but can really realize that you are infinite spirituality, and you constantly create new experiences and new life forms.

You should truly live as an eternal spiritual life, so that you will not be afraid when you encounter difficulties in the future. Instead, you will know that there is a higher world power, a power beyond linearity, which can intervene and transform your experience in linear time and space, and truly create miracles.

This is my encouragement to you today, and we will have more information to you in the future.

What you need now is not more information, but practical practice and practical transformation. If you still have resentment in your heart, if you still have anger in your heart, if you still have sorrow and fear in your heart, you can’t go anywhere. You have no way to escape from this experience, because these are the bonds of your beliefs.

So you still need to practice forgiveness, that is, remove your linear thinking, remove your mind’s knowledge, and remove your established concepts. In this way, you can truly live a miracle.

Therefore, you can’t be too ambitious, but you should be pragmatic to transform your inner obstacles and remove them. Only then can you truly experience that you are love.
What are you? What am I? I love you, too. You must have this personal recognition before you can call it self-consciousness.

The above is my encouragement to you today. We will meet again in the future.


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