You can see now that you are changing^_^

We salute the dear children on earth. With great love, we are glad to welcome you home. The new earth is being presented to you.

The new earth has been born. But you are still surrounded by the heavy three-dimensional energy that is rapidly dissolving, which hides you from seeing the beautiful new things that are being placed on the new earth.

The new earth is a comprehensive transformation of mankind. The new earth is the transformation of everyone’s thoughts, actions and hearts, which is related to the energy and spiritual evolution of the earth where you live.

You are currently in a whirlwind of changes. Sometimes you will feel sad, tired and even worried. Because you know something is changing, but you don’t know what it is and what it will become.

The earth itself is undergoing great purification, as you can see from your climate and many natural phenomena. All this makes you think: why do all these problems happen almost at the same time? The reason is that the earth needs this purification, and she must complete it for her and her children. Yes, son of the earth, everything is necessary and purposeful. This process is dedicated to releasing all the great and heavy energy of the third dimension so that you can finally find your true identity: the existence of eternal love.

On the three-dimensional earth, whether a person is happy or not seems to have a great relationship with the external situation. But when the new earth is truly presented to you, life will be completely different. You will be more connected with the inside, and your joy and joy will spread from the inside to the outside.

You can see now that you are changing. By observing yourself, you will find that you are seeking more nature, more peace, more honesty, more pure love and truth. Yes, human beings are now undergoing intense changes, which is the beginning of the emergence of the new earth in and around you. Because the new earth is not outside of you, it was first created within you.

Therefore, the new earth is mainly based on changes in your view of life and your understanding of who you are. When you fully feel and experience this transformation, the new earth will be born in the most beautiful way from the love and pure light that you unite.

Dear Earth brothers and sisters, do not doubt our presence with you. We know that you need spiritual and physical support because what you have experienced is very disturbing to your mind. We are here and we send you all our love and pure light.

Have confidence in life, everything will slowly calm down, and the universe and countless light beings are guarding you. But as we often tell you, all internal work needs to be completed by yourself, which is irreplaceable by us.

Know who you are, love your planet, love yourself and people around you, love nature and everything in nature, and send out your inner light.

We accompany you with love.

We give you all our love and light, thank you for all you have done, and bless you.


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