Human brain battle^_^

Human brain battle!

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Brain system

This article was first published on 21.9.7

When the human body was initially built, the design was very exquisite.

In ancient times, the human body was more transparent than it is now, and the perception and sensitivity of energy were also excellent.

As far as the present situation is concerned, the most direct function of the revealed mind consciousness system in the human body is to connect the energy of the universe and the human body and form a port for energy flow.

At the same time of energy exchange and accommodation, it promotes the iterative upgrading and more refined refresh of the internal structure of the human body.

The mind recognition system is an energy gate and a hidden button for human beings to upgrade.

The second most important structure in the human body, second only to the mental system, is the human brain system.

If we say that the mind recognition system is a high-end special system set for the attribute of energy;

Then the operation of the brain system in the human body is a circuitous design;

Although it is also filled with devices for docking energy, from the perspective of the priority of human survival in physical space;

More often than not, it focuses on coordinating the external development of the human body.

For example, learning ability, reaction ability, establish the human body’s cognitive ability to the external environment, and coordinate the human body’s ability to adapt to the changes and survival of the surrounding environment.

It can be said that because of the specific landing property of the physical space, the brain system adopts a flashback system;

First solve the survival problem of the human body, and then refine it to take human consciousness as the basic point to guide it to a higher frequency.

For human beings on earth, the brain system is the pillar system for human body to adapt to material space;

Because the maintenance of the brain system is related to the survival of the human body and the subsequent level of consciousness, it also affects the action;

Therefore, capturing the brain system in the physical space is about equal to gaining the control and mobilization power of the human body.

Therefore, since ancient times, the brain system has always been the only place where negative energy attempts to completely control human beings.

In the human brain, there are hundreds of millions of neurons. From the energy layer, these neurons are luminous energy point devices;

Together, they can connect the energy signals of the universe, and can also communicate with the high-frequency energy in the mind recognition system;

It forms the consistent wave frequency vibration of the heart and brain, and promotes the unity of human body and mind.

In reality, these neurons are surrounded by thick negative energy like asphalt;

It is used to annihilate and block the activity and function of neurons, paralyze the operation of the positive energy of the brain system, and thus fall into a state of bewilderment;

At this time, negative energy will begin to graft the original positive energy transmission, and fish in troubled waters;

Incite and guide human consciousness to deviate from the positive track, and obey their instigation and orders.

When the brain system is surrounded and disturbed by negative energy, people with transparent body usually feel dizzy, blocked and dull in the head;

In some cases, they will vividly feel the voice of negative energy in the brain, instigating and bewitching themselves.

In this case, it is necessary to lead the purification energy of the cosmic high frequency to purify and dredge the head to eliminate the interference of negative energy.

Today, the earth’s energy is steadily increasing;

Originally, the middle layer of the human brain was surrounded by the negative energy of the brain nerves and brain cells, and the negative energy steel nails and splints inserted therein. The universe has carried out directional removal and unsealing of them.

This work is ongoing and requires a battle of wits and courage.

Although the universe’s high-frequency energy has encircled, chased and intercepted it, the guerrilla tactics of zero negative energy quantification and sand accumulation cannot be underestimated.

A hundred footed insects die without being stiff, and the vitality and difficulty of negative energy are even more difficult.

Under the directional cleaning of the human brain by the cosmic energy, human beings can only learn the bad behavior of negative energy synchronously, and practice it from knowledge to resist the control of negative energy;

Strive to improve their own high-frequency awareness, combine with the universe’s high-frequency energy inside and outside, and destroy the devices that surround the brain system with negative energy;

Only in this way can human beings return to the original state of being pure and clear, so that they can be pure inside and outside.


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