Pangu: Practice Guide (Part 1)

Pangu: Practice Guide (Part 1)

Original XF whirlwind: about 2022-08-17 03:37 posted on Inner Mongolia

Today, I will talk about some practical practice methods, so that you can more clearly understand the way and order of practice, and understand how to connect with the infinite energy through physical practice, so that you can no longer be trapped in karma, and all of you can spread your wings and fly.

There are four basic elements of the infinite energy: Lotus (universal information converter), black hole (heart tolerance), Dan (sexual energy), and spirit (absolute rationality).

1、 Lotus

First of all, the lotus is located above the head. It is the receiver and transmitter of cosmic information and the key to high-dimensional wisdom. Ordinary people generally do not have lotus flowers.

The information of the universe can only be obtained by the brain through external learning. It also needs to be filtered and corrected by their own values to transform the information into something they identify with. Therefore, people’s ego is very strong. In order to protect themselves and eliminate anything inconsistent with their own belief system, they use their existing beliefs to strengthen the cage of consciousness, and never think that it is themselves who really has problems.

You awakened children are awed by the unknown information, so the first step for you to get more truth is to connect the lotus and meditate on the infinite Lotus (seven colored lotus).

After the lotus is connected, the heart can be sensed. The limitless lotus is different from the lotus you have cultivated before. Most of the lotus of the channelists are only monochrome, mainly white and gold.

The white lotus can connect the information of the three realms and six channels, and the gold is the main color of the lotus of the five Buddhas, which can connect all the cosmic information under the territory of the five Buddhas. Because the five Buddhas are the closest universe to you, the records of Buddha Dharma are widely spread.

However, this is still a very small part of the universe information. More information about the universe’s high spirits is spread through myths and novels.

It can be said that the monochrome lotus only got the key to open the alaiye knowledge, and did not get the permission to read all the alaiye knowledge. The limitless lotus represents omniscientism, and all the information read by the divine power depends on the lotus.

After the lotus is connected, you still need to improve your cultivation, strengthen the link with the high dimension, constantly nourish the lotus, and open more functions of the lotus by adding more petals and refining more pure colors.

2、 Black hole
With your scientists’ exploration of black holes and the information downloaded by psychics, it is no longer a secret that black holes produce everything.

In your scientific view, a black hole is a singular point, a star with infinitely small volume and infinitely large mass. Anyone who comes close to the black hole will be sucked in. This has caused great trouble to your scientific research, because no one dares to really enter the black hole to see.

This fear of being afraid to approach hinders your further study of black holes. Because your research relies on the brain, the brain is only a high-level processor, and the black hole is the heart and the source of energy. Even if you develop 100% of the brain, you will not really understand the black hole.

A black hole is a heart, a love, a empathy, an all embracing consciousness that covers the frequency of the brain.

Therefore, if you want to build a black hole, you need to build the vibrational frequency that can resonate with everything, that is, the vibrational frequency of love. The cultivation of black holes depends more on the cultivation of your mind in your daily life and work.

Can you respect different voices, tolerate other people’s mistakes, understand that your hurt is not hurt, and understand the love behind everything.

Why do you want to turn so many lives and have so many subjects? Everything is for your self-development and to explore the real reality of the universe. There is only one thing you need to learn: believe in yourself unconditionally and focus on yourself forever.

A person’s life is only a few decades. After losing his body, everything in the world is illusory; The life cycle of the soul is several hundred to several hundred thousand years longer. After losing the soul, everything the soul experiences is illusory. The greatest invariance in the universe is constant change.

The real eternity is to have the love of the black hole, which can be born or perished, and live or die. The purpose of accumulating experience is to increase the vibration frequency of the black hole, not to be trapped in the experience, because all experiences are illusions, and the reality is that your own heart has the ability to create everything.

All the experiences are to make you believe that you are the creator and your heart can create everything. People today do not believe in materialism because you have been ruled by the brain for a long time.

Especially men only believe in what is in the database and believe that the material in front of them, such as houses, cars and money, is real. Of course, this can not blame them, because black hole energy belongs to Yin, and women are easier to repair.

Men are born with the characteristics of fighting on the battlefield and attacking the sky. They don’t care about small love. It’s very difficult for them to repair a black hole. Women’s black holes are empty and their brains are far inferior to men’s, so men do not respect women.

The long-standing male chauvinism is the manifestation of this energy. Women can’t create everything and manifest material things, but they don’t know how to cultivate themselves and link with higher sources. Instead, they turn to men and children for love and energy.

Men dare not accept this love that they grasp and control, because it will trigger the greatest fear of male collective consciousness: women are old tigers.
The best way to practice black holes is to have little love, clothing, food, shelter and transportation. When you can truly do what you like, you will naturally have the intention to tolerate others, all living beings and all things.

When your inner body is full of fear, worry, shame and self blame, you will not have energy to give to others. You always give love with your own energy. Learn to heal yourself and constantly heal your recurring emotions until you can completely live in the present and let go of the past. Then you will be free.

Live your life and see the truth


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