Earth space energy, combat situation!

Earth space energy, combat situation!

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Space energy

This article was first published on 21.9.1

30 years of area east of the Yellow Rive, 30 years of area west of the Yellow Rive.

The situation where positive energy was suppressed on the earth is gone forever.
After precision deployment and precision strike in the first half of 2021;

Some of the negative energy and negative base stations in human mind and earth’s environmental space have been disassembled;

It has been strongly supported by space combat and war defense.

In addition, all high-level leaders have reached a consensus to change their previous awareness and negative attitude;

We should not condone or cover up. We should take Concentrated suppression and block destruction as our primary task, and comprehensively destroy the negative offensive and defensive forces on the earth as our primary task.

This is the result of hundreds of millions of years of experience.

The universe is also divided into the main war faction and the main peace faction. At first, they took a tolerant attitude toward the negative initial that just emerged in the universe. They thought that all were life and did not need to be wiped out;

Moreover, positive energy also needs to set an example. Only by taking education and guidance as the main means can we maintain the harmony of the universe.

But it backfired. Hundreds of millions of years later, the black area expanded and devoured many weak lives.
The universe began to think about what was positive and what was negative.

If we let the negativity go on, what will more lives be like.

This experiment was started on earth. At first, the experiment was open, and many planets could participate in it;

However, some life do not understand the ultimate rules of the universe, and regard the earth as a testing ground and energy source for their own planet;

Promote the “Ascension” of one’s own planet at the expense of harming the earth and its life.

They later discovered that all ascensions at the expense of other life would eventually harm their own planet;

However, some lives failed to rein in at the precipice in time and went further and further along the original road.

Although the earth is an experimental base, it is not a bottomless testing ground for life.

The purpose of the trial is to improve the life of the whole universe and to improve the reform and evolution of the universe.

Based on this, the universe has taken back the exclusive management right of the earth and has begun to take back the experimental right of the planets that conduct irregular experiments on the earth.

The current energy battle is conducted in multiple layers and dimensions;

Fighting is not entirely at the cost of losing other lives. Fighting also involves the deployment and deepening of consciousness;

The construction of the earth’s optical grid and the dismantling of the negative base stations in the earth’s space and underground;

The transformation and promotion of human consciousness, the reconstruction and construction of human mind;

The transformation of the earth’s continental plates and the exchange of poles;

Comprehensive reset and construction of global wealth and financial system;

The transformation of the earth underworld, the re examination of the cause and effect reincarnation system and the reset of the six channels;

Recover the energy of Zong religion, damage and disassemble unreasonable buildings and devices set up on earth by other planets;

The re establishment and reshuffle of the human regime, the transformation of the human race and the promotion of genes are waiting to be implemented at many levels.

And the independence and importance of the battle finally reached a consensus among the ancient life and management of the universe.

Once upon a time, quite a number of ancient sources of the universe and ancient life did not agree to engage in combat or war;

I think this will make the universe more divided and life more difficult to unite.

However, after hundreds of millions of years of waiting and verification, it was finally presented with painful facts;
If we continue to ignore the positive energy, it will be difficult to have a foothold, and more life and planets on the edge of the universe will be broken.

Therefore, the premise of fighting is love for many lives.
I don’t want more lives to become negative pawns, and I am still saying negative good words after being sucked up by negative energy.

In the first half of this year, the universe issued a series of kill orders to comprehensively encircle and destroy negative base stations, grids, energy supplies, and energy lines;

We have fought multiple battles against the implantation and theft of negativity in the human brain.
But fighting on the periphery can only be one of the means of fighting, not the final solution.

The only way to fundamentally change the status quo of the earth is to awaken human consciousness and know the “secrets” of space.

The biggest difficulty comes from the connection between human’s mental network and negative network;

Human consciousness and negative thinking provide energy to the negative grid and receive “feedback”.

Therefore, the transformation of human mind, consciousness and dream has always been the focus of our work.

Happily, more and more people wake up from their real dreams and begin to consciously transform themselves.

This is about the grand plan of the unity of the universe. Countless lives are sinking and falling to the earth. Countless lives are far away from their own land, and they are blooming in all corners of the universe for the sake of harmony and beauty.

If the plan does not go smoothly, many flowers will not be able to return home and realize their original wishes.

The recent battles have gradually begun to manifest to the material level, which is also a comprehensive war from energy to material. The methods that are easy to use in the energy world may not work in this space.

The manifestation of the physical world requires the accumulation and convergence of energy and the accumulation of time.

The control and application of climate is the advantage of positive energy, and many working bodies and life participate in the energy battle of meteorology.

No matter the direction of the cloud map or the deployment of the wind, they are indispensable.

However, the adjustment of climate and meteorology can not be arbitrary. It needs to be approved at all levels, and it is also combined with Yeli, inguo, ecology and dimension.

At the battle level of energy, meteorology is a link of material manifestation.

Therefore, whether and to what extent should be made explicit are also points to be considered.


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