Contact begins with rural areas and wastelands with few people^_^

Contact begins with rural areas and wastelands with few people^_^

Waves across five continents

Spring reading to 2022-08-21 21:17 posted on Zhejiang

Platinum fleet – waves across five continents

Note: This is an excerpt
Greetings, friends! We have some information and joy to bring to you! We returned again after a brief interruption

According to our elders, a large-scale external containment will begin soon. Clumsy bad guys are like cockroaches looking for a hole to hide. They intend to add strength to their plans. Obviously, they will not succeed

They have consumed your energy in the past two years, absorbing fear and chaos as never before. In any case, the tap has been turned off due to our direct and indirect intervention

In addition, with the increase of light in this field, masked people continue to blame themselves for their misconduct

In this environment with many transmissions, many people are still unable to transmit our information because of their personality. When they insist, they will only recycle our previous transmissions

Of course, there are many people who want to communicate with us and transmit our information. We have prepared two in Europe and Asia, and a 14-year-old youth from Africa

This field will experience many changes on the physical level in the coming months, and will make necessary and important adjustments for the deployment of another ascension scroll

These agitations will not only be at the physical level, but also within each of you, as we constantly remind you. Thanks to your efforts and those above, great quantum transformations can be realized. It will thoroughly wash and clean up this area (always seeking balance)

Since the garden of Eden, no such light has ever come from the center of the universe. We are honored to see this scene
You will feel a “wave” across five continents and start adjustment

This will also unlock the spiritual vision of many people, who will pay more attention to their inner

This kingdom, apart from its dazzling wonders, will also touch our hearts in various ways. We hope to see it in its original glory

Heaven revels in this immediate possibility. We heard the bell and began to celebrate

A lot of things come and go, just like in fairy tales. You must understand that these stories tell hidden truths

These sacred realms are ready to reconnect with you
Also, we will begin to prepare many of you to contact us in remote rural areas

At present, we can only do this

Our elders said it was necessary because of the strong vibration that would be caused if we landed in a busy place

We are looking forward to this embrace. We like mountains and rocks. We hope to see you close. We hope that the source will give us such a blessing

Enjoy the linear time you still have, because time will dissolve more quickly

Arcturus friends are excited about “pressing the button” to dissolve the time, which is reorganizing the overlapping dimension. We hope you can view it from our perspective

Our equipment (spacecraft) is constantly moving in all dimensions, and at the same time, we are watching how these changes affect all fields
Be careful not to drop a glass of water because they can cause tsunamis in an overlapping environment

More information will come from trusted environment

Always be ready

As long as our elders allow, we will report more

This is a direct message because we miss the connection with you
We are very satisfied with the development of things

You don’t have much time to contact us directly

At the same time, find us in rural areas

Watch out for wolves in sheep’s clothing. They may try to imitate us and convey our message

Every day, a new domino falls down

Continue to take the steps that need to be taken, and understand that some setbacks are necessary. This does not mean loss, but a strategic action

To know when to stop or retreat! Use wisdom

One step back is sometimes necessary for two steps forward

The border has been torn down, the unity is close, and love will dominate

Heaven has announced that it will be so

We will return at the right time

Date: August 16, 2022
From: Rafael


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