Sirius message: the future is beyond your imagination and will be completely different from the experience of duality^_^

Sirius message: the future is beyond your imagination and will be completely different from the experience of duality!

Gao Weiguang’s message 2022-08-25 15:11 posted on Sichuan

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Son of light, son of earth, as you are nearing completion. We want to take you to look forward to your new life.

Your future will be completely different from your experience of duality. Instead, your future life will give you all the happiness. We can say that the pure beauty and miracles you will encounter on your journey will exceed your imagination.

You will leave the old paradigm and enter the new paradigm. You cannot take the old vibrations any further; they must be converted into light. Ascension offers you an opportunity to truly end the cycle of duality. A new era is about to begin. If you want, you can embark on its path. Living in love and light, you will take a big step in evolution.

The lower vibrations of separation and duality consciousness always lead to disharmony and imbalance. Your creative ability is limited. It is in the belief that the source and love are separated. It seems that there is an irreparable gap in your life. Rising will change all this.

Through your own efforts, you will return to love and light again. Only then will you become the real you, transcending your limitations and expressing your strong creativity. As your consciousness expands, you will find that your understanding of the power you have increases. At a higher level, you will not abuse it, but use it for the benefit of all.

And this is not the end of your journey, but a new starting point for your ascension to a higher dimension.

What is special about this ascent is that you will ascend in a physical body, and the vibrational core of the body has changed to suit higher dimensional life. This is not your existing carbon based body, but a body that has become crystal based and can play a role in the fifth dimension, a body that has become lighter and has entered the near perfect self-expression.


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