Sirius: the law of earth’s experience^_^

Sirius: the law of earth’s experience

Ruohe Purple Star 2022-08-26 08:03 posted on Yunnan

The first law of free will

The earth is a planet endowed with the law of free will. The law of free will means that we should respect the free will of all experimenters, and everyone’s free will is actually everyone’s choice. When we get the earth pass at the beginning, we will give everyone a card of free will.

This free will card can be used to stick to your choice in the earth experience. But many people forget this card and forget that they have one.
If you forget this card and don’t use it, and another entity uses it, it will make your experience very difficult, because you will listen to the arrangement of another entity and lose your right and ability to choose.

But you always have this card, which is bound to your earth travel pass. Therefore, it is impossible to have only the earth travel pass, but not the free will card. Now, you can find your free will card again, which means that you can give yourself the right to choose.

This is the sacred right of each of you. This right can only be deprived when you forget your free will card. Everyone is strong, but this strength should not be manifested in controlling others, but in allowing oneself to make his own choices and respecting the different choices made by others.

The second law of life

Completing the life task is the main reason for many souls to come to earth. Because in this three-dimensional material world, you can experience polarity, and you can learn, understand and transcend your own life subject through reverse experience. Everyone has their own life topics, unconditional love, acceptance, abundance, Thanksgiving, and so on.

The learning of life course is often carried out through the reverse difficult experience. If the topic is abundant, then it corresponds to the experience of scarcity. If the topic is unconditional love, then it corresponds to conditional love, or the experience of not being loved.

Therefore, if you find that there are some difficult experiences in your life that are difficult to surpass, this is exactly what you want to experience when you come to this three-dimensional material world. Because there are polarities of binary opposition and linear space-time processes here, these do not exist in the higher dimensional spiritual world.
You have chosen the life topic of this life and started your own experience. This also means that if you have not completed your own life topic, you will continue to reincarnate until you have completed your own topic and then have different experiences.

The third dimension coexistence rule

In the three-dimensional physical world, there is not only three-dimensional dense matter, because the game fantasy of three-dimensional experience cannot exist alone. Therefore, this is also a world of dimensional coexistence, or coexistence of multiple energies.

This is also an extremely special place on earth. You can not only experience everything dense in the three-dimensional physical world, but also connect to the energy of other dimensions on the earth, or receive wisdom from different dimensions.

This also means that the earth is not a completely closed experimental field, but a game field with the participation of many cosmic beings. All souls who come to this game field are not only three-dimensional existence, but multi-dimensional existence. Under the law of dimensional coexistence, the existence and energy of different levels can have an impact on the earth.

As an individual, you will also have a unique impact on you, because you are a larger existence than the physical body you see, and your strength is much stronger than you imagine. Therefore, you are not only relying on the power of your humanity to help the world, but also using your multidimensional dimension to create the miracle of change and transformation.

Thank you for reading and deep blessing!


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