Tactical adjustment of human mind and consciousness system transformation! (2022.8.29~9.4)

Tactical adjustment of human mind and consciousness system transformation! (

Original destined to practice, destined to practice, 2022-08-29 05:58 posted on Inner Mongolia


Psychocognitive system

Countless efforts, in exchange for sacrifice;

Countless times of dormancy, still like this.

What happened to the interstellar seeds?

Have you got used to being a man?

Countless interstellar seeds did not wake up, waiting to be redeemed.

But in the waiting time, the heart of dedication is rising.
Recently, the universe is pleased to find that some human minds are changing;

Among them, there are ordinary people, and there are also unwilling spirits Hun under ordinary bodies.

Many human spirits Hun received the information from the universe and began to have a heart of exploration;

To think about their own life significance and goals, and to see a ray of clarity and dawn in the numb life.

This is a major breakthrough in the transformation of human mind.

This shows that energy has begun to transform to the material level, and there has been a transformation of landing.

Based on this, the space once again increased the transformation of human mind and consciousness.

However, the previous tactics were adjusted as follows:

  1. Some extraterrestrials are invited to extract and upload human mind recognition data irregularly;

It also gives aliens their own transformation methods and opinions, and finally makes the selection of reference projects;

  1. Integrate the human mind recognition data again.

To extract more vulnerabilities and put forward corresponding modification opinions;

  1. Reduce or clean up the redundant part of human mental data;

So as not to pollute other planets;

  1. Put more cleaning and purification energy into the mind to help the mind to update;
  2. Remould the human mind template.

However, this work needs to be carried out slowly, and once the template is reshaped, it is not easy to change;

Therefore, the urgent task is to determine what kind of template, and then replace it;

  1. Lift the dark path and ravines in the mind, and ask the powerful cleaning energy to clear them;
  2. Add happy energy to the human mind.

See you for a long time.
The regulation of the space on the earth began to manifest after decades of Earth years;

In the future, there will be more changes on the earth. Let’s see how humans respond.

Upgrade of earth spirit beast:

The chaotic channel lines float in the sky around, which is the energy state of the area where pestilence is located.

Such areas generate more fear energy and dark energy.
Although the departure of some people is certain, the whole field has produced dark channels under the influence of human consciousness, and extracted energy from human fear.

In this regard, the space and air defense system and relevant working bodies have increased their guard over the epidemic area;

And the collection of negative energy in the sky, and some equipment are set up to operate the automatic collection mechanism in the sky.

Although the divine beasts will encounter more energy contamination in these areas, they still actively ask for war and cooperate with the work of the war defense system.

For their work, outer space allows them to enter a specially opened purification base after they return to purify and replenish energy;

In addition, we will also give them the latest reform information and rules compliance.

In this way, the work can be extended according to the trend, and the information can be brought into their own communities after some of the divine animals return, so as to save the steps of the work.

The divine beasts shoulder the responsibility and also bear part of the work pressure and work indicators.

Although the energy of the universe can transform the physical world, it still takes years to manifest.

And there are divine animals working on the earth with their own bodies, which greatly improves their efficiency.

They can go to the most dangerous places, they can bring equipment, they can also transform space energy;

Therefore, the air force has recently increased its military input in the area;

And subdivide the working force of the divine beast, conduct training and provide energy support.

With the continuous training of the divine animals, their professionalism and due diligence have been improved.

The spirit beasts at all levels on the earth are also eager to upgrade, so they are also inviting the divine beasts in the sky to dock with the spirit beasts on the earth;

In the process of docking, there are both funny and funny things and moving things.

No matter whether they are divine animals or spirit animals, they can see their desire to grow and strengthen their own ethnic groups.
It is not easy for the spirit animals on the earth to practice. They will encounter Natural disaster and various disturbances;

If the heart is unstable, it will also encounter the energy level of phagocytosis.

In the past, only a few divine animals with better birth or cultivation were qualified to participate in training at higher places and upgrade their own energy.

Based on this, the space is considering conducting more extensive training for the intelligent animals on the earth;

Even the specialists from Tianjie are responsible for this work.

However, before the training, it is necessary to design the training content and integrate the relevant upgrading levels.

I.e. to combine the upgrading and training of the life of the Ling community.

The spiritual animals have a variety of cultivation methods, and the curriculum design should consider their mind, ethnic characteristics, and upgrading steps.

In the process of upgrading the spirit animals, there are also some ancient divine animals waking up and the use of new source energy.


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