Saint Germain: Awakening time is coming^_^

Saint Germain: Awakening time is coming^_^

Original lightlove 2022-08-28 13:34 posted on Shandong
by James Mcconnell 2022-8-26

I am Saint Germain. I come here at this moment because the event is still moving forward. You will continue to understand that everything is indeed a bigger picture. More and more of you, more and more of your groups, begin to understand this.

This is a bigger picture. It’s part of a bigger plan. Everything happens for a reason. So when you look out and see many things happening, many things happening in the 3-D matrix, you should fully understand that this is an illusion.

This is a movie. It is a performance being performed in front of you. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, you know very well. You know this is part of the plan, just an illusion that allows you to observe, perceive, but not become part of it.

Of course, some people will try to catch you and drag you down. But they know they can’t hold you any longer. So they only contact those who have not yet awakened and try to keep them under their control. But they know they can’t go on like this.

Did they give up? no They didn’t give up completely, they certainly won’t give up until the last straw. But it’s none of your business. All you need to care about is moving forward, moving forward. Let us put down all the past understanding of illusion, those fears, those hatred, those jealousies, and all the things that make you fall into illusion and three-dimensional matrix. At this moment, they will never exist again.

It is no longer suitable for you, nor for us. Because we have seen what you might call a “stern warning” here, many people will not wake up. They won’t wake up unless they are strongly shocked.

Until they fully realize that they have no freedom, they will not move towards freedom. They don’t understand as well as you do. You know what freedom is. But many people do not understand this. They think they are free, but they realize in their hearts that they are not free, and they think they can do nothing about it. But in fact, they can, you can, and we can.

Therefore, we should understand that as things continue to develop, we will be more and more involved at an appropriate time. When I say “we”, I mean all the forces of light: the alliance, those galactic forces, all of us are together, ready to move forward.

You have heard this from those galactic humans who have been talking to you. They will start to take more interventions. And these moments are coming, and it can happen.

Will it happen? I’m not sure about the time frame. But I can tell you that they are ready. I can tell you that as initiates, we are ready. I can tell you that all the forces of the alliance are ready, and those white hats are ready. They know what will happen, and they have been planning for this for some time. Even back in ancient times, Atlantis and Lemuria can be traced back to a long time ago.

From then on, it can even be traced back to life, systems, galaxies and planets even earlier, where those of you, the terminators of the old system, are now here again. We are all working together.
So when we are ready to move forward, because of your request, we can really step in and help you more, and time will come here more and more. Because those of you, the power of light, all of your light fighters, the enemies of the old system, have been asking us. The more you ask, the more we can do.

This is the meaning of all this: freedom and the rebirth of your Republic. Republic, not just the United States of America. But all countries in the world.

All the people on earth gather together again, because it is doomed, because more and more people wake up. Whether they wake up like you or they need something more special to wake them up, that moment is coming.

I am Saint Germain. I leave in peace, love and unity. You will continue to understand the meaning of freedom.

You will always be free, and that moment is coming.


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