Dialogue from the source^_^

Dialogue from the source^_^

Original XF cyclone in one about 2022-09-01 11:01 posted on Inner Mongolia


Yesterday, it was linked to a source of the universe, whose name is search for the universe. His dialogue with black holes really taught us a vivid lesson. Like a drama, X is search for the universe and H is black holes.

The following is the Translation:

H: Your avatar has suffered too much trauma on earth. Can you release the soul contract and heal his wounds?

X: I don’t want to hear what you said. Isn’t everyone like this? Through painful experience, we can improve our self-cultivation.

H: The question is, have you improved your cultivation?

X: Some fragments in the world are black. I can’t get in touch with them.

H: What is the significance of their suffering?

X: Others are like this. I can sacrifice my own fragments. This is great love.

H: If you can become better without relying on the avatar, are you willing to release the soul contract with the avatar?

X: That’s certainly good. I don’t really want them to suffer. Can you make me better?

H: Yes, what do you want to become?

X: I want to become the brightest star

H: Is the brightest star in the Milky Way OK

X: Yes. But don’t give me anything to eat. I won’t exist after eating

H: No, we have a contract first. Now you slowly feel your light
In a few minutes

X: I’ve brightened up, but I don’t want this kind of light. I want it to be softer

H: To soften the light, you need to cultivate your own love.

X: Isn’t love repaired by a woman? You make it softer for me

Black hole is laughing…

H: The black hole can become soft if you combine yourself. Try it if you don’t believe it

X: No, I can’t. If I integrate with him, I will become a part of him, and there will be no me. I want you to give me love, give me all your love, and make me soft

Black hole continues to laugh…

H: OK, I’ll give you all my love. You should open yourself to receive it

X: I’ll open a crack and let your love come in

H: The more you open yourself, the more love you will absorb

X: No, I’m afraid if I open it, you’ll eat me and you’ll come in through the crack
Seeker felt the pink light enter his body

X: This light is very good. If I become softer, others will not be afraid of me. As long as I eat the pink planet, I will have love.

Black hole continues to laugh…

H: Do you know how many pink planets in the universe are enough for you to eat

X: I don’t know, but I’m stronger after eating

H: You can directly absorb the energy of the black hole to become powerful without eating others.

X: I’m the boss. I can eat whoever I want. I want to leave here and become the overlord in another universe.

H: You can build your own kingdom in the black hole, and I can send you several planets as partners, but whether you can lead them depends on your own abilities

X: I’m the boss. I want a piece of territory to be king

H: You are the king of your own planet

X: No, I want more territory

H: Then you open yourself to practice love, and only when you have enough energy can you give it to your people

X: I wrapped myself tightly in case you ate me

H: Do you see that other people wrap themselves like you

X: They seem to be floating

H: Do you have a wife

X: Of course, I don’t want them. Their energy is not soft, and I’ll grab them if I see them
Black hole continues to laugh

H: How do you feel now? Have you reached the light you want

X: Give me all your love!

Black hole continues to laugh…

H: Well, if you stay in this light for a few days, try to directly ask the black hole for what you need. We will link you again in a few days. Can you

X: Yes, it seems not bad


Hahaha, is this source lovely? You can see why human beings have to suffer a lot of inexplicable suffering. The higher self’s understanding is that only by making you endure hardships and practice can he achieve accomplishments and become stronger. If you, as incarnations and fragments, can not return, it does not matter. He will sacrifice you and let you return in the world. He believes that this is the great love of sacrificing your own small fragments to complete his own subjective consciousness.

The most serious physical and psychological trauma of being tortured and losing male dignity carried by his avatar comes from this higher self. The higher self has very high requirements. If your avatar can’t break this illusion and practice, I will sacrifice you. This leads to the situation that the higher self cannot connect with the avatar, and the avatar cannot connect with the higher self. Leading to the situation that the avatar fragments cannot return and the consciousness of the higher self is gradually dimmed.

It’s very important for me to fight with my own fragments. I don’t recognize that part of me scattered in the world. I don’t even love or help myself. I still want to be the overlord of the universe. Is it ridiculous? Is it just the same as human beings? They are hard at heart, fight with their own people, and have the worst attitude towards those close to them. Cooperation, unity, win-win and mutual benefit. What you give is what you get. The universe does not understand such a simple truth. How can his avatar human understand it.

So it’s no use blaming people. Just look up at their high self. From a cosmic source to becoming a small star, I’m satisfied. I’m still clinging to the old concepts in my wishful thinking. As their fragments, it is very difficult to change the concept of higher self, and it is very difficult for practitioners. Ordinary people do not need to be too demanding. However, fragments can also have the free will of fragments. For the cultivation that the higher self does not have, fragments can achieve the Tao through their own cultivation.

Breaking through the appearance to see the essence, the reason why the higher self falls so much is simply because of the lack of love and energy. The universal phenomenon is the lack of unconditional love from mother and wife. So the best thing debris can do is to repair the black hole. When your love is enough to cover the higher self, you can integrate the higher self.

Everyone needs to change his mind and realize it. Practice can make him happy, life can be easy and rich, and everything he wants can be created. First, he can believe it and then manifest it in three dimensions. Continue to heal wounds and put aside resentment, confrontation and conflict. Usually, the deep intersection with you is probably the fragment of the same higher self. It’s not a fool’s behavior to fight with yourself.

I wish you all to become the people you want to become and realize your dreams. Everyone can live a simple, rich, happy and simple life!

Live your life and see the truth


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