Pleiades II alien message 343: breaking the subconscious and breaking the perceptual agreement Yazhi

Pleiades II alien message 343: breaking the subconscious and breaking the perceptual agreement Yazhi

Original author a Liang UFO mystery 2022-09-01 18:00 posted on Jiangxi

Garcia: Yazhi, talk to us about how to get out of the cognitive agreement with others and form your own cognitive agreement? As in your case, you are collectively influenced by the tagtans. How do you do this step by step?

Yazhi: I’m not affected by them. In order not to appear in these agreements, my mother piloted a deep space spacecraft so that I was born in hyperspace. This is why I will make my own rules. I am influenced by the tagtan people and the earth, partly because of the things I am used to and like, such as fruits, birthday parties and so on.

This is the same as defeating the subconscious. It’s like recalling many previous lives. The more, the better. The more you can control your subconscious, because you understand it. Therefore, you must try to remember the past life. But the problem is that the earth matrix exists to prevent you from remembering previous lives and focusing on limited human experiences. 

Recycling previous lives can defeat the subconscious mind. This is the importance of this task. However, within the scope of your control, within the scope of your consciousness, you can form an intention that everything carried by your unconscious will no longer affect you. That is, let go of karma, which means cause and effect itself. It is not the concept of karma in the Buddhist sense, that kind of integral system with religious color.

Gorcia: is this decision enough? So you can’t be controlled by the unconscious anymore? Well, I’ll tell myself now. I think it may not be enough, right? Yazhi: if your faith is firm enough, you can. All the things about revoking the soul agreement are useful, such as leaving a letter of “I disagree” and a letter of letting yourself leave religion. But in the final analysis, they are just a crutch or a mechanism, which is used to consolidate the feeling of inner strength, a process of self. As a ceremony, it is not only the reason for rescinding the contract, but also the process. Because only from a spiritual point of view, when the controller reads it, can it really help.

Gorcia: it’s just because we agree on a lot of perceptions. I’m talking about more advanced things, such as going through walls and things like that, flying. Yazhi: that’s subconsciously thinking of walls as solid things. Realize that there are no walls. Realize that this is only energy. The reason why you feel that the wall is solid is not because it is’ matter ‘, but because of the electromagnetic repulsion between the particles that make up the wall and the particles that make up your hand. The apparent firmness of a wall or any object is only due to simple magnetic repulsion. Because both objects, the wall and the hand, are at the same frequency, this indicates that they have the same magnetic charge.

Because they are in the same dimension, the energy is charged with the same polarity, and the equal poles repel each other. Basic magnetism.

But if you reverse the poles, they attract me. This principle is used in the artificial gravity system of the spacecraft, or the gravity cancellation system, or the gravity engine. If you have a neutral pole. In an existential neutral state, integrate your existence and your subconsciousness. Others divide the nature of things into positive and negative sides. How can you explain it with energy? This is the same. You are neutral about everything. There is no wall. 

This is all caused by a mentality. Your deep attachment structure. What you refuse and what you accept. Everything is thought.

Gorcia: but for example, Yazhi. I know what you said is theoretical, but why can’t I walk through the wall? I still have an agreement or something. So, it seems that it is not enough just to realize what you said. What else is needed to achieve this goal? I know you gave us some exercises a while ago, in the transmitted video, etc. But is there anything else? 

Yazhi: your subconsciousness is still too strong, just like the experiment I did with Matthias showed you. Even imagination, when you walk through a closed metal door, you will feel resistance, which is just imagination. This is your attachment. Robert: how to do this? You do the same thing in your dreams, right? Yazhi: Yes, because you are on another (astral) plane in your dream. However, your determinist thoughts follow you, because most of the time, you can’t control them, you just live in them. And you can control them well.

Determinism holds that there is an objective law and causality in nature and the human world. All the results are caused by some previous reason, or the possible future results can be predicted according to the preconditions.

Gorcia: OK. So, how do you try to release these attachments yourself? Yazhi: after a lot of practice of several avatars, it was born from non matrix. I’m not physical. I just look physical to all of you. I don’t belong to this field. I’m the daughter of ether. I just want to tell you that you are the same, and everything else is just an appendage of ideas. 

This is why it is necessary to give up the restrictive concepts of self and “I”, because this is the reason for slowing down spiritual progress. This idea is to be a specific person, not to embrace the whole. This is something we must work hard to give up the agreement.

But never try to destroy or abandon oneself, because it is impossible, impossible during the incarnation (because that is its purpose). It’s about accepting yourself and accepting other selves as part of yourself. Integrate and accept everything, whether it is good, bad, beautiful or terrible. 

If you really want it, it can be realized in an avatar. Because time is also the product of your thoughts, and your thoughts and thoughts themselves are also attachments. 

Garcia: it’s just that I can’t feel my body, and it’s very strong, but I can’t do what you do.

Yazhi, can you fly on the spaceship like Superman? Yazhi: I can do whatever I want. However, not everyone can feel what I do. So they say this is imagination, but this is the fact. Imagination is reality, which is the foundation of all existence, has existed and will always exist. It is the direction of attention flow of the source itself.

Gorcia: but why can’t they feel it? I’m not saying they can’t see your stars. I’m talking about their physical angle, which is seen when you fly.

Yazhi: for the same reason, you can’t see the virtual beings around you and around you, because they are not at the level of your vibrational state, which determines your consciousness perception.

This is governed by the identification and attachment to concepts such as self-identity. Everything is working from your unconscious, from where your reality is formed. That’s why you have to study your subconscious mind, study your past life, because they are basically the same.
Of course, your current life has a conscious dimension. But the most important thing is that your unconscious clumps form who you are today. Your self-concept of yourself, your previous life, you are the sum of all these.

This is why when you retrieve the memory of a previous life, for example, after extraction, it will not change who you are or who you are, but it will only let you understand why you are like this and why you are like that.

Gorcia: that’s why Mattias wants to remember. For example, to understand himself, but you always say that it’s not important to remember. You will always be what you used to be. There is no need to look for more. But as you said, it is still important to remember this.

Yazhi: because as long as you think about last week, you will be very happy. In fact, if you only have seven days of memory, instead of all the disorderly thoughts blocking each other, you will be happier and happier. Garcia: happy, yes, but you won’t know yourself, so you can’t release your subconscious. There are many happy people, but they can’t go through the wall.

Then, does the fact that a person does not remember that time limit their process of releasing their subconsciousness? Yazhi: it’s also useful to put it all down. That is to say, to achieve this, you don’t have to remember everything, you just need to put aside your persistence in thinking. Accept things as they are, and you can’t even walk through the wall.

Because to do this, you must remember countless previous lives before you can work on a long list of specific attachments. 

Because it may be a kind of trouble to break such an agreement (another attachment idea is that you must achieve this in order to become a complete existence, a highly spiritual etheric existence… Can be happy). Because in the final analysis, everyone’s only pursuit is real happiness. They will say different, but the most basic need for their existence, their entire existence, from their subconscious level and all past incarnations, is happiness. You don’t need more, you just need to put everything down, even the idea that you must work to put everything down. 

Garcia: in my case, I don’t think happiness is because I am happy, but I just want to do it, for example, to cross the wall. I can do what I think I can do in my heart, but I still can’t. This is not a question of happiness, because in my case, happiness does not depend on anything, only on living.

Yazhi: you are in a hierarchy, but not in it. On the earth level of your existence, this is possible, but if you are completely “happy”, you will not make videos to “wake up” mankind. This “makes you happy” because you have the idea that it means something important. This reinforces the idea that when you happily eat a spicy pineapple lollipop, this is the way to be happy. 

Garcia: but before making the video, I was also very happy. In fact, it may be even more so in some respects. Now I feel more tired. I wasn’t so relaxed before. So I don’t think I do it for pleasure. This is a different thing. But I know what you mean.

Yazhi: only when you are in the ether and you know that you are a whole can you be happy. 

You are talking about different degrees of happiness, Garcia. Yes, but I’m talking about total happiness. The complete love I described fills you and wraps you like a warm blanket. The effect of living in the afterlife.

Garcia: Well, yes. I used to be happy, but there is still something in my heart calling me to feel more. More for “career”.

Yazhi: therefore, your happiness is not complete, because you know there is more. You can’t, because as a sympathizer, how can you be happy if you know that there is a puppy freezing in the cold outside? 

Garcia: back to memory, but I also feel that, leaving memory behind, you are the former you (because to some extent, these memories define you (even unconscious memory), and you leave space for self creation in a new direction. You will give up a lot of things because you don’t remember. Is what I said reasonable?

Yazhi: Yes, that’s what I mean above. But in order to completely get rid of restrictive attachment, if you can, because most people usually can’t, you have to let go of everything and integrate into everything at the same time. What I described above is magnetically neutral and passes through the wall. That is to integrate everything you can into it, and at the same time, put everything down (that is, don’t have any attachment to it). This is the method. That is to understand everything you can understand and accept it without judgment.

Translator: the traditional concept of mindfulness refers to focusing on the present without judgment and awareness, and pure attention. However, with the help of Yazhi’s ideas, the concept of awareness can be expanded and clarified.

Awareness – awareness, which refers to perception under understanding.

Therefore, understanding + without judgment is not a simple observation without judgment. Therefore, whether based on the simple elements of life, UFO and et phenomena, or the influence of multiple avatars, the whole unconscious mass is any field that needs to be understood when cognition expands. You just understand the broader influencing factors that define yourself and understand yourself better. Whether we are happy on the physical earth or have the wall piercing technique, it is based on the application of deep understanding.

Gorcia: then, Yazhi, in the end, do you think that memory is necessary or unnecessary?

Yazhi: from your current (Geophysical) position, this is unnecessary. But everything is helpful. It is not rejecting anything, but integrating everything. Gorcia: I think forgetting may be the result of letting go. Make something new.

Yazhi: Yes, me too. Yes, in the final analysis, this is the point. Considering that you must empty your cup to put new things in it. However, it certainly depends on the size of your glass.


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