Great transformation ~ all the eyes of the universe are focused on the earth, and the activities to celebrate your great ascension are ready^_^

Great transformation ~ all the eyes of the universe are focused on the earth, and the activities to celebrate your great ascension are ready

Gao Weiguang’s message was published in Sichuan at 03:30, September 4, 2022

Brothers of light tell me:

“As usual, we are very happy to communicate with you and provide you with some information during the important period of earth transformation. We hope that this information can help you.
You are coming to an era where there will be more and more revelations and more and more unprecedented changes taking place within you and around you.

Therefore, we hope that you can realize who you are and what you really want to create and experience, instead of focusing on the low vibration energy full of opposition and fear. Try to put yourself in the vibration of love and joy, and try not to be disturbed by external factors. It may be difficult sometimes, but you can really do it.

In order to speed up the evolutionary process of each of you, we invite you again to use the prayer of gratitude. It’s not formal, but from the heart. As you were told. Prayer from the heart can connect you to the plane of light. It doesn’t matter who you call for help, just use thanksgiving prayer to open this channel, and you will certainly get support and help, which will make you move forward faster.

We will do everything we can to help you, but if a person does not want this help, it means that he is not ready to make a great leap. We have patience and unconditional love for all of you, and we are waiting for you to open up to us and link with us.

Now everything that happens on your planet is part of the process of ascension, and we will say that everything is for the highest good of all. Not only for the human collective, but also for countless beings in other fields.

The new world you are going to is a world full of joy, tranquility, beauty and harmony, a world full of love and light, a world completely different from the duality and separation you are currently experiencing.

Some people may say that there are still many people who have not woken up. Can the new world really come? We want to tell you that even a small number of people open their doors to higher consciousness and pure love, truly believe in the new world and the divine law of the universe, which is enough.
To change your world, you don’t need everyone. In fact, only a small number of people (you are already a part of them) have understood or begun to understand who they are, the eternal holy part they have inside, and understand that the responsibility they take here is to participate in the great transformation from separation and duality consciousness to love and unity consciousness.

When the change of the earth may have an extreme impact on you, we will use our technology to make the most of this impact. This is part of our help to you, and the more important part is to help you change your consciousness.
Based on free will and the current collective vibration, we can not yet have a lot of contact with you on the physical level.

But when anyone makes a request to us, we will enhance support, advice and guidance in some way.

Some occur in your conscious moments, some occur in your sleep. We help you through intuition and telepathy.
In this final stage of purification and transformation, many people may find it difficult and chaotic. With the great leap into the new world, everything will find true peace and true tranquility.

Finally, we want to reiterate to you a very important thing: connection! Meditation can be very helpful. But the most important thing is to learn to release too much thinking in your mind and enter the inner space to feel and listen. With your higher self, with your guide, with the beings of light, all these are waiting for your connection!

From your hearts will come words of love and higher consciousness. It will not only help you, but also help the world through you, and it will also raise you on the vibration level. Every positive thought, every act of love, every connection you can make in meditation and prayer will increase your vibrational frequency.

Now we leave you. May peace, joy and love fill your life.

We love you infinitely. Have confidence and faith. You are great beings! When you realize who you are, no shadow or thing can weaken your power.

We give you all our love and light, thank you for all you have done, and bless you.


Pleiadian message: Rebirth / maximum transformation

Greetings, dear ones. We speak to you with sincere love and gratitude.

You are in a period of rapid improvement, because you have passed many tests and are ready for your beautiful new world. You deserve better. The old rules no longer apply, and you will live in the new rules and truths of higher consciousness, which will heal your hearts and help you live in happiness and abundance.

Life in light is exciting. Living in this way makes your heart sing and your consciousness soars every minute in the new reality. It’s like your soul is boiling in a new creation full of surprises and magic. You will communicate at many different levels, both internally and externally. All the answers will flow to you, and you will be led to the realm of truth, love and light.

You are releasing the old, and in all senses you no longer need them. The source of trust is infinite love for you, and everything you have is taken care of. In many ways, life will become easier and more natural. You will be stronger than you think. You will represent unswerving light, love and truth. No one will decide how you will live in the new world. All this will flow out of your heart, because you will live in the light.

You have made great progress, and you are becoming your true self. You should be proud of yourself and everyone like you for all the work you have done to get you here and now. You are respected and loved. You have received a lot of support from the field of light, including galactic light beings, ascended masters, angel fields and all members of your soul family. All eyes of the universe are on earth, and activities to celebrate your great ascension are ready. This should tell you how close it is.

We invite you to trust this process and know that the source takes care of all this, which is part of the divine plan. There will be some changes beyond your imagination. Remember, all this is for the life on earth and the highest good of all creation.


Michael’s message: the biggest transformation

Dear ones, I’m Michael. I love you!

I have many partners, including you, who are working for peace and love on earth. As you evolve and ascend, it means that you realize that love is eternal, and all things that are not love will return to their essence of love sooner or later.

The most important thing you must do is to love all your parts now, every appearance and creation you express, because no part is unimportant.

As the seed of light on earth, you need to know your mother earth and connect with it at the soul level.

You are great beings who come to the earth to exercise your magic, which means that even if it is difficult to integrate into the life of duality, you are also a positive creator. You are seeing positivity and perfection in every negative situation, which is the largest transformation you can accomplish. That is great!
So please have confidence in yourself and know that you really love. When you are not afraid to show the essence of your love, miracles will really happen.

I love you.

We give you all our love and light, thank you for all you have done, and bless you.
Ascension is actually a return, finding the link with the real self, everything and the source.

Imagine you are a tree! If you are a tree, you first live in the root of the tree, and then slowly

Move up. Then, when you cross the trunk and “come up”, you will realize that you also exist in the crown, every branch and every leaf.
After a while, you realize that no matter what the surface is, at the root of the tree, you are all connected.

Root, as a metaphor, represents that you will never forget who you are, where you come from, and all the work you have done to overcome all the fears and obstacles.
You will realize that you exist in different places at the same time. You express different appearance in different levels and fields, but you are the same. To understand this miraculous truth, it is really grand.


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