[five dimensional awakening] the top chakra(Crown Chakra) of expansion – high level consciousness, light and wisdom

[five dimensional awakening] the top chakra(Crown Chakra) of expansion – high level consciousness, light and wisdom

A Li new I new earth 2022-09-06 05:11 posted on Korea

The role played by the top chakra is undergoing great changes with the reception of ascending energy at the upper level. Each petal of the thousand petal lotus on the top wheel is now searching for the higher frequency it can connect like an antenna, and then bringing these ascending vibration waves into our pineal gland.

With the increase of the frequency of the top chakra, all the frequencies of the seventh to ninth dimensions will go around the portal chakra of the galaxy, and then become a holy grail connected to the Great Central Sun. A large number of light codes across the whole universe will be injected into this golden Holy Grail.

Your galaxy portal will be adjusted to a specific password that supports your soul energy according to your mission. Under the guidance of monads, the connection between your personal reality and the universe will initiate the process of ascension.

[Fifth Dimension] Archangel joffel is responsible for the early development stage of the fifth dimension top chakra. He gently fills this chakra with the vibration waves of the upper level to help it expand. When this happens, we will receive a wave of energy from the presence of the monomer.

These received energy waves will pass through the spiritual field from the center of the top chakra and extend around us for a distance of 33 kilometers (20 miles). Our spirit field contains the hidden codes we choose to carry out our Earth mission. Under the guidance of high-level beings, these passwords are now activated.

Then, the top chakra will receive energy and instructions directly from our soul blueprint, which can lead us to the path of masters. The experience we have received in this process is both challenging and extensive.

Our mission of ascension will become very specific. Our avatars on earth shoulder very important tasks. The first one is to focus on the task at hand. When our top chakra becomes the fifth dimension, it will attract our attention to internal knowledge and guidance. In the last exemplary period of the earth, many souls followed the tips of the guiding spirit and angels, but they are now taking a backseat in order to make us self-sufficient.

Tim and Diana had a personal experience when they wrote the first book, the archangel guide to ascension. He has always kept in touch with his angels and is accustomed to receiving an endless stream of information. But when he wrote the fifth dimensional soul ascension, the original flow of information stopped, which naturally troubled him because he had never experienced such a situation. He spent some time meditating on this problem, and connected with sincere guidance to seek a solution.

After a period of time, the problem became apparent. The sharp rise of the earth’s vibration wave has caused great changes in his energy field. Then, he began to look for the knowledge needed for writing a book from within. He found that the information from the Atlantis library had already started. He used his knowledge as a high priest at that time to complete the writing of this book, and drew important information stored in the golden Atlantis many lifetimes ago.

That year, he saw that many people experienced this situation and responded to it in the same way. This confirms that our responsibilities as masters have begun to increase and grow.

Many enlightened masters in human history have been depicted as figures with halos on their heads, which means that light or knowledge is poured into us from the top wheel. When the fifth dimensional energy expands within us, the top chakra will start to shine golden light, and the thousand petal lotus of high-level consciousness will also bloom to create a perfect balance of enlightened wisdom.

We used to be masters in many past generations, and now we all have the opportunity to obtain this wisdom. Let’s help the earth enter the golden Gaia era.

Visualization: the expansion of the top chakra and the opening of the wisdom of the master

  1. Prepare for meditation, pay attention to the light diet and drink plenty of water during the day.
  2. Relax in your sacred space. If you wish, you can also light a candle and place crystals around the candle.
  3. Call the fire dragon to completely remove any dense energy in your chakras and four body system (physical, etheric, emotional and mental).
  4. Relax, let them rotate around you and illuminate you with golden flames.
  5. Call the venerable Serapis Bay, and ask him to put the white ascending flame of Atlantis into your twelve chakra system.
  6. Look at him coming towards you dressed in pure white. He is smiling and holding the white ascending flame in his hand.
  7. Feel that he lights up your galaxy portal to the Earth Star Chakra below. Relax and let this energy wash you until you start to shine and enter the fifth dimension.
  8. Theropeth Bay now invites you to go with him to his pyramid on the hollow earth. You follow a golden tunnel and go straight to her crystal pyramid of Agartha.
  9. He asked you to stand at the gate of the pyramid. You knock on the door and enter a beautiful room with a golden throne in the center.
  10. Theropeth Bay invites you to sit on the golden throne and focus on your top chakra. I feel that it emits bright golden light and starts to look like a blooming thousand petaled lotus.
  11. Theropeth Bay gives you a big old book. Put it on your lap.
  12. He tells you that this book contains many of your wisdom as a master in previous lives. He invites you to open the book.
  13. When you open the book, beautiful shapes, passwords and golden letters rise from the page and enter your top wheel.
  14. Feel that they open your top chakra to the maximum, and the code begins to flow in your whole body and energy field.
  15. Relax and take a deep breath, and let this process illuminate you with ancient wisdom, light and knowledge.
  16. Theropeth Bay rubs these codes and words into your aura, lights them up, and makes them emit brilliant light. Take a few moments to observe in your heart. Can you recognize any symbol?
  17. You are exuding ancient knowledge and brilliance. You can absorb this wisdom for the path of ascension at the top.
  18. Thank Serapis Bay and the fire dragon and leave the pyramid. You know you can come back here anytime.
  19. Open your eyes and smile. You are ready to spread your soul wisdom to others to help them move forward on the journey.



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