[five dimensional awakening] the expanding causal chakra- absorbing and spreading the sacred feminine light

[five dimensional awakening] the expanding causal chakra- absorbing and spreading the sacred feminine light

A Li, new me, new earth, 2022-09-09 06:11 posted on Korea

The moon white causal chakra is located at the rear of the crystal skull. In the era of Atlantis, it was as solid as the top chakra, occupying a space at the back of the skull, creating an elongated head for people at that time. When it is first activated, it is separated from the head and located between the top chakra and the soul Star Chakra. With its activation, the causal chakra gradually connects with the chakra pillar of the fifth dimension. Later, it is sucked into the body, and then has substantive contact with the head.

These transcendental chakras always belong to the fifth dimension and are our third transcendental center. It is connected with the moon, just like your own moon, and will absorb and radiate the sacred feminine light.

It has the function of a magnet, which can directly attract the moonlight into the human four body system (body, ether body, emotional body and mental body). This will raise your vibration wave and illuminate the Yin wisdom in your soul. Since the cosmic moment of 2012, all the causal chakra of awakened souls have expanded rapidly.

In recent years, this is the most powerful of the holy feminine energy that has been continuously sprinkled on the earth. This vibration of wisdom and compassion was recovered after the sinking of Atlantis. This loss has had a tremendous impact on the next ten thousand years of human journey. However, it is now back in everyone’s hands, so that we can resolve the unbalanced positive energy and let sincerity take power again.

Since the moon is an ascending high-level satellite with divine feminine energy, it plays a major role in this regard. These are monitored and distributed by the cosmic Angel Maria and his Unicorn Team. They harvest this pure and soft negative light energy at the peak, and let the light flow to the earth to create more feminine possibilities.

[five dimensional ascension] cosmic Archangel Mary and Virgin Mary

The moon also reflects the light energy of Helios, also known as the Great Central Sun. This ninth dimensional spiritual star will transmit light to the earth through our sun. When this energy leaves Helios, it will send out a sacred positive vibration wave and balance with the influence of Vesta. Vesta is its sacred female counterpart in the central solar system.

During the full moon of the earth, powerful silver light will flow into the human mind and have a profound impact on mankind. It will bring great changes in human consciousness and prepare for the coming new golden era.

The full moon has always been a time of magic and awe. Humans have known for a long time that animals and sensitive people are easily affected deeply by the vibration waves emitted by the moon. From 2014 to 2015, the power of the full moon increased, and finally reached its peak on the full moon day in September 2015.

Gaia has got enough moonlight so that he can balance the energy of feminine and masculine on the earth. Although the Yin and yang energy of a large number of people has gradually reached a balance, the full moon will continue to exert its extraordinary influence.

In addition to absorbing and disseminating the sacred Yin light, the causal chakra also has another powerful purpose: to provide a deep and close connection with the spiritual world for the seekers. The degree of this connection depends on one’s spiritual talent from a previous life, which is also related to their spiritual mission.

The causal chakra will also allow the energy and light of the angelic world to communicate in two directions. This will bring the vibration wave of the angel to the individual and anchor it permanently. When the cause and effect wheel of Lightworkers is active again, the unicorn of the fifth dimensional ascension will connect their awesome pure light to the earth through these beings.

When the unicorn sees the light of your service shining on the top chakra, it will establish a connection with you and enter your field through the cause and effect chakra. Because this matter is so significant, beautiful and powerful, it has the potential to completely change the path of your soul.

Unicorns are the only beings who cooperate with the earth with pure grace. They bless all environments with unconditional love. These great beings vibrate between the seventh and ninth dimensions, illuminating and touching the hearts of all people.

[five dimensional ascension] the archangel cristil is responsible for the development of the causal chakra. Because this chakra is related to the progress of human enlightenment, he will continue to work with us on the road to becoming an enlightened master.

The archangel cristil will bring the higher level of Christ consciousness into the energy field of the earth with the increase of the brightness of the internal light of all souls, and this light will pass through the causal chakra and the heart chakra. The light of Christ will complete its high-level appearance before 2032, so that we can prepare for the new golden era.

Visualization: the expansion of cause and effect chakra

  1. Prepare for meditation, choose a sacred place, and light a candle according to your own wishes.
  2. Call the archangel Christian, and ask him to fill your four body system with the light of Christ in the ninth dimension.
  3. Inhale the light of Christ into every cell of the body, and let the light thoroughly clean you. Take a rest in this light.
  4. Turn your attention to the causal chakra and observe the bright white light it emits.
  5. Watch it contact the moon with pure white light wire.
  6. Bring the moonlight to your causal chakra and watch it expand until it becomes one with you and extends from you to all sentient beings.
  7. Let the archangel cristil anchor the high plane of the chakra into your body. Feel and perceive the impact this has on your field.
  8. Perceive your causal chakra to send vibration waves to the angelic realm.
  9. Archangels and angels come to you with gifts of pure light in their hands. Behind them is a magnificent ninth dimensional Unicorn gliding.
  10. Please put the gift into your causal chakra, and feel that beauty and light are expanding your causal chakra until it is as bright as the moonlight.
  11. The unicorn is coming to you. It brings a message to the higher level of ascension. This message may be text, sacred geometry, or the code of light.
  12. Attract the message to your heart chakra and know that your journey will be accompanied by the most brilliant light.
  13. Thank the angels and unicorns and return to your sacred space.
  14. Open your eyes and use the expanded causal chakra to spread the light of angels into the lives of everyone around you.



[five dimensional ascension]
cosmic Archangel Mary and Virgin Mary

A Li new me new earth 2021-10-17 06:33

Cosmic Archangel Maria

Maria is a great cosmic angel. She shuttles through the universe to spread compassion, love, wisdom and healing. She commands millions of angels who, together with her, envelop those who call her in the characteristics of the divine feminine.

[Maria] comes from the Latin mare, which means sea or ocean. The vibration of the archangel Mary is a very soft green light beam — Aqua means [water], and marine means [about water]. The element water spreads love throughout the universe. Water is not only in rivers and oceans, but also in the atmosphere, in the cells of your body, and Mary’s love is also in the water everywhere.
In the golden age of Atlantis, the archangel Mary appeared in pure and transparent green light. But when the energy decays, in order to contact with humans at a lower frequency, she makes her light more dense and appears in a darker blue. Now she appears again in a lighter blue light.

Archangel Maria always travels with unicorns. These powerful beings form a beautiful team to illuminate and purify her path wherever she goes.

Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary who gave birth to Jesus as a virgin is a highly evolved and pure founder and master. She was born with a special purpose – to bring the light of Christ to the earth. Her heart chakra is wide open, so the archangel Maria who guarded her in that life can shine through it.

Because of this, many people think that the Virgin Mary is an angel.

The name of the Virgin Mary in the Lemurian period was ma RA, which was the first founder of Lemurian. In Atlantis, her name was Isis, and she gave birth to Horus as a child. People always see her with a beautiful unicorn that emits pure white light.
Etheric energy center

The Archangel Mary and the Virgin Mary both have their etheric energy centers in Lourdes, France. The energy center of Archangel Maria is in a nine dimensional to twelve dimensional light sphere, and its light is from green to pure white. Here, our cells are bathed in the love of divine feminine.

The energy center of the Virgin Mary is nine dimensional, like a castle, and its walls emit green light. Millions of her angels chanted “ah” inside, helping everyone to open their heart chakras and touch them with love.
No matter which one you visit, you will be shrouded in pure love.

The Virgin Mary and the cosmic Archangel Mary comfort people everywhere. They help the lonely, sad and lonely, and help them open up and embrace life again. They put blue light in the aura of pregnant women, so that babies can feel wrapped in love when they are born. Their blue energy also protects the upcoming soul. This special energy will accompany this soul for about two years, giving them hope and inspiration.

These two Marys will send their angels and unicorns to help children in need of love and support. They will also respond to mothers who ask for help because they care about their children (even if they are adults).

If a soul needs assistance when it is about to enter the light, you can call the Virgin Mary or the archangel Mary, because they and their angels will take that spirit body and guide them to another world in a caring way.

The cloak of the cosmic Archangel Maria

When your heart chakra opens and becomes five dimensional, it can be connected to the heart of the universe. Then, if you ask, the archangel will put her transparent light green cloak into your aura, which is full of love, compassion, empathy, wisdom and healing energy.
In order to achieve this, you must ensure that you use this energy to touch others and let them envelop in this energy. When you wear Maria’s cloak, you can work with her and assist her to fulfill her tasks, because you will grow huge wings of etheric light, so that you can spread the blessings of divine feminine energy on the earth.

Therefore, if you are ready and want to get Maria’s cloak, you can ask the unicorn to touch you, open your heart, and then ask the archangel Maria to put her green cloak into your aura.

Accept the cloak of the cosmic Archangel Maria

  1. Find a suitable place to root yourself in the earth, and ask Archangel Michael to give you a blue protective cloak.
  2. Feel yourself in a beautiful valley, resting under the blue sky. There is a waterfall in the valley. The water flows down through stones and green ferns.
  3. Let yourself relax in this quiet place. Feel yourself walking barefoot on the grass, and stretch your toes when your feet relax.
  4. Call unicorns in your heart. Notice that a beautiful pure white horse is coming to you quietly and meekly, and his horns emit spiral light.
  5. The unicorn lowers its head towards you. The light from its horn touches your heart and feels it opening.
  6. Now I pray to Archangel Mary: [dear Archangel Mary, I respectfully pray that you give me your Turquoise cloak full of love, wisdom, compassion and healing power. I promise that I will spread its light to others and stabilize the “sacred Yin” energy on the earth.]
  7. Notice that the great Archangel is slowly approaching you, surrounded by hundreds of angels and unicorns. You may hear them singing as they advance.
  8. This great Angel looks at you with infinite love and joy. Her bright blue eyes see your soul, and she loves you unconditionally.
  9. She wraps you in her soft and beautiful wings. Let her shining green light completely fill your aura.
  10. She taps this light into your energy field, forming a soft and smooth cloak around you.
  11. Take some time to feel this beautiful cloak and inhale the love and wisdom it gives you.
  12. Thank her.

    The cloak of Mary heals
  13. Focus on the back of your heart chakra and feel the green light flowing out to form wings. Feel your energies grow as they flow out of the heart chakra.
  14. Imagine that you now have a pair of huge Turquoise wings, which expand and extend outward. Take some time to flap your wings.
  15. Wrap people in difficulties, comfort them and heal them. Maria’s light will reach these people through you.
  16. Make your wings bigger so that you can travel through your towns, cities or regions. It covers everyone and animals in this area. Feel them more and more soft and relaxed, and enter your safety wing.
  17. Make your wings light and huge so that they can spread over your whole country. Let love and wisdom touch politicians, bankers, businessmen, hospitals, schools or any other groups. Feel that all low-frequency energy is being dissipated and replaced by higher love.
  18. Now your wings extend outward, across the world, and become bigger and bigger. Let love and wisdom, compassion and healing touch the hearts of these people: world leaders, international organizers who run international trade, or decision makers who make decisions that will affect global policies.
  19. Send out the light of Mary to touch all animals and birds, bring them love, healing, comfort and hope, touch everyone’s heart, so that they can respect and honor animals.
  20. Let Maria’s light flow through your heart, touch all aquatic animals in ponds, lakes, rivers and oceans, and bring them love, respect, healing, comfort and hope.
  21. Let Maria’s light flow through your heart, touch every tree and plant in the world, inspire them, and fill them with love.
  22. Visualize a bright green light column forming in front of you. It extends from the earth to the sky and has an elevator at the bottom. Ask the angels of Archangel Mary to bring those trapped souls, human beings, animals and those who need assistance to go to another world.
  23. You may notice that many angels bring some souls to this pillar of light and are entering the huge cosmic light elevator. Surrounded by the angels of Archangel Mary, this elevator is rising like a light ball, carrying many people and life bodies home in love.
  24. When you spread the light of Mary’s cloak, notice that the balance of the world has changed from masculine to feminine, and love and peace have brought new patterns from this change.
  25. You are now a special envoy of love and healing, and a person who can change the world with energy.



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