[five dimensional awakening] expanded soul star – gift, talent, achievement

[five dimensional awakening] expanded soul star – gift, talent, achievement

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The soul Star Chakra is the second transcendental spiritual center, which has a considerable impact on our consciousness. The soul star located 30 centimeters above the top chakra, that is, directly above the cause and effect chakra of the pillar of integration, will start early in the ascension process.

Its special feature is that it can be used before a person’s light quotient reaches 79%, and the only condition is that the soul should accept his spiritual mission.

The soul Star Chakra holds every kind of talent, talent and spiritual achievement acquired by people in the soul journey, including knowledge and wisdom acquired in other bodies, dimensional space and the universe over the years. Therefore, once this chakra becomes active, seekers can access information from a huge library.

When the soul star begins to wake up, the [fifth dimensional ascension] Archangel Sakhir and Archangel Maril will supervise its development, and these brilliant beings will continue to participate in the development process in its early active stage. They will ensure that the soul star can be opened and activated to the maximum extent.

The soul star is divided into two aspects: high and low.

The low aspect will connect the soul and its essence, absorb light energy from the singleton, and accelerate its progress on the path of choice. This happens to many people as they move toward the fourth dimension, which is when you open your heart and begin to understand your soul journey.

The high-level aspect of the soul star is the real key to opening up your master’s wisdom.

In the summer solstice of 2014, when this soul star enters the next stage of activity, the colorful and bright magenta light will be anchored in the hearts of millions of people, so that all can access the fifth dimensional ascension chakra. This opens the door to the path of talent, knowledge and consciousness in previous lives.

Enlightened masters on earth who have been able to absorb the treasures of the universe and personal achievements are beginning to manifest their great skills. This allows everyone to enter the higher vibration wave.

Tim (Tim Wade, the author of the five dimensional soul awakening) had his first experience of being a soul star in 2008. After he experienced a great change, the Archangel Michael came to visit him during his morning meditation. The archangel told him that although he loved Tim very much, Tim must now take more responsibility for his own energy and not call him often.

Then, the Archangel Michael of the [fifth dimensional ascension] gave Tim an Atlantis ancient technology called blue star seal, so that he could manage his own energy system. This was started after he found Tim’s soul star. Tim’s memories and talents in Thoth’s life followed.

Five years later, the Archangel Michael told Tim that the technology could be communicated to those who were ready. He conveyed this technology in the book “soul ascension in the fifth dimension”. [five dimensional ascension] meditation on the blue star seal of Atlantis

All seekers on the spiritual path can learn the same level of information. However, every soul has its own unique way to go. The soul Star Chakra can provide what a master needs, and it will never bring out inappropriate or outdated information or memory.

When you work directly with the expanding soul star, incredible doors will open for you. When you look directly at the soul Star Chakra, you will see the pure light moving in space and time.

These lights will pass through the golden gate and lead to high-frequency memories of previous lives. These bright gateways are the repositories of etheric knowledge connecting monadic presence, hollow earth, chamber of the underworld and akashic records.

All these sacred records can be accessed according to your vibration frequency state. The more dazzling your light is, the soul will go farther into time and space and find what you need. When you reach this level, the archangels sakil and Malir will retreat and let you act on your own strength.

As many who are on the path to ascension hold light, they are experiencing the withdrawal of spiritual assistance. The high-energy potential domain began to observe us instead of pulling us forward step by step. Guidance is always there, but only the masters on earth can truly anchor the light energy of the Aquarius era.

The male and female high priests of the golden age of Atlantis have brought into full play the full potential of the soul Star Chakra. Alta can use this chakra to develop spiritual tools that can enhance the vibration of others. They can link their list of light energy in the twelfth dimension, allowing them to extract incredible technical blueprints. This is one of the factors that made Atlantis the foundation of the fifth dimensional life on earth.

If you lived and worked in the golden age of Atlantis, the light and love of this time are stored in your soul Star Chakra. This kind of energy can make the earth ascend brilliantly in the next 20 years, and then we can move towards a high level of spiritual and technological development. This is beyond the imagination of the wise men of Atlantis.

Visualisation: enter the soul Star Chakra

  1. Prepare for meditation. Find a sacred space, or light a candle, and then relax yourself completely.
  2. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Turn your attention to the soul Star Chakra 30 centimeters above your head.
  3. Look at the amazing magenta light it emits, and the core of the light is bright blue.
  4. Focus on the blue light, transfer your energy to the light, and feel that it is one with you.
  5. Look at yourself standing outside the gate with blue light and magenta. Archangels sakil and Malir are there to meet you.
  6. They will open the door for you and let you in.
  7. There is a shining silver channel in front of you, which extends to the distance. There are luminous entrances on both sides of the path, and each entrance melts into a previous life you have experienced.
  8. These entrances store all your glorious spiritual achievements. Select an entry and open it.
  9. What energy does it contain?
  10. Take the first thing it gives you and attract it to your heart chakra. Feel that the light of a previous life has lifted your vibration wave to a new peak.
  11. Select another channel. If necessary, you can ask the archangels sakil and Malir to help you open more doors.
  12. Absorb all light energy into your heart chakra, and let the light code and vibration wave spread throughout your body. Feel that your personal knowledge of the universe makes you shine.
  13. Bring your attention back to the soul Star Chakra above your head. Watch how it gets bigger and brighter.
  14. After thanking archangels sakil and Malir, return to your starting point.
  15. Open your eyes and be ready to accept ancient wisdom in any form.

You can think more times according to your own needs.



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