[Five dimensional Awakening] Expanded galactic portal – across all dimensional boundaries of time and space^_^

[Five dimensional Awakening] Expanded galactic portal – across all dimensional boundaries of time and space^_^

A Li Xin I New Earth 2022-09-15 05:11 Posted on South Korea


From the angel’s point of view, the bright galactic portal chakra is the most spectacular sight. Angels, guides, and other Light Beings who are watching our progress are happy to see our Light Body blossom with the essence of our soul. The fifth dimensional chakra pillar emits incredible light, attracting the highest vibration waves from all directions of the universe.

Each person’s chakra system emits its own soul mission in this life, therefore, it also has its unique light. The mission of the galactic portal is to connect the souls in the flesh to the light of the source from which they came – the star or planet of our origin.

We have only seven operable chakras, and the top chakra is responsible for receiving and processing all the information provided to us. But as we move towards the fifth dimensional lifestyle, this role will be replaced by the galactic portal. When it becomes active in the process of ascension, all our energy systems will rearrange the path of light and power.

The galactic portal has the ability to cross the boundaries of all space-time dimensions. Its job is to provide frequencies that exceed our body’s existing capabilities. It can receive light from the ninth dimension and reduce it to a level that makes us feel comfortable. This amazing connection enables many souls who are using the fifth dimensional chakra pillar to develop spiritual progress faster than expected.

When the galactic portal was first anchored and launched, it was a beautiful golden orange. It is supervised by the Archangel Metatron, the Lord of Light [the Fifth Ascension], who is the creator of all known light energy in the universe. Early in our ascension journey, He carefully poured this light into the chakras to nourish our expansion. But when this process is anchored, he will retreat and let us expand at a speed that is in harmony with the mission of the soul.

The galactic portals will expand rapidly in the second phase of the ascension process, and many souls are currently at this level. Golden orange will show bright colors at this stage, because it is full of higher frequency of Christ consciousness, and the chakra will constantly change its shape.

It will form complex and sacred geometric shapes according to our individual power, and attract the correct energy to the light body. These energies are always connected to the star or planetary system where the soul originated. This can provide the highest level of support for us on earth.

Our souls may consciously send out requirements for light and information, and the galactic portal will also meet these requirements. It will also independently search for the information of the universe for the growth of the soul, and it will be attracted by all the pure light in the vast space. This will help it attract new experiences for our learning process on Earth.

This way of working, it forms a bright golden holy grail, which is dotted with beautiful golden lines and shuttles in different dimensions of time and space. This is why it will present such a wonderful scene from a higher boundary.

Since the cosmic moment in 2012, the Galaxy Portal has been responsible for receiving the first wave of light energy from the Great Central Sun, the ninth dimensional spiritual sun, which is the light source feeding the physical Earth. The sun, which can be clearly felt and seen on the earth, has far more functions than just providing us with light and heat energy. It transforms the ninth dimensional light drop into a more manageable layer of the earth in a tangible way, and then continuously distributes it to us, which is equivalent to the converter of high-level light coding.

The galactic portal is particularly related to Mars and its ascension towards Nigella. This planet or crescent will radiate the light of peaceful spiritual leaders, and its influence will also help reflect and amplify light energy.

In addition, our personal galactic portal chakra is also connected with the galactic portal chakra of Polaris, and the frequency of this planetary portal is rising to match the energy field of the Earth. When their frequency rises, we do the same. Only now do we really see the close connection between ourselves and the planet.

During the Golden Age of Atlantis, due to the advanced function of the galactic portal chakra, the male and female high priests could communicate with other interstellar councils. Alta will negotiate with Light Beings in deep meditation, so that the healing energy of countless stars and advanced technology can be downloaded to the galactic portal. They then passed these technologies on to the sages, who then passed them on to the priests. Priests will transform technology into tangible information in a loving way to help people develop civilization to a higher fifth dimension.

Throughout the Golden Atlantis period, both extraterrestrial and trans dimensional civilizations came to Earth. From that era on, they sent light and love to us from a distant level. They send light and love to us through the fields of those who are open and ready.

These incredible knowledge blueprints are stored in the upper level of the gateway chakras of all galaxies on Earth. When we are ready to use this knowledge blueprint again, it will be released.

Visualization: Expansion of galactic portals

  1. Prepare for meditation, find a sacred space, and light a candle according to your needs.
  2. Relax and focus on breathing.
  3. Call the Christ golden ray of the ninth dimension, let it fill your four body system (body, etheric body, emotional body and mental body), and seal your sacred space. Breathe this energy into your cells.
  4. Turn your attention to the galactic portal chakra 45cm above your head.
  5. Look at its dazzling golden light and ask it to form a shape that can reflect the essence of your soul.
  6. Relax and let your galactic portal take whatever shape it wants.
  7. Ask it to call the highest frequency of light energy. This light energy may come from any source in the universe, so you should keep an open mind to any information that may appear.
  8. Look at the connection between the pure light filament spread from the galactic portal and the light source at the upper level.
  9. After connecting, let the light rush into your chakra through the light filament, and let it expand to the highest level.
  10. Let this light wash away the body and other parts of the chakra system from your galactic portal. Watch it pass through your soul star, cause and effect chakra, top chakra, third eye chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus, umbilical chakra, reproductive chakra, sea wheel, and finally your earth star chakra.
  11. Let this light pass through your Earth Star and enter the heart of Gaia and the matrix of the planets.
  12. Feel and feel the vibrations this gift brings to you and Mother Earth.
  13. Prepare to start receiving information about ascension at a higher level.
  14. Open your eyes and radiate the light of your cosmic mastery (mastery refers to the ability to control your own energy system and maintain high frequency under any circumstances).



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