[News from all levels] Be strong! Don’t let anything distract you^_^

[News from all levels] Be strong! Don’t let anything distract you!

Original Close to the Heart of the Universe 2022-09-19 00:00 Posted on Beijing

August 28, 2022

“Children of the earth, children of light, I salute you with great love.

I, Hadek, am part of the Sananda spaceship, part of the celestial or blue stars.

Let me tell you:

make preparation! Be prepared for yourself; Try to understand this road well. It will become more and more obvious to you; Because you will have a great change, the road will be formed in front of you, and you just need to keep moving forward.

However, when you walk on this road, you will see people on both sides. You want to say to them, “Go on this road, it will take you to a new world! See the door of light, go on this road!” Some people will come, some people do not understand and turn around to leave, but each of you will do what you must do.

I also want to tell you that you are all ground workers who represent power and choose the power of Light Beings working on the ground. Each of you has his own role, but also for the public, that is, the role of the whole.

Be strong! Don’t let anything distract you! However, you should live your life to the fullest, because life experience is very important.

Every day you are experiencing it, every day it makes you grow; This is why we must continue to live until the end. If necessary, we must continue to make plans, but we must continue to live until the end.

In any case, when the time is ripe, everyone will be warned. You will be warned from the outside, you will be warned from within, you will be warned in countless ways. So, as long as the time of great turbulence has not arrived, continue to experience it! You come to this world to experience and grow in wisdom, joy, sharing and love.

My existence has always been there, of course, sometimes silent. I hope that my years with you can at least help you understand more about who you are and what your mission is.

My brothers in the light, my brothers in the galaxy or I have often told you that everyone’s mission is to anchor light and love in matter, anchor light and love in their bodies, and from the moment you anchor this light and love in you, it will automatically extend to your surroundings and anywhere.

So you are very important beings; When I say “very important”, this is true! Those who have known me for some time know that I am not necessarily gentle; But I can say what I must say very firmly. I can urge many people, but it is necessary.

I’m not here to urge you today. On the contrary, I am here to open the way for you, to show you the path of light, and to show you the door of light at the end of the road.

We hope, and I also hope, that a large number of human beings can cross this door of light. Behind this door of light is a new world that each of you must build within yourself. Just be prepared to live in a world without duality. There is no competition, no lies, no violence, only peace, sharing, joy and love.

Each of you is eager to live in this new world, but I ask you a question. You can also ask yourself: “Are we ready? Am I ready?” I can tell you that you are much better prepared than you realize, and in your heart, you love much more than you realize.

You must know that we have been with you for more than 38 years. Through our channels, we have provided you with a very high vibration, and we have provided you with our love; Like children, we have given you everything we can, so that you can become a free person, a person who understands, a person who can reasonably analyze the situation, and a person who can position yourself; Today we find that many of you exist in this way.

You have a relatively large number on the earth, of course, much less than we hope! However, great changes are not made by a large number of people, but by a few people who are completely in their mission. And you, spiritual beings, beings full of love, are carrying out your mission even without realizing it. You all desire to move forward on the path opened before you, and you all desire to pass through the Great Gate of Light. Of course, you still don’t know what is behind it. Walking forward and passing through the door is a sign of trust and confidence.

It will be very easy for all light workers, for all light and love fighters, and for all those who devote themselves to the ultimate goal they will achieve in the near future in this incarnation.

Of course, I must also repeat to you that, as all your brothers of light and all your galactic brothers have said, you will enter a very dark period; However, everything you have learned over the years will reappear, giving you strength (sometimes you may lack), confidence and faith, because everything is within you; You put it in a small corner of your own, when the time is ripe, everything will reappear. All that you have learned, whether through us, your brothers of light, or through other truly balanced paths of light, will resurface.

We are not the only one who teaches and opens up the road. If the road is correct, then all sentient beings have the same goal, that is to pass through this door.

Even if you are still going through a very dark time, know that darkness cannot and will not reach people surrounded by light and love; The darkness will be far away from you, so be confident that you have nothing to fear, except for going through a narrow channel, meeting some problems in your comfortable life, or asking yourself some questions to know where you are going. But you should know that this road will not be very, very difficult for all those who really put themselves into this kind of wisdom and love.

Imagine that, perhaps in the near future, many veils will fall off from you; At that moment, everything you learn will be established, whether in our teaching or elsewhere; Everything will show up inside you, and you will become a truly powerful being that can truly help people around you and guide them on the path they have taken.

I salute you in the name of my brother, and I salute you with all my love for you.

Be confident, you are not alone, we are always by your side. You must understand and accept it.

Of course, we cannot show ourselves visually for the time being, we cannot show ourselves in your earthly eyes, but you will feel us more and more, because your vibration frequency will rise; You will begin to completely transcend the third and fourth dimensions and will reach another level of consciousness, which will allow you to feel us, feel us, and perhaps allow some of you to see us.

Now I’m leaving you. I’m glad to talk to you.

Bless you, I love you, I will always be by your side. »


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