Bacha: Why do people always want permanent relationships?

Bacha: Why do people always want permanent relationships?

Original Love of the Infinite Universe 2022-09-18 16:14 Posted on Zhejiang

Q: As human beings, we will seek stability,
But from the perspective of spirituality and our relationship,
This is a free flowing experience.

Bacha: This is the stability of free flow,
Change is the only thing that is stable.

Q: Yes.

Bacha: For example,
Just like walking, you have to keep moving to keep your balance,
If you try to stay still and balance with one foot, you will fall,
You have to change to stay stable.

Q: As long as you sincerely put a person in your heart,
Can you keep this person in your reality?
Even if that person is far away from you.
Bacha: Not necessarily,
It depends on what they are exploring and how meaningful it is to keep in touch with that person in your reality,
So keep them in mind and let them be themselves,
If there is no need for obvious contact,
That’s how you express your love for them.

Q: We always seek the permanence of this relationship.

Bacha: The relationship is always permanent,
But not always at the same level,
You must broaden your perspective and cognition and realize that you are always connected with others,
Because nothing can be separated from each other,
Because everything is “one”,
But at different levels, you can experience the feeling of “separation”,
Then sometimes separation can be used in a positive way, allowing people to continue their unique journey, which is temporarily different from yours,
So there is nothing bad or bad about it,
It’s not that you really lost your connection with them,
Because you are always connected at a higher level,
But you have to allow the seemingly temporary separation so that people can have their own journey.

Q: So in a sense, you explain that the relationship on the spiritual level is stable no matter what changes take place,
However, as human beings, we may stick to our relationship,
Then we will feel stable.

Bacha: Yes, they are attached to a certain relationship.

Q: I understand,
So one of the challenges that we humans face is how to understand the changes in interpersonal relationships?

Bacha: Yes.



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