[Five dimensional Awakening] School One: Balanced Lessons^_^

Don’t let anyone tell you “who are you” or “what is your mission?” This is part of saving the earth from the disease.

🌺 Some people come to perform interstellar missions,
But most people come to find themselves.

🌺 If you ask yourself whether there is an interstellar mission, you don’t know what it is, and you haven’t started yet, then put it down and choose your own path.

Message from Mother Long

[Five dimensional Awakening] School One: Balanced Lessons^_^

A Li Xin I New Earth 2022-09-21 05:11 Posted on South Korea


In the past ten thousand years, human beings have been visiting the First Academy, trying to understand and abide by the spiritual laws of the earth. When you receive an invitation from the Avatar of Gaiam, this invitation will automatically include a visit to a specific college in the spiritual teaching institution of Earth.

The students will be bathed in the lilac light of this temple. The primary course here includes the balance of the seven third dimensional chakras that have been taught continuously, but the energy has now risen. Finally, the soul of the seeker will integrate these lessons and prepare to work with the higher chakras.

Since 2012, the universe specific light energy secrets taught in this school have enabled the twelve high-frequency chakras to cooperate with each other in a harmonious atmosphere. When an individual works hard in these centers, he can live in the golden cocoon of divine perfection.

In addition, in September 2015, God Gaiam decided to apply instant karma to every human on earth, regardless of his spiritual level. This led to the instant awakening of many souls.

Keeping balance is the main knowledge to be taught in this school. This is a required lesson for a world that allows free will. At the entrance of the teaching hall, there is a yin and yang diagram symbolizing the balance between men and women. This image can be opened by operating a key in the pineal gland that can trigger a specific light code. This enables individuals to maintain balance and find a perfect and sacred balance of yin and yang within themselves.

As the earth is still male dominated, many highly evolved masters, with or without avatars, are helping to guide people into the sacred feminine energy. Their approach is to whisper to the people’s hearts the expectations of the senior management.

The divine positive energy from Helios (the central sun) is reflected from the moon, which will soften the light code of the sun with the divine feminine love. In addition, under the guidance of Archangel Christian, the Moon Angel also helps open people’s hearts.

When the light of Christ as a negative energy enlightens in the heart chakra, it creates balance. The students in this school are taught to take the light key and code of Christ from Sirius’ ascension to Lakumay directly into their chakras, which will fill their heart chakras with perfect love. Because the heart chakra affects people’s hearts, doing so will gradually soften the mentality of those who need it.

If two children sit on the seesaw, and one child is heavier than the other, both children must work harder to maintain stability. Once their weights are absolutely equal, harmonic motion will become easier and they will consume less energy.

All the exercises and tests in the first school are related to self balance. Next, it is to help situations, families, countries, the world, and other planets find stability.

This is a practical and challenging ray. As a result, many people are still waiting to enter the second stage of needing self love.

The training and development courses provided here will require them to practice the manipulation of energy, so that they can create the best life for all. Graduates must be able to project psychological energy from the top mind to keep everything in the environment in a stable state. In addition, they must be able to focus divine harmony on people, places or situations far away.

The teaching and practice used here are similar to the spiritual training methods developed by Atlantis. The lesson of balance includes letting go of self clinging, taking back your own strength, and being willing to get along with others with an attitude of seeking common ground from differences. These energies are not only emitted from individuals, but also in the aura of the planet. At present, our earth is trying to balance the energy of yin and yang, and those who participate in the training of Lord Kutumi are trying to promote this goal.

When you reach the perfect balance, the aura will glow and you will be ready for the next step. Gaiam is eagerly looking forward to the development and expansion of this color in the earth’s energy field, so that our earth can be transformed and help the harmony of the whole universe.

Visualization: Visit the Balance Hall

  1. Prepare a space where you can relax without interference. If you can, light a candle.
  2. Sit quietly and breathe comfortably with the intention of visiting the balance room.
  3. Focus on the Earth Star you have launched.
  4. Please ask Archangel Michael to put his dark blue protective cloak around you.
  5. Call Lord Kutumi and ask him to put a ball with yin and yang symbols around you.
  6. Visualize yourself rising to the seventh dimensional balance room in time and space.
  7. The door with a huge yin and yang symbol opens, and you enter a beautiful, glittering golden learning temple full of students.
  8. Master Kutu Mizun stood on a high platform, ready to impart knowledge.
  9. You hold a pure and transparent crystal skull in your left hand, which is strongly connected with the huge crystal skull in the center of the temple.
  10. You put the crystal skull on your third eye, and the symbols in the pineal gland are activated.
  11. You perceive that the petals of the heart chakra are blooming automatically.
  12. You perceive the energy spreading down to the Earth Star chakra, open it, and activate it.
  13. Your four body system (physical, etheric, emotional and mental) has now reached a state of complete balance and uniformity.
  14. Feel that you fully understand balance and activate it in the form of light encoding.
    The information you receive when you are awake will be available to you at any time as the frequency increases. Whenever you make a request, Lord Kutumi will assist you in this process.
    He asks you to pay attention to the choice of keeping your body balanced, even and harmonious. Make a decision related to solving the problem.
    Everything you learn while sleeping in school will be reflected in your daily life. Therefore, you should be aware of the changes that are taking place, and vice versa. Wise decisions and reactions made during the day will immediately affect and accelerate your progress in school.
    Whenever you feel necessary, visualizing yin and yang symbols will help you find your place again.


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