Lord Kuthumi, World Teacher^_^


Lord Kuthumi, World Teacher

Lord Kuthumi is one of the greatest Illumined Masters to have walked this planet. When you are on your ascension path to mastery and enlightenment, as you read or think about him, his energy touches you and expands your consciousness.

He is a Kumara, one of four souls who come from the heart of God and have special service work to do in the universe. When one of these four souls incarnates, it is born enlightened and illuminated.

Lord Kuthumi originates from Venus, the planet of love. During his long soul journey he has always demonstrated the power of love to all. He now vibrates on a crystal yellow ray, the colour of the illumined mind, and has just become the World Teacher. He has a history of remarkable and illustrious service to humanity, though this has been very challenging in many lifetimes.

His etheric retreat is above Agra, in India, over the beautiful Taj Mahal. In his lifetime as Shah Jahan, the Mogul Emperor, he experienced true love with his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. When she died, he built the Taj Mahal as an offering of perfect love to her. This edifice was created with such adoration and attention to detail that it still radiates agape in its energy fields and draws those who are ready to experience unconditional and devotional love.

He also built the Red Fort in Delhi and the biggest mosque of the time in India and spent a considerable fortune on architectural projects. In addition he helped the poor and dispensed justice fairly. This was a very challenging lifetime for him, though, as his sons were in conflict. He lost much of his empire and one of his sons imprisoned him, so that he died in captivity. This lifetime strengthened him considerably on his path to mastery.

As St Francis of Assisi, he offered harmlessness and love to all creatures. His
aura was so clear and calm that every animal who approached him felt totally safe and none would ever hurt him. That lifetime was not only about peace to all. As a monk with very determined ideas of service to God, he had to demonstrate considerable courage, trust and faith in his mission.

He also incarnated as John the Beloved, Balthazar, the wise man who divined the birthplace of Jesus, and Pharaoh Tutmoses III of Egypt.
For many years, Lord Kuthumi was the Chohan of the Second Ray, the Yellow Ray of Love and Wisdom. He has always been very interested in enlightening humanity about the spiritual laws. He was a founder member of the Knights Templar, who kept ancient esoteric secrets and protected pilgrims as they travelled on their quests. As Pythagoras, he introduced sacred geometry, numerology, mathematics and the incredible Music of the Spheres to the world and also formed a mystery school for the Great White Brotherhood. He is co- protector, with Archangel Michael, of the holy grail, which is the mystical quest for self-understanding and mastery.

As part of his selfless service, he is a hierarch of the Brotherhood of the Golden Robe, an order which spreads peace through golden light and takes on the burdens of the world. In addition, he is the doorkeeper of the ancient occult mysteries.

As World Teacher, he is now bringing esoteric information to those lightworkers who can understand it as our planet moves towards ascension. He radiates the crystalline quality of this high-frequency role.
His symbol has always been the six-pointed star, the symbol of Atlantis, of the merging of Heaven and Earth. However, it has now expanded so that six extra rays radiate out from it.

Before the Cosmic Moment in 2012 there were seven teaching schools in the etheric and Lord Kuthumi helped to run these with Dwjhal Khul. Since he has become World Teacher and Head of the Schools of Learning, he has created 12 schools on the inner planes in alignment with the rising energy and expectations of this universe. Beings attend these establishments not just from Earth but from all over the universes.

These are not primary schools, but an etheric university where those who wish to graduate as ascended masters of this universe are instructed via a series of courses. Many people think that you can only become an ascended master if you have a physical body. However, this is not so. Beings like Diana’s guide Kumeka are Lords of Light and ascended masters, but have never incarnated on Earth. They have graduated through non-physical dimensions, learnings, tests, examinations and initiations.

There are a number of reasons for beings to remain in spiritual bodies. They
may be deemed not ready for a physical experience, other spirits may need an Earth experience more, or a non-physical course may be more in alignment with their soul blueprint. In Diana’s case, she and Kumeka are twin flames and their soul agreement is that she incarnates and he guides her from the inner planes. And so it has been for lifetimes.

Each of the 12 teaching ‘buildings’ of the etheric university is in circular form, like a pillared temple, and is glowing with radiant light. Students who are currently incarnate go there in their spirit bodies as they sleep.
The teaching methods are exactly the same as they were in the Golden Era of Atlantis. Each temple contains a crystal skull into which Lord Kuthumi downloads information and knowledge. There are also downloads from time to time from the Intergalactic Council. Serapis Bey, Dwjhal Khul, Lord Hilarion, Lord Voosloo and the Great Divine Director are among those who share their wisdom with the students of the universes.

Each student who applies and receives permission to enrol for these courses has their own individual crystal skull. They can link this to the main crystal skull in the temple to download group lessons. They then access the information by placing their skull on their third eye. They can also sign up for individually tailored lessons, which they access via the spiritual equivalent of a password. Many of those attending are helping Earth from non-physical dimensions.

Like Archangel Metatron’s sub-temples, each of the teaching spaces in the Halls of Learning is bathed in an appropriate colour, and concrete information in the language of light is imparted in each one.

When you visit the World Teacher’s educational temples, you receive great downloads of light containing the knowledge and wisdom that is perfect for your progress as a master. Enrolling in his teaching academy offers a fast-track programme to enlightenment and mastery.


  1. Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed. Light a candle if possible.
  2. Closeyoureyesandcentreyourselfbybreathingcomfortably.
  3. Be aware of a crystal yellow light appearing in front of you. This forms a spiralling pathway into the inner planes.
  4. As you follow the path, you look down and see the Taj Mahal below you, radiating glorious multi-coloured light.
  5. A simple monk dressed in a brown habit is walking down the path to meet you. Birds and animals surround him and you recognize St Francis.
  6. He welcomes and greets you warmly. Then he reminds you that the path to enlightenment and mastery may not always be easy, but it is always rewarding.
  7. Ahead there is a huge luminous yellow-gold gate with a bell pull beside it. St Francis nods and smiles, so you pull the bell.
  8. As the bell sounds, the gate swings open and Lord Kuthumi himself stands in front of you, his aura shimmering with light.
  9. Hesmileswhenheseesyou.
  10. You ask humbly for entry to his teaching school to accelerate your path to enlightenment and mastery.
  11. Lord Kuthumi examines your aura and you have a sense of the colours around you swirling and shining.
  12. He invites you to follow him into a lift that takes you to an elevated room.
  13. As you look out of the window, you see 12 buildings streaming with various hues of coloured light.
  14. Students of all shapes and sizes from all over the universes are milling in the central courtyard or entering the buildings. Their auras are unbelievably bright and they glow with joy, dignity and a sense of soul satisfaction.


  1. Ifyouwishtodoso,youraiseyourhandandsaysolemnly:

‘I, [name], do apply to study in Lord Kuthumi’s schools of light. I promise to do my best and honour the sacred spiritual teachings.’

  1. Lord Kuthumi hands you a small crystal skull, which you take and hold carefully.
  2. Hesays:
    ‘I accept you, [name], as a student in my schools of light. You are welcome.’
  3. He indicates that it is time for you to leave and you enter the lift that takes you down to the main gate.
  4. St Francis congratulates you and walks with you down the long yellow winding path to the point where you started.
  5. Sitquietlyholdingyourethericcrystalskull.
  6. Thenopenyoureyesandreturntotheroom.


The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery living in the Fifth Dimension



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