To see the deep sea of nature^_^

To see the deep sea of nature^_^

One Minder One Mindfulness Practice Classroom 2022-09-23 09:10 Posted on Gansu

Ask questions:

A friend with depression who saw Tao said that depression seemed to be getting better, but he never went to the heart mill to do great things. But since I went to a temple to see a master who has been insightful for more than 20 years, I feel that his spirit has been controlled. One night, she heard a voice saying that I was coming, and then her whole body shook like an earthquake. An extremely powerful energy was charged to him. Since then, he had a hallucination and was the master of the temple. Since then, he has been under the control of the voice, giving all his money to the master. I have checked that all patients with depression will have hearing hallucinations, but I don’t understand why there is such an earthquake like powerful energy pouring into its body. It seems that patients with depression will not have hearing hallucinations. Is it controlled by a kind of magic? Is it just the grinding in his heart? But why does the body shake when an earthquake occurs?


Response from a meditator
When the wind blows, anything can happen.
Someone gets sick and moves like a snake,
It’s not surprising that someone gets sick and shakes like an earthquake. If there is no organic change in the patient’s body, most patients are hysterical.

Hysteria diseases are all kinds of strange things. They are just the seeds of the mind, and they occur in the present.

A certain idea buried in the patient’s heart is full of life energy due to its persistence,

When it is time, it will break the surface of the soil of consciousness and come out,

Showing the desire characteristics of that thought seed. For example, when a person’s internal seed is a snake, it will appear as a variety of snakes when it comes to disease;

The seed within a person is a dead person he is familiar with,

At the onset of the disease, it shows the deceased’s various appearances, tone, tone, expression, action, etc. 

If a patient is a Buddhist, he has a deep misunderstanding and obsession with a certain statement of Buddhism,

That idea will become a seed hidden in the bottom of my heart.

For example, some Buddhists saw the saying that “when

Buddha comes into the world, the earth shakes in six ways”,
It is believed that when people become Buddhas, earthquakes will occur in nature or in their bodies,

Such misunderstandings grow over time, lurking in the bottom of my heart. Once I become unconscious,
It is possible that when I get sick, I feel that I have become a Buddha and my body shakes, such as an earthquake. Good knowledge and all human conditions are the changes of human body and mind,

Don’t be surprised. It’s just unconscious and unaware.

Most people don’t know their own minds, so they feel strange that something normal happens to them.

People not only can’t see their deep consciousness, but also know little about their superficial consciousness,

This is why we have so much confusion and incomprehension. The Buddha said that we are “ignorant”. Look at your own heart and see it.

See not only its shallow consciousness, but also its subconscious.

For example, in the deep sea, you should not only see your own sea level,

And I will see my sea floor 20000 miles away,

Even you can see everything in the Mariana Trench clearly,

So who can confuse you and what can confuse you. You can see everything in your own sea, those large or small marine creatures,

You can’t play tricks in your house,

Even if the wind blows, you know you are just a phantom of water spray,

Because the water monster itself is also the illusion of water spray. Come and look at your heart, your consciousness and your subconscious,

Make your heart clear.

If you are a sea god, you can swim every kind of marine life in your own,

The rise and fall of each spray is clear.


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