Hilarion – Drink plenty of water^_^

Hilarion – Drink plenty of water

The sky is getting brighter and brighter. The energy of the Great Central Sun comes with greater intensity every day. There is nothing new so far. The new thing is how each of you will experience the whole process. So I want to give you some advice

The coming energy is unfamiliar to your body. It is a very high vibration energy. What will this energy bring to your body? Unbalance, insomnia, dizziness, nausea, trembling, muscle soreness, fatigue. You may experience all of these or none of them. Some people are more, some are less

We always talk about keeping your body clean, drinking more water and eating healthy food. The more you do this, the easier it will be for you to pass through all these things. The more unbalanced your body is, the more difficult it will be to pass through all these things, because in addition to the incoming energy, your body needs to metabolize and throw away things that are not beneficial, which causes a lot of discomfort

Now it is recommended to eat light, fresh and natural as much as possible. Eat a lot of fruits and cooked vegetables; Eat less meat. Many people can no longer properly metabolize meat. To start noticing this, because more and more people will experience it

This is no longer a matter of choice or principle. Your body is cleaning itself. When you eat meat, it cannot properly digest, and more and more people will feel it. The time for change has long passed. Some people still don’t want it. We understand that you can’t completely put it down, but at least take a day off eating, instead of eating every day. Eat today and not tomorrow. Give your body time to get rid of what you took the day before

Don’t overload your body. Pay attention to what you ingest. We understand that this diet change is not easy for you, but at least reduce your intake. Slowly, you begin to balance and stop taking

Another important point is feeling. As long as you don’t send out positive feelings, your body will complain, and the symptoms may become stronger or different from what I said above. The changes in your body are so intense that many people may need physical therapy. With so much energy and imbalance caused by changes, the body has no time to maintain balance. If there is a problem, it will become larger

So at this point, when you have constant symptoms, it is necessary to go to a doctor.

This may sound strange, but when the imbalance becomes strong, the doctor’s help is necessary. The time will come for your body to adapt to all these energies, and there will be no imbalance. Obviously you can use any method we teach you, but you can’t just use one tool at the moment. In some cases, other tools are necessary

Healing is not as simple as you think. It’s not just about doing it, then you’ll get better. Healing is towards balance. Each healing is like entering a long channel. Each step allows you to heal more. I would say that seeking physical healing will often accelerate the process until the end of the channel comes. When you leave the channel, you will fully heal

It is not enough to enter and pass through a door; it is not enough to enter and pass through a room. It requires a complete change in mind, body, feelings and habits to be effective. So don’t think that you can heal just by talking once
The journey is long, and the length of this passage depends on the dedication of each of you to your own healing. Many people enter this passage, one step forward and two steps back. What is the pace of retreat? It is negative feelings, eating without keeping your mouth shut, not drinking water, negative thoughts, attitudes, etc. So you take a step forward and two steps back, so it’s hard to heal

In order to have 100% healing, you need to change completely. Many people may think that any holistic healing is useless. No, because every time you experience a healing, there is a possibility of balance. If you cooperate and take the right attitude, ideas and nutrition, you will start to move forward in the channel. Even if you take a few steps back at a certain point, you have gone deep into the channel

So nothing is useless. The only thing I want is that you always remember that there is no magic healing. You can reach the balance stage after experiencing a healing, but if you take a few steps forward and activate the problem again, it will return, because everything is a whole set. All points must be aligned; A single mess, you will go back

So there is a long way to change (in every aspect). Although it seems absurd, many people will need doctors to help them accept everything and have balance, which will help you feel better and promote a forward step

To be sure, when you reach the end of the channel, you will no longer need physical healing, but many people need it now. Don’t think that only energy can help you stay in balance. On the contrary, there are many changes in the body, and the body doesn’t know how to cope with these changes.

So the imbalance is huge. So pay attention to each symptom, start to observe what is good and what is bad for you, and use our energy and common sense. It is meaningless to do the same healing one hundred times a day, because you will put more weight on the body. It already needs to deal with a lot of incoming energy

So we should have common sense. You can’t restore balance this way. Everything must be gradual, but the most important thing is to experience each moment clearly

Date: September 22, 2022
From: Anjos e Luz Terapias


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