10 giant videos exposed! The history of giants deliberately erased! The truth of the human world deliberately concealed! Human technology deliberately hidden! Human knowledge deliberately blocked!

Baby wake up 2022-09-25 11:37 Posted on Yunnan

Giant male and female videos! It is said that more than 100 years ago, they have not been eliminated and live in harmony with today’s human beings

The real existence of giants! In modern times! The real existence of giants! Modern times are still symbiotic with us! The existence of giants! It is ubiquitous and has a large number! The real existence of giants! Qing Dynasty Giant Official!


More than 1000 giant skeletons were destroyed? Is there a 5 meter giant?

The truth covered up! In order to maintain Darwin’s so-called “theory of evolution”, the Smithsonian Society of America secretly destroyed the skeletons of more than 10000 prehistoric giants in the United States, and openly lied that they had never seen the skeletons! Although the lie was completely exposed soon, all the mainstream media in the West did not mention it at all! The world’s people are still in the dark!


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