When you are deprived of your freedom, you are prevented from BEING^_^

When you are deprived of your freedom, you are prevented from BEING^_^


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They tell me:

“We are infinitely happy, infinitely happy as ever, to be among you, to be able to enlighten you the way.

Lighting your path becomes more and more important because certain forces keep you in the dark and, above all, want to make sure that you do not see the path ahead.

So we and all Beings of Light, all your galactic brethren, all Beings of the Great Hierarchies are here to pave the way for you. We have been doing this for many years on earth, but we do it crescendo; We do it according to who you are, and we will always do it according to who you become.

You have to understand that evolution will now take place very quickly for each of you, for all people, because the times are here; The moment has come, that of the great mutation, and all humans, whoever they may be, are in that moment of mutation and will experience it.

It is quite obvious that all those beings who are too anchored in matter, who have not understood what they are and where they are going, what they have to do, will experience the mutation, but in a very difficult way can endure the tremendous changes that are to come, they will succumb. But once again we want to tell you that life is not what you are leading now, real life is that outside of coarse matter.

Surely you have the ability to have multiple manifestation carriers, that is, multiple bodies to go from one world to another, or bodies that are completely different from the one you have created for this incarnation; At the moment you are in a body of matter and you will find yourself more and more cramped there because you will develop so much that you want to expand the limits of your matter.

So we are here and we will be more and more present to help you open up, get out of your spacesuit, go more and more on the path of light that we are setting up for you and that will lead you to an immense door, the door of renewal, the door of transition, the door of the new world.

In the meantime, it is quite obvious that every human being on the planet (good or evil) must live through the choice of his life, the incarnation he has chosen, but also all the easy or difficult experiences he will allow you to have.

But now, in your time, everything is revealed; even in each of you a new truth will come to the surface. You will integrate it, understand it and use it wisely in your “new existence”; The hour has come where nothing will be as before. Of course, your policy tells you that nothing will be the same again because it will increasingly restrict your freedoms. But what we want to say is that you will develop in a very important way and what seems important to you today will not be tomorrow, because you will have understood so many things that you will relativize your own experiences and even your own life.

Either way, you will experience the acceleration of movement, the acceleration of transformation; You are also following this great mutation of life, whether it is on planet Earth, whether it is in your solar system, whether it is in your galaxy or whatever. Life is constantly moving in the evolutionary direction. All beings go uninterrupted in the evolutionary and ascending direction, for man, even the most wicked, develops in his consciousness: he never goes back; it develops small, but it develops; He doesn’t notice.

Every day God does (as you say) you evolve. Some develop very quickly; For others, it will take a time of integration, a time of understanding and assimilation, but all beings, all lives on earth are evolving.

We told you by being close to our channel that in some time you would see like huge flashes of light on Earth. You will see such amazing things that you can no longer ask yourself questions. The questions will not even be answered, because it will be so strange to you that even an answer will not correspond to reality.

So yes, your world is on, so yes, everything is going to change drastically and it has to be! All civilizations that have lived in extreme violence (be it human life or life in general) since the beginning of time are destined to disappear; Now you are really at the end of a civilization that has lasted thousands of years. Since everything is reborn automatically, this end of civilization will rise from its ashes like the phoenix and fly away to a new course.

Humanity’s future journey will be a hundred times easier than anything it has experienced so far, for many veils will be removed because it will finally understand not only who it is, but all it can achieve for itself, but also for its brothers, for everything around it, even for all kingdoms, because the new person will fully integrate the idea of respect for himself, for others and for life. The new man will be like that.

The new man will not support unhealthy rule, will not support being mistreated, lobotomized in a certain way; the new person will know how to position himself; the new man will make the treasures within himself accessible to all; the new man will not be able to deny himself in his most holy.

That new man is you! It’s you tomorrow, it’s you the day after tomorrow, and you have to accept being that new man. But in order to be this new person, you have to let go of everything old that absolutely no longer belongs to you; The old will never allow you to develop into who you are or to truly find yourself.

To prevent this new person from being born, from expressing himself, there will be constraints because the dark light does not want the new being to express himself and be simple. So expect a lot of coercion, expect to be manipulated, expect to be deprived of your freedom under (of course) false pretenses; False claims are legion in your civilization.

Be free, completely free, free in your thoughts and actions. Be free within you, be free outside of you. It is freedom that will make you strong; If you are not free, you will be fragile. Freedom will allow you to position yourself, and in the world to come, in all that humanity will have to live, only freedom will save you.

Here’s what we want to tell you:

What can one, two, ten or twenty rulers or leaders do? Man is a lot in relation to all these leaders, all these evildoers; If man manages to position himself and assert himself in what he is, he will very quickly find freedom! No one has the right to impose on another his freedom to turn him into a sheep; No one has the right! Those who grant themselves this right automatically receive compensation for what they have earned.

Why are we talking about freedom? Because you will need it, because freedom protects you and drives you; for freedom will open the doors of tomorrow and allow you to be reborn to yourself; because freedom will allow you to remove many veils that still obscure your consciousness; for freedom is a divine right, for when that freedom is taken from you, you are prevented from being.

However, when we speak of freedom, we speak of freedom with respect for others, because if you want to live your freedom by crushing others in one way or another, that is not freedom.! Freedom must be lived in complete respect for life, in respect of the other and all that surrounds one; Freedom should not be taken for granted by crushing others. Freedom is the free choice of where you want to go, the free choice of how you understand and develop. Freedom cannot be manipulated as humanity has been manipulated for thousands of years.

They arrive in a moment, at an end, at the end of manipulation. So everything will accelerate and everything will get worse. In those moments of acceleration of movement, in those moments when everything goes extremely fast, when you almost have to cling to something in order not to succumb, you have to stay upright, you have to remain dignified, you have to remain free.

We want you to think about what freedom really is.

Freedom, as one imagines it at the moment, is a false freedom; It is often an imposed freedom, and an imposed freedom does not build beings, on the contrary, it destroys them.

Whatever happens, you’re going into a relatively dark time.”

They show me a passage where you can’t see left or right or forward, but you’re moving forward; there is just enough light not to stumble and fall. But beyond that (they show it to me as if it were at a certain distance), I perceive an immense light.

“Some will walk towards this light, others will take small steps because they are afraid of what they see: Where does this light go and where can it lead them? There will be others who do not want to go to this light at all, who will remain frozen in this dark world that suits them. So be those who run with all their strength towards the light that is at the end of the road, at the end of this dark road.

Many of those who have tormented the world (we will not mention the names, you know them, we do not talk about the little presidents, we talk about those who pull the strings, we talk about those who pull back) will also go, and for several reasons.

The first reason is that they have committed their iniquities; but is there really damage? Do they have the plan for the “resurrection”? “the living beings are not complete, that is, the awakening, the great awakening of the living beings? So the most evil beings have an important role to play and they have played it. Since they will no longer be needed in a while, they will disappear for this reason, but there is another, even more important reason: the vibrational frequency of the earth will rise so much that the earth will rise Those who are not aligned, those who will not be able to integrate this new vibration frequency, will simply not be able to live.

So, to conclude with what we are telling you, be confident once again in life, because even if you have to go through difficult things, depending on how you function, depending on your positioning, things will not be difficult.

I don’t want to talk about all this, but they show it to me because it has to have a benefit; they show me masses of people everywhere, in all countries of the world, masses of people who rebel and want peace, who want to live in peace, who want to eat and live in peace. And because there will be all these masses revolting, they will accelerate access to this new world.

“The world will no longer remain static and immobile; Many of you may say that nothing is happening, but a lot is happening that is invisible to your eyes for the time being! “

It’s pretty what they show me! They show me like a theater.

“You are behind the curtains and suddenly they open, but you will not see the spectators who have come to see the show, you will see the new life that awaits you. Right now you are behind the curtains, but very soon they will open and you will say, “Wow! How beautiful!” And it will be your life, it will be you who will have built it up through your suffering, through your spirituality, through your freedom, through the immeasurable love you can offer.

We have not spoken of love, but freedom is also an act of love; it means placing yourself straight within yourself, well centered within yourself, and if you are well centered within yourself, if you are at peace with yourself, you automatically have the ability to love much more.

So, finally, freedom, positioning, trust, faith, joy, participate in the blossoming of the new being you will become.

May peace, joy and love permeate your life permanently. Stay on this path of light, it is predetermined for each of you, and do not be afraid: even if you leave this path accidentally or carelessly or perhaps even a little out of fear, the beings of light as well as your guides would put you back on it.

So the path is marked out, now you only have to enter it with your feet and it will take you where it should lead you. Don’t take side streets anymore, this is no longer the time! Now go straight ahead, do not be afraid; To be just and good has nothing to fear!

Blessed be children of the earth! Also learn to thank life for all the gifts it offers you, learn to thank your brothers for the love and friendship they offer you, learn to be grateful for everything you have and for all that life will offer you.

Now we’re leaving you.

We love you very much and see you soon.


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