[Five dimensional awakening] Class 3: Learn about crystal technology^_^

The Milky Way Galaxy

[Five dimensional awakening] Class 3: Learn about crystal technology

A Li Xin I New Earth 2022-09-27 05:11 Posted on South Korea

Every person in the Golden Atlantis era had twelve radiant rotating chakras and twelve strands of active DNA. Because they have the fifth dimension of energy, their bodies are silicon based (transliteration of silicon, the symbol of silicon element Si). Silicon based bodies have more high-frequency light than the third dimension of carbon based bodies.

Light carries spiritual information and knowledge. Therefore, the more light you have, the more keys and passwords you can use to understand these spiritual knowledge that can be used immediately.

For this reason, the High Priests and Priests were able to obtain unusual information from the Star Council, including information on crystal properties and cooperation with elves. Then, they will convey the appropriate information to people, which is the secret of making Golden Atlantis powerful.

It is also helpful that Atlantis people at that time used more than 90% of the brain capacity, and we only use 10% of the brain capacity at present.

What students need to learn in this school is how to transform the third dimensional carbon based world into the high-frequency silicon based world. They know the energy properties of carbon. Carbon only contains a small amount of relatively low frequency light, and these light will expand into crystalline form. This conversion is automatically generated when the frequency is raised to a certain level.

In addition, they learned how to use sacred geometry in crystal form to make extraordinary things happen. These are beyond our current understanding. At present, many people are visiting this special school to bring back their understanding of crystal technology in the new golden age.

The students in this temple are bathed in the glittering golden peach light, which is the combination of golden wisdom, pink love and diamond light.

Atlanteans can access many different frequency bands. For example, they can easily switch their internal dials to the wavelengths of angels, unicorns, elves, trees and animals. By doing so, they can communicate directly with these beings through their thoughts, images or senses.

This was done intentionally, thanks to the Atlanteans’ heavenly eyes, ears and telepathy, which enabled them to adjust to the frequency of communication with other species.

Now people are unconsciously regaining these channeling abilities.

*You may not hear the sound, but you can receive the impression from the sound wave.

*You may not see a vivid picture, but you can perceive what is happening.

*You may have a good understanding of what others think.

This means that you can channelize, and probably have other similar experiences, that is, a high-frequency knowing ability. For an enlightened master, your task is to accept and trust.

In every crystal, there are elves from the nature who are willing to establish a connection with you. When you have an understanding and love of crystal, you can learn to communicate with the spirit. Elves will respond to your loving commands and wishes.

For example, when you ask to light the crystal, the spirit may cooperate with the crystal to meet your requirements. This is the way that Golden Atlantis lights their homes.

Today’s computers can do all the work that was done by the genie in the crystal, the power of direct thinking, and programming the crystal.

Some crystals will become the energy base of highly evolved beings. They will transmit important information, healing energy or other attributes through the medium of crystals. With the development of Golden Atlantis, people have been able to connect with the powerful essence hidden in the crystal.

When the residents of Atlantis are ready, the Star Council will download the almost incredible high vibration technology design drawings into the huge crystal in the temple. This was explained to the people by the sages after they first absorbed and studied it. The rocket made in this way will move faster than we think.

They have developed a multi-level flight transportation system, and also established an advanced hydroponics method that can grow crops without manual labor. Atlanteans have the ability to control the weather; They used laser surgery to regenerate limbs; Build circular buildings to communicate with other star systems.

Even minerals that can be used on Earth can be obtained from other star systems. Their method is to first deconstruct the material, suck it to the ground, and then reorganize the structure of the material. All these are powered by the energy extracted from the big crystal in the temple of Poseidon, and the kinetic energy of the crystal comes from the pure source energy.

At the same time, they live in nature with extremely simple, harmonious, interesting, relaxing, creative and caring interaction. Their minds are clear and calm, so they can focus their mind and manifest material things in a way that is beyond our existing ability. But their technological foundation should be communicated with the life power in the crystal through the control of mind, the power of sound, light and vision.

When you enter the Temple of Crystal Science and Technology, these talents, abilities and powers coded in the fifth dimensional blueprint of Atlantis will awaken. They will ask you to remain aware and put your enlightening thoughts into your heart. Lord Kutumi and Lord Sheila Ling, who oversees the return of Atlantis crystal technology, will be here to help you.

Remember to thank the crystal, including the intelligent spirit in your computer crystal. Like conscious life, they also react to human emotions.

Visualization: Visit Crystal Technology Hall

  1. Prepare a space where you can relax without interference.
  2. Light a candle and dedicate it to the crystal technology of returning to the earth for the supreme good of all beings.
  3. Focus on the Earth Star you have launched.
  4. Please ask Archangel Michael to put his dark blue protective cloak around you.
  5. A small round aircraft lands beside you. You enter the aircraft and are sent to the Crystal Technology Hall in silence.
  6. You walk out of the aircraft and find yourself standing in the courtyard of the hall. You can see that many other beings arrive in the same way.
  7. You can see the glittering golden yellow and pink through the arch. You follow the other students through the arch and into the hall. You are immediately bathed in the glittering golden pink light.
  8. Lord Kutumi and Lord Hilarion stood on a platform and raised their hands to greet everyone. Bright golden pink rays are emitted from their palms and shine on your third eyes.
  9. When you sit down to absorb the light energy, you will find a crystal in your hand. Feel it, feel it, put it on your third eye, and perceive the spirit in the crystal.
  10. With love, ask the spirit to light the crystal. Your crystal and other crystals in the hall are immediately lit up, creating a brilliant fairyland.
  11. Lord Kutumi and Lord Sheila sent you some pictures of spiritual technology in the future. Relax and let something fall into your heart.
  12. By receiving this sacred trust, you can help change the collective consciousness and make the best of humanity and the earth manifest more quickly and easily.
  13. After giving thanks to Lord Kutumi and Lord Hilarion, return to the aircraft waiting to take you back to the starting point.



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