Sananda – Success and Failure^_^


To live, to live completely according to your intuition and the knowledge you keep inside – you will be right in everything you do

Success or failure does not depend on whether you do something, but whether you follow the path of the soul

Success is when you align every decision with what you want, and then wait to see how life responds to you

Expectations are often a huge hindrance. Therefore, after you make a decision, leave everything else to the source and your guidance

You are not alone, even if you cannot see or feel the subtle aspects. This will not change your spiritual family will come when you need them, even if you cannot always hear their voice

Redefine success, based not only on the success of an effort, but also on the decisions you make

Only with your heart can you see clearly, and you can achieve the goals you set before you came here

It doesn’t matter what others say! It is important to value yourself by making wise and prudent decisions

What others think and do is no longer a standard! It’s important that you redefine what success and failure are

Your soul knows you and your homework. Your heart keeps you on track and guides you through the maze of time.

Everything else doesn’t matter

Date: September 26, 2022
From: Jahn J Kassl


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