Blue Eye Owl Tells Ancient Stories^_^

Blue Eye Owl Tells Ancient Stories^_^

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Tips for reading the series of information about the Guardian of the Blue Planet
Past life hypnosis:

  • Date: 2022.03
  • Hypnotic: Q
  • Hypnosis cases: A
  • Subconscious (higher self) of hypnotized cases: SC

8、 The blue eyed owl talks about antiquity

Q: (Lead to another important day)

A: Here is a round white space with a semicircular dome roof. There is an owl in it. It has beautiful blue gray hair and big dark blue eyes. It is very cute. The owl who was in the temple with us last time.

It is very old, older than our priestesses, and it has lived for a long time. He is also a member of the temple who works with us. He is a magic owl. It is not an ordinary bird, it is a divine bird. It comes from another world and connects with another world. It is not an ordinary bird.

It can be bigger or smaller. Now it is bigger than ordinary owls and should be three times bigger than ordinary owls. If it flies out of the temple area, it will become as big as an ordinary owl. I can communicate with birds because it teaches me to communicate and talk with birds.

Q: Is this also above your temple?

A: Yes, it is also in the temple area on the big platform. It is the exclusive rest space for owls. It is very free here. It often flies out to do things, sometimes it flies far away, and when it comes back, it will return here to rest.

This is actually a confined space, with no openings or doors and windows, but I can still walk in. Seen from the outside, this is a confined space made of stone; But after coming in, you can still see the outdoor scene through the wall, although it is a closed stone wall. It’s daytime now. The sun is very bright and you can see the sea from afar. It’s beautiful.

Q: What are you doing here?

A: I came to chat with him and learn from him. I took a plate of baked nuts. It likes cashews, walnuts, pine nuts, and also likes fruits and olives. I brought some to it; Also help it replace water.

Sometimes I will give it snacks to eat and listen to its ancient history. Each of our priestesses is very good with him, and everyone will come to talk to him from time to time. Today is also my study time. I want to learn from it.

It is very intelligent and one of our priestesses’ teachers, mainly teaching us ancient history. This temple was here before I came to study. It will tell us what happened before. It is a very old owl.

However, it does not look very old. It is a lively, lovely and steady owl. Its eyes are very beautiful, dark blue like gemstones.

We respect it very much and get along with it as friends, but it is very cute and difficult to describe the relationship with it. It is the life of another world.

Q: What is it doing now?

A: It stands on a silver tree trunk in the middle of the room to rest, which is brought from its world. It can communicate with its world when it stands here. Usually, it stands here to rest.

Q: Then what?

A: Owl told me that we had known each other before, but I forgot. But it doesn’t matter. I have something to do now, and I will remember it later.

Then, it uses telepathic methods to tell me to look at its eyes. I saw its eyes begin to change from dark blue to light blue, like light blue gems, oceans or stars. When its eyes become light blue, I can look into its eyes, like entering another world.

At this time, it is using this method to tell the ancient history. Our consciousness will enter an earlier era from its eyes and watch the historical events that it wants us to know.

Q: What do you see in the owl’s eyes now?

A: Its eyes are now light blue, like a vast ocean, like a starry sky, or like a light blue crystal. When I looked into its eyes, the light blue pupils slowly appeared swirling, and my consciousness seemed to be sucked into another space-time.

I have entered an ancient era in our region, which is very different from our current era. It was a time when gods and human beings still lived together on the earth’s surface, and a time when giants still existed among human beings.

Those “gods” are much taller than human beings. They will fly around in the sky. They have their own means of transportation. They do not live on the earth’s surface. They have their own residence in the sky, and occasionally come to the earth and the earth’s surface.

The gods I saw were very tall, and they could move quickly. They will meet in the sky. They also like to joke with each other and drink wine for fun. They enjoy themselves very much. These wines were offered to them by human beings.

Those gods also like to wear gold ornaments, armor, and objects made of gold. They like to use gold.

Q: Why do these gods like to wear and use gold?

A: It can help them to combine with some cosmic force. They use this force to do things. Gold can strengthen their power.

Q: Where do these gods come from?

A: They came to this planet from outside the sky, but they have lived on this planet for a long time, so long that they have forgotten their purpose of coming to this planet, and completely indulge in their own enjoyment.

Q: What is the purpose of their coming to the earth?

A: They are to teach people to remember who they are and how to enter the true state of mind.

But they fell into physical enjoyment and accepted the wine, fruit, wheat bread, cake and honey offered by human beings. For too long, they were completely immersed in their own enjoyment and forgot the purpose of coming to this planet.

As time went on, they married each other and gave birth to the next generation of God. After that, they began to intermarry with human beings and gave birth to mixed blood of God and human beings.
Those so-called descendants of God have the ability beyond human beings, so they began to control and control human beings to meet their desires. They have forgotten the purpose of coming to this planet.

But not every god has forgotten that some gods are addicted to their own enjoyment, and they began to combine with human beings to give birth to the second generation of gods; They began to occupy their own territory, control human beings, establish their own kingdom, enslave human beings, and indulge in their own enjoyment.

These so-called gods in the sky can live for a long time, longer than human beings. They think they can live forever, but they are not. Then they began to play the game of occupying territory and establishing a kingdom.

They just want to show their strength, so they ask the human beings in the territory they occupy to surrender to them. Therefore, it will form the different gods in different regions, cities and worship in the myths of later generations. Because these gods have lived too long and they are bored, they begin to have a competitive and comparative mentality.

Their hearts sank more and more before they began to occupy the territory. Some cities believe in this god, while others believe in another god. They will ask that the city can only listen to them, worship them, and not believe in other gods, so that they can protect the human beings in the city. It is like they occupy different cities and become the guardian gods of different regions or cities.

That is because they began to fall and forget that they came to this planet to awaken the human beings on the earth to remember who they are and return to the true state of mind. After the second and third generations, they forgot their tasks and began to indulge in pleasure.

So they fell into the mentality of playing games and began to compete. So they will teach the human skills of the occupied city, and let the human beings in that city submit to him and follow his instructions.

They will build their own temples in each city, rule the human beings in the city, and then compare with each other, whose city is stronger and whose city is richer. They fall into an increasingly materialistic mindset.

They seem to regard human beings as toys. In order to show that their abilities are higher than those of other gods, their gods and gods began to make the cities under their control fight each other for comparison, to see who taught human beings to be stronger and who controlled the cities better.

They are just a group of fallen lives, but human beings call them “gods” only because their power is greater than human beings and they live longer than human beings. They come from outside the planet, so we call them “extraterrestrial life”. They were supposed to teach people in this area.

However, they also began to fall into their own dreams, began to compare with each other, and wanted to become the most powerful god. They instruct the human beings in the cities they control to do things to satisfy their own selfish desires.

However, not every god is like this, but more and more gods are falling into such control and enjoyment, becoming more and more unconscious.

Q: Why did these gods come to this planet to awaken mankind?

A: They took several spaceships to the planet with some instruments and equipment. They are extraterrestrial beings with flesh, and they start their missions in different regions of the planet.

The mission is to revive the seeds of surface human beings, create the surface human flesh, and provide a vehicle for the souls stranded on this planet to explore material life on the surface. They came here to create suitable vehicles and living environments, help the human vehicles on the surface to create a more suitable life, so that these souls stranded on this planet can enter these vehicles, experience material life at the same time, improve their minds, and recall who they are.

The mission of these extraterrestrial life to this planet is to improve the original human seeds, namely human vehicles, in different regions. Let human vehicles bear the presence of souls, experience material life, and help create a more perfect and peaceful human society, from which the souls of these souls can be revived, so that they can slowly repair the soul energy. Because these souls are injured, they can only stay on this planet first.

These “gods” are the so-called “extraterrestrial life”. They were originally intended to help the souls stranded on this planet to provide better material human vehicles, and to help mankind create a society with wisdom, peace and better integration into the natural life of this planet.

The purpose and task of these extraterrestrial life is to do this, and the early generations did a good job. Because they stayed on this planet, they began to give birth to the second and third generation members to take over their work.

Then they began to intermarry and integrate with human beings, which was no problem, as was the original plan. When the human seeds are similar to these gods, they can also start to combine with humans to give birth to the next generation and help human vehicles develop more.

Gradually, they stayed too long, forgot the purpose of coming to this planet, and began to want to show their strength and ability, compare with each other, and then control and enslave these human vehicles; It is not to help the soul entering the human vehicle to improve its mind, to help the soul enter the human vehicle, and to slowly repair the injured soul energy from the appropriate natural life.

Q: Where do you mean by this area? Or the situation of the whole earth?

A: There are a group of Protoss in our region, but other regions are in the same situation. It mainly refers to the Protoss in our region, but the situation in other regions is similar. Because the energy of the earth is getting heavier and heavier, life that stays on the earth for too long will fall into a deep sleep more and more.

Q: What do you mean when you say, “Some souls are injured and can only stay on this planet…”? What is going on? Why does the soul get hurt?

A: This story is too big to explain clearly in this hypnosis. These souls come here to recuperate. They are not trapped on the earth. As long as they slowly repair their souls, they can leave. If the soul is not healed, they can’t leave the place where they are recuperating, because they can’t leave by themselves, and they can only leave the planet after the soul is repaired.

Q: Okay, then what?

A: They forget their tasks. However, because their ability is stronger than that of human beings, they hoped to make human vehicles similar to their ability when they improved human beings at the beginning, but they began to have a controlling mentality. Therefore, at a later time, the descendants of these gods intended that human beings could not have the same ability as them. By contrast, they could control human beings; And human beings worship them as gods.

This is actually contrary to the plan at the beginning You can’t use these injured and forgotten souls. You were supposed to help these souls recover their memory, but you began to use their forgetting to control and enslave them. You should have come to help them recover, but instead you began to play with these souls again. It’s not right. It’s totally different from the original plan.

Q: These human vehicles originally exist on the earth, and they just come to help modify them?

A: Yes, human vehicles originally existed on this planet, but the earth experienced a great disaster at that time, so these human vehicles were degraded too seriously. So the Galactic Council asked for extraterrestrial life that could help to enter the planet to ascend, repair, and repair these degraded vehicles.

The original plan is to let these extraterrestrial life enter the earth, and through their help, let human vehicles modify and evolve to be able to carry souls, and let this vehicle live well in the beautiful natural material environment of the planet, and then gradually repair the souls stationed in the vehicle, to help these souls recover their memories and remember who they are.

Q: What kind of disaster did you say that “there was a great disaster on the earth that led to the degradation of human vehicles”?

A: The last big flood almost destroyed the whole planet.

Q: What kind of serious state did human beings degenerate to at that time?

A: It degenerates like a wild animal. It is very violent. Its IQ also degenerates very seriously, which is known as primitive man and ape man.

Q: At that time, did people living on this planet have different skin colors?

A: No, just the same color of the earth’s original race. But I don’t say much about this part.

Q: Then what?

A: The first generation of so-called gods (extraterrestrial life) just came here. They really improved human vehicles. However, because these vehicles have degenerated too seriously, they must be improved slowly. It takes more time to let the vehicles evolve slowly, and there is no way to accomplish it overnight.

However, their (extraterrestrial life) mentality changed at some time, and they began not to want humans to have the same ability as them. They should make human genes more and more similar to them, but instead make human genes defective.

They tampered with the perfect state of human genes originally planned, making human beings unable to have the same ability as them. For example, your so-called super power, or other special abilities possessed by extraterrestrial life. In this way, they can control human beings and are superior to human beings.

After such a state of mind, these extraterrestrial life began to degenerate and let people in different regions submit to them. Therefore, different cities began to be created to worship different gods. They asked people in their areas or cities to obey their orders, build their temples and support them. Then let different cities start wars for their own selfish desires.

They are just playing with and controlling human beings, not helping and caring for them. Instead of helping the soul to experience the beautiful physical and natural life of the earth in the human vehicle, they let humans become their chess pieces or toys.

They have forgotten their original intention of coming to the earth. Because it’s been several generations. It was originally an intermarriage between extraterrestrial life, giving birth to the next generation. After that, the second generation, the third generation, and several generations later, when human genes were improved to be more similar to them, they also began to intermarry with humans and gave birth to the next generation of mixed race. Then, they began to get more and more caught up in their desire to forget the original task of helping mankind.

Q: It sounds like they have been on earth for a long time to modify human genes?

A: For tens of thousands of years.

Q: Besides you, do different extraterrestrial life (aliens) come to the earth?

A: At that time, the Galactic Council agreed that extraterrestrial life from several planets would come in and distribute in different regions of the earth to carry out the improvement plan of human seed carrier gene.

Q: What kind of extraterrestrial life can be selected to enter the Earth?

A: The species whose genes are suitable for merging with the earth humans, that is, humanoid extraterrestrial life with flesh, and whose flesh is suitable for living on this planet, will be selected and allowed to enter this planet.
Because it is to help human beings on this planet improve their genes, it must be extraterrestrial life that is suitable for this planet and whose genes are also suitable for fusion with human seeds.
Their souls must also have certain qualities and be willing to help injured souls improve human vehicles before they can be allowed to enter this planet.

Q: Those who come to Earth to improve human vehicles can be said to be the scientists on their planet?

A: It can’t be said that they all have such ability. It can only be said that because your human vehicle has been limited too much, you think scientists can do this.

This is because your genes are limited so much that the functions of the vehicle you now have are very limited. It is limited to a very small range of use and cannot play the real power of the soul, not even one in ten million, not one in ten billion.

In fact, the ability of the soul is so great that you can’t imagine it now. Because your vehicle is limited to a very limited range; That’s why you think only scientists can do this. No, just because your current vehicle is very difficult to use, which limits the ability and power your souls really have.

In the current state of human vehicles, you cannot integrate with the nature of this planet and repair your soul on this planet because you enter such a vehicle. Instead, your soul is trapped in this vehicle, rather than being able to repair your soul by entering this vehicle.

This is totally contrary to the original plan.

Q: Have humans ever evolved to be similar to these gods?

A: For a period of time, human vehicles evolved very well, better, more balanced and more capable than current humans. As just said, the first generation or previous generations of extraterrestrial life just started to help humans improve their genes, and they have done a good job.

However, at some time, these extraterrestrial beings felt: “We can’t let humans have the same ability as us, so we can’t control humans.” At that time, there was a turning point, so they changed human genes and made human beings degenerate.

Q: What kind of turning point? What is going on?

A: … I came out, and the owl said that it would be OK to see here today, and I will see the rest next time.

Q: Ok, will you come here directly next time?

A: Yes, it said that you can come directly next time.

Q: Ok, thanks owl, see you next time.


Q: Why did she see these pictures and messages today?

SC: Understand why your world has become like this. These messages have a lot to do with the various aspects of your world. These messages show what has happened to mankind and are closely related to your current human beings:

Why does your body appear like this? Why does your mind work like this? Why is your human IQ limited to a certain range? Why don’t you humans have super powers? Why is your current human society in such a state? Why can’t you humans connect with yourself? Can’t love yourself? Can’t connect to the source? Keep suffering?
These messages are intended to help you escape and guide you step by step from your dreams.

You must know yourself and the truth before you can love yourself, wake up step by step, and move towards liberation. Hypnotic messages are just to help you love yourself, return to yourself, and wake up.

The focus of hypnosis is never what story or who was your previous life? What identity? What have you experienced? no The point is just to help you get back to yourself, love yourself, and wake up. This is the only purpose of previous life hypnosis, and there is no other purpose.

But you must know your truth before you can love yourself, return to yourself, and wake up. Therefore, these hypnotic messages can only help you wake up by letting you know more about your own truth, the truth of human development, the truth of the earth, the universe and life, and your own truth.

This story tells the truth about human beings and the earth. Slowly through the emergence of these messages, you can understand the truth of this planet, what has happened to mankind, and why the world has become like this.

Closer to the past of this period, what happened to the human beings on the earth, the gods and aliens you thought at that time, would make your world a mess. Unequal social systems, racial discrimination, inter ethnic wars, as well as various unreasonable social consensus, collective identity values, etc., have blinded your current human beings to live in a very limited and painful life.

What causes these situations and developments? By understanding the truth, you can wake up from the truth; Otherwise, you just live in the illusion of being cheated. The more you know the truth, the more you can help yourself wake up faster.

Q: Thanks SC.

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