Bashar: What is Kundalini^_^

Bashar: What is Kundalini

2022-10-01 17:21

Hello Bashar, My name’s Chris.

And I am speaking with you today from Wales in the United Kingdom

The question I have is a question I’ve wanted to ask you for at least five years,

So I’m so happy to finally be getting an answer from you,

The question is what is Kundalini?

And I’d like to ask a number of sub questions as well, how relevant is it? where does it come from?

Do you have it in your civilization?

Can humans evolve without it?

Why do some people awaken it? and some people not? Etc.

I’d be so privileged to be able to ask you these questions, and answer this question for so many of your listeners as a part of our spiritual journey.

Thank you so much!

Bashar: The idea of Kundalini is simply an alignment of your own energy one hundred percent in that moment,

And it typically will shoot up the spinal column.

When all of the chakra systems in your body are aligned and vibrating in harmony,

It’s a harmonic resonant response to alignment,

Now not everyone in life has to experience that.

But the energy is always there and the potential is always there to align in that way,

to feel that surge of energy that is the moment of instant expansion and instant awareness of the fullness of your power,

the fullness of your energy, the fullness of your being,

It can be something that coincides with arising of your frequency,

The Ascension process so to speak.

But again different people do things in different ways and not everyone has to experience it as the Kundalini experience you’re referring to,

There are different ways to experience the alignment of that energy.



Spirit and Practice of the Speech Head

One aspirant One aspirant 2022-10-04 03:00 Posted on Chongqing

Q: Can you use your words to tell us what the reference head of Zen means? How to repair it? Everything has its origin. Personally, what is the origin of language? I’m not talking about the reason why human language comes into being. I mean, as far as you are concerned, as far as your experience is concerned, as far as your perception is concerned, how does language come into being?

When someone says a strange word or a normal word – you hear it, it becomes your words.

How did those words come into being with you? If those words will lead you into a group of words, more words, this is a common practice; If those who take you to identify the sky of self nature know its true situation, this is the reference. ��One of its design purposes is to separate language from language and to understand the self nature ontology in terms of language.

The life of ordinary people is confused by words, happy in words, distressed in words, born by words, and died by words. Can you be free from words? People are more than words, and the heart is more than words. Can you understand this?

To understand it and experience it is to refer to the beginning. Don’t knock your heart to death on words, just as people don’t knock themselves to death on a pillar. If it is dead, it is a pillar; if it is alive, it is a tree.

Your heart should not die on a pillar, but live beside a tree. Any words, no matter what, are meant to revive your heart, not to hang it. If your heart lives on it and gets better and better, it is a penetrating story. If your heart is dead on it, and it is more and more narrow and lifeless because of it, it is participated in by the speaker – dominated by the speaker. I want to be free from words, and try my best to be free from words.

This is the reference. If you are trapped by words and die on words, you are involved and dominated by words. People are more than words, and the heart is more than words. Return to your supreme position.

There is no secret in the beginning of the speech. If you can look at things apart from their names, and understand their hearts beyond words, you have got its secret.

The reference head is the reference heart, the reference head is the reference truth, and the reference head is the reference reality. If you can see the heart, see the reality, see the truth, the conversation has become your guide, your guidance, your Bodhisattva. At that time, congratulations. You have received the spirit and benefits of the speech.


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