Do you have a opinion of Higher self^_^

Do you have a opinion of Higher self

Lao Tzu, Buddha, Avalokitesvara, Jesus, the ninth dimensional star people, archangels and Ascended Masters, the beings of light, the higher dimensional beings, are related to you and are collectively called the higher self

It is the first step to call higher self names every day without interrupting distractions for a moment, so as to prevent distractions from growing. Then, it has the ability to observe distractions. As soon as it comes out, it will be replaced with higher self names immediately. It will not eliminate distractions, but let the mind only think about higher self. If there are distractions, it only means a little, not thinking about higher self. Thus, it completes the first step of connecting with higher self: always thinking, Becomes the degree that you don’t forget about it even when you meditate every day

Next, in order to let the higher self live in peace, it is necessary to act according to the guidance of the higher self. You can make mistakes, but there is one thing. Keep the higher self in mind all the time. Therefore, the heart wheel, the third eye and the brain will be launched together to help you live the life taught by the higher self. This is the second step. Listen to the words of the higher self and improve the balance ability in life. Because you may exert too much force or not enough force, you need to go your own way in letting go, Together with people around you, you are free, and everyone is also free, by letting go and accepting

The third step is to constantly learn the difference and identification between the ego and the higher self in the practice and practice of receiving the teaching of the higher self, and constantly give the ego the necessary nourishment, feeding, exercise and care of the inner child and the outer body, and constantly cooperate in the process of softening and walking to complete the DNA upgrading and intelligent transition, which is the necessary transformation process of the body needed by the higher self, that is, the ego body and the higher intelligence can be stabilized, You need to live longer, so always let yourself be clear, awake and self-centered in intuition and unconditional, unity. This is the third step to become a higher self, with boundaries that transcend human emotions and are constantly free from religion, belief, survival, sex and free will

Next, you will go online as the higher self, eat, drink, sit and lie, act and speak, the higher self is everywhere, the unity of the lower self and the higher self, and the source energy exists

Health care: high vibration diet and high vibration growth environment, such as mineral water, fresh vegetables, melons, fruits and nuts. The transition is from plain oil and butter, from wheaten food, from eggs, from mineral salt and sea salt, and sugar is supplemented by bananas or sweet food occasionally. The main idea is to gradually eat less, try not to eat dinner, and try not to eat more snacks and nuts until the completion of the supplement before dinner. Try not to eat more before bed, step by step, and learn more from experience

Then try to eat only one meal and supplement the daily needs with fruits and nuts, but do not exclude the supplementary food you want to eat occasionally

Environment: Get closer to nature, pay attention to the natural healing of the body, pay attention to barefoot and river water immersion, challenge winter clothes when confident, to awaken the self healing ability of DNA to the thymus

Strengthen thought: share higher self transmission, and try to summarize and share

“You awakened people should serve a very important goal on the earth. You should light up the road, set an example, guide, and open the door for those who are not open enough. You can do this. You are doing this. More than ever, you need to be signposts and messengers of light, and become people who recognize that you are one on the earth. There is no reason to split, or even not The reason felt split. It is time to show your fellow human beings what is possible. You can achieve this by sharing your stories, sharing your talents, making a leap of faith and doing what you have always wanted to do. “


You Awakened Ones have a very important goal to serve on Earth.

Even if someone around you doesn’t understand you and don’t understand why you are interested in these things, you can still be yourself, and you will follow your inner guidance no matter what. It is only a matter of time, and now is the right time.

You don’t need to hesitate for a moment in the process of pursuing your ideal reality, but you really need to go beyond your belief. You need to realize that consciousness is expanding, people are awakening, and you are part of it. You are here to help. You always know how to do it and how to be your true self in your heart.

To be the healer, coach, guide, and guide you know, you don’t need to wait for permission or invitations from others. When you follow your heart, you follow your inner guidance. You live in your truth, with your soul’s purpose and source.

Everything you provide is valuable. Every moment you spend on the earth is to provide services, but you must remain faithful to yourself to create the reality around you. In order to build a bridge to the new world, you must live your truth as far as possible, and live your truth as far as possible without any apology.

You Awakened Ones have a very important goal to serve on Earth. Where you are, you should light the way, lead by example, guide, and open the door for those who are not open enough. You can do this. You are doing this. More than ever, you need to become signposts and messengers of light. You need to become people who recognize that you are one on the earth. There is no reason to split, or even to feel split. It is time to show your fellow human beings what is possible. You can achieve this by sharing your stories, sharing your talents, and making a leap of faith and doing what you have always wanted to do.

hello everyone! We are the Arcturus People Council. It’s my pleasure to contact you.

We are listening to all your requests. We know that you not only want to see changes in the world, but also that many of you want to be part of these changes. You are changers. You are the people who question everything and look forward to the new world, where everyone lives in peace and harmony. This is definitely the world you want to live in. Some people have experienced the world through their mind, body, emotions and energy fields. They are not escaping from the real world. They are building a bridge for the new world they are creating with their body, energy and soul.

Original address:∞the -9d-arcturian-council/


What matters is not your language, but the vibration you send out. You can send out such a strong vibration as long as you close your eyes and breathe deeply.

When you experience these things, you certainly want to share them with others. It’s good that you want to spread them. This is one of the ways you are serving humanity. Some people want to know how you do it, especially when few people listen to you.

As long as you are willing to send out so much energy of light, love and vibration, you can do so, and we see that you have done it. Whether you realize it or not, those who are awakening are having the impact you want.

When you focus on light, on the goodness within humanity, you become the activator of grounding. You become the one who activates others, whether you know it or not. So don’t worry about what you should do or miss your mission, because you are there. You are anchoring in the energy that we and other beings have given you, and you are spreading it.

Now, feel your influence. The best way to have such influence is to follow your internal guidance. Your intuition will always make you appear in the right place and in front of the right people at the right time. These people will not only benefit from what you provide, but also be grateful for it. They will express their gratitude to you, and you will feel energetic again. You will rededicate yourself to helping human beings improve their consciousness and help them to ascend to the next level of life we call the fifth dimension.

We must make many decisions at any time. It can be said that this is one of the things that keep us busy, even though we have no body. We often have to choose between different light beams, different energy packages and different pieces of information, and we can always do well. When we provide assistance, we can always get more assistance, which makes us happy to go this way.

We are on the road of service and ascension, and it is precisely for this reason that those who are attracted by us are attracted. We are very much like you. For those of us who are in a higher dimension and non physical form, you are the ground crew in physical form. The things we send to you are full of vitality and passion. We see that we share these information so openly and freely. The light, energy and love are accepted by more and more people every day.

We are the Council of Arcturus, and we are pleased to communicate with you.

Remarks: Activators, a molecular biological term, are all substances that can improve the enzyme activity. Adding activators to the enzyme catalyzed reaction system can increase the reaction rate.


The next time you feel the burden of the world on your shoulders, think about how much help you have received.
The next time you are worried about the person you love, think about the help your loved one has received. Some of us may laugh at our words. We and other beings have been responding to those prayers and calls for help, but you can’t see it. You look around at the reality and wonder where it is.

But please listen to us, you need to slow down and relax, so that you can open your heart to accept, so that you can put yourself in a higher state of vibration. Feel the presence of your guide, listen to the intuitive impact you want to enjoy, do something just to feel happy, and then see how everything you ask for can easily become a part of your experience.

We are the Council of Arcturus, and we are pleased to communicate with you.

This is a collective effort, and the work of some beings is to appease you and give you a reason to feel good. Take your soul guide for example. They try their best to let you watch the sunset or be with the people you love. They are trying their best to keep you away from despair and let you receive all the high vibration energies that are responding to those who pray and ask for help.

We also hope that you will feel sympathy from the higher realms, because it is great. We all heard your cries and prayers, which gave us the opportunity to feel sympathy and love that we could not feel in other ways. So we thank mankind and hope you know that the help you ask for is on the way. Your prayers to heaven have been answered. Our request to you is to let go of your problems, your fears and worries, let yourself be in high vibration for a long time, and accept what is coming and has been sent.

We have set a high standard for mankind, because we have a high evaluation of you. Everything you face and feel in your life has left a deep impression on us. What impresses us most is that you are still on such a difficult earth. We want you to know that we are not the only people who have high respect for you. We have been discussing human beings with other high-frequency beings and collectively. Our consensus is that you should be respected after enduring such harsh reality.


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