Defender 5 of the Blue Planet (Earth) – The Trick of the Evil Reptiliansand Soul Twin

Defender 5 of the Blue Planet (Earth) – The Trick of the Evil Reptilians and Soul Twin

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Past life hypnosis:

  • Date: 2022.03
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10、 The plan of the evil creeper

Q: What do you see?

A: The same owl indoor space, but today it looks like a relatively warm study. The owl stands on the desk with a round window behind it. The layout and furnishings of this space can be changed according to the owl’s mood, so it is not necessarily the same every time we come in.
It said to me, “Go ahead.”

I looked at its eyes, and its eyes gradually became light blue, and began to appear whirlpool. I felt like my consciousness was sucked into the vortex and entered another space-time.

Q: Where have you been this time?

A: The same night, I still stood outside the forest.

On the left is the same tall tree as me. The owl is still standing on the trunk. I’m talking to the owl.

Q: Then what?

A: There are three disk shaped aircraft flying in the sky in front of me. They are shiny, iron gray and large in area. They fly to the sky in front of me.

There is a vast grassland in front of me. Three disk shaped aircraft slowly approach the ground, and the bottom emits light. It is a kind of semi physical aircraft, which can be invisible at any time, but it is not invisible now.

The bottom of the disc is like opening an entrance, from which a beam of light shines down to the grass below. So now there are three beams of light shining down on the grassland, connecting the three disk shaped aircraft. These three beams of light should be channels.

Q: What happens next?

A: There are many… many… things coming down from the three channels. They are all standing on the grassland. They are some distance from me, but not too far.

The owl said, “Here they are.” I said, “I know, I’m ready.”

Q: Who are they?

A: Let me have a look… There are many people coming down. They look different from me. They are also humanoid, but their faces look like lizards or snakes. They are of a different race from us.

They wear metal colored tights, and their heads look like the faces of lizards or snakes, and the faces of reptiles. They have their looks. In the universe, I can’t say they are ugly, but I personally think they are ugly.

Their skin has a variety of colors, some of which are purple, purple blue and green. For example, the skin of snakes has scales and a light luster, showing different colors, such as light purple, light red, fluorescent yellow and yellow green.

They are shorter than me, about two-thirds or half of my height. They are reptiles. Many men and women, all wearing tight clothes and no hair, are standing on the grass in front of me.

Q: What are they? How do you address them?

A: We all call them the evil creepers. They are some kind of extraterrestrial life that came to this planet recently.

Q: Then what?

A: One of them is tall and should be their leader, male. He came to me. They are strong, though not as tall as me. He has a tail. In their race, men have tails, while women have no tails. The tail in front of me looks very strong.

The skin color of the one who came forward was gray, but the scales were bright. His head was a little purple, and his eyes looked like the eyes of a lizard. I thought his eyes looked very evil and indecent, which was only male.

He walked to a place not far away from me and put on a friendly look.

He called me a respected lady. He came to greet me on behalf of their ethnic group. He said that they had visited many of the Protoss in our area, and they knew that I was very powerful, so it also came to visit me and wanted to cooperate with us.

I listened to him with cold and serious expression, and my heart was very disapproval. Anyway, he just said a lot of high sounding words. He said that he can help us improve human genes together, we can cooperate with each other, and they can help us adjust the human race’s genes to be more perfect and more suitable for living on the earth.

They also said that they are very experienced in genetic engineering. They have helped many planets outside the Milky Way to create material races. They have rich experience in genetic engineering and creating planetary material vehicles.
Moreover, they are very interested in the earth and have observed the earth for a long time. They also found that our work seems to have reached a bottleneck. They hope to cooperate with us, which is also a good experience for them. Because they have been to many galaxies in the universe and have many experiences in creating planetary vehicles, they can help us break through the bottleneck.

I want to hear that you are farting. We have done a good job. There is no bottleneck, and we don’t need your help. Nobody knows what you want to do.

They are malicious and have their own purposes. His eyes are obscene, evil and full of desire for power.

Our other partners know and are very clear about their ambitions and other purposes. Oh… I don’t think so.

Q: Then what?

A: I asked him, “Are you responsible for the recent reduction of human genes living in cities?”

Then he began to gabble a lot of nonsense, “Oh, this is a very challenging experiment, and it has also been agreed and recognized by your other partners, so we worked with them to try an experiment that is very creative and bold, but very substantive and helpful.”
I thought in my heart that he was talking nonsense again. I couldn’t stand it, but I still listened to him with a poker face. He continued to explain to me what contributions they have made to mankind and what adjustments they have made to make human vehicles more adaptable to the environment of the earth. Moreover, they also help human beings to implant the ability to compete with the beasts on the earth.

I told him: “The human vehicles we created and adjusted are for the peaceful coexistence of human beings with all the creatures on the earth, not for teaching humans to fight or hunt with other creatures. Your adjustment is totally contrary to our original plan. You are just helping us, and it does not help our work at all.”

Q: The human race you created can’t eat meat? No meat?

A: Our human beings hardly need to eat. They can survive by eating some fruits and drinking some water. They mainly absorb a certain kind of energy from the earth to survive. Of course, they do not need to eat meat, and they will not have any idea of killing.
I told him: “You are lowering the quality of our human beings. Your experiments are not needed by this planet, nor by these souls. I will not agree with what you have done. Although some of my peers agree, your practices are not the kind of people and the way of life we want to create on this planet.”

His expression was full of flattery and he said: “Madam, you totally misunderstood our purpose. This is a great experiment,….” Then he began to explain a lot.

Alas, I think it’s enough. I really don’t want to listen to his nonsense anymore. I interrupted him and told him, “I won’t cooperate with you. I don’t agree with the way my other partners cooperate with you. I will never cooperate with you.”

Q: Then what?

A: His eyes are full of evil and stinky desire, which makes me feel sick and uncomfortable.

Q: Does the owl standing next to you mean anything?

A: The owl does not speak. Why does it respond to them? Owl is a very high-level existence, and there is no need to say more to this low-level race.

Q: What happens next? You said you wouldn’t cooperate with them, and then what?

A: I said to the head of the crawling Zerg, “My other companions will not agree with you, nor will I agree to cooperate with you.”

He then said, “Madam, your decision is a pity…”

Then he stressed to me that because these two different human races can never coexist on the earth’s surface, and most of all the extraterrestrial races (which have been engaged in genetic transformation for tens of thousands of years, namely, the “Protoss” that humans call us gods) that originally engaged in genetic transformation on this planet have agreed to cooperate with them to carry out another better version of human genetic transformation plan. If I have been stubborn, it may not be the best choice.

Q: You say the whole planet’s protoss cooperate with this reptile?

A: Yes, the protoss in our region, as well as the protoss in other regions on the whole planet, almost all the extraterrestrial life who came to this planet to conduct human genetic transformation experiments have some people agreed to cooperate with them.

Although it is due to the energy changes of the planetary movement, they (fallen protoss) also bow to their own desires. They can’t all blame the change of energy, so they agree to cooperate with these creepers.

This is their own weakness that cannot overcome their surrender to desire. They must take responsibility for their own choices one day.

Q: Then what?

A: Can I say they are ugly? I think they are really ugly.

In fact, in the universe, we will not criticize the appearance of other species, because there is no beauty or ugliness. There are many species in the universe. There is no difference between beauty and ugliness, but I just think they are ugly.

They are evil creepers from other galaxies outside the Milky Way. They are not the crawling Zerg in the Milky Way, but the race from the other side of the distant universe.

Q: You and most of your fellow protoss in other regions have agreed to cooperate with them, and then what?

A: I said to him, “You just want to create human beings and become your slaves. You do not help these souls, nor do you help human beings evolve and grow.”

He replied, “Madam, you misunderstood that this is a great experiment. We have carried out many such great experiments in the universe. You don’t know how far this great experiment can take souls…”

I want to hear what you’re talking about. How far did you go? No matter how far you go, the essence of the soul will not change. What kind of game do you want to play? I don’t know.

Although I didn’t want to listen to his nonsense, I still listened to him without expression. I retorted, “You are just enslaving human beings. Don’t talk nonsense about what a great experiment it is?”

He looked obsequious and said, “Madam, you really misunderstood us…” At the beginning, Balabala said a lot more. I didn’t want to hear him say more. I interrupted him and asked him to focus, “What are you coming here today to tell me?”

Q: Yeah, what the hell is he looking for?

A: He said that most of my companions agreed that they would settle in the human garden we guarded, which is located in the forest behind me.

He said that my fellow protoss (the fallen side) agreed to let them enter the garden behind me to help us adjust the human genes in the garden.

I told him, “What are you talking about? I will never let you in. Here are the human seeds we protect, and they continue to grow according to the plan passed down by our ancestors. We will not cooperate with you. We will never agree with the way you adjust your genes, and I will never let you in.”

He retorted, “Human beings are not your property. Most of your companions agree with us.”

I warned him very seriously and said: “So what? We don’t agree. Get out of here. I won’t let you in. Don’t try to pollute the human beings in our place. Otherwise, this sword in my hand will not be polite to you.”

Then I drove them away. Because of my great power, I can connect with powerful thunder, electricity and light like power, so they are still afraid of me. Therefore, my other companions let me come to guard the entrance of the garden alone to stop their evil intentions.

Q: Then what?

A: They are lizard skin with various bright colors, which can be seen from both men and women. Anyway, we just can’t agree.

I have heard these words from my fallen companions. I always break up with them in a bad way, and they can’t help me. In fact, we are evenly matched. Although my strength is a little stronger, I cannot suppress other companions and force them to listen to me.

Finally, the leader of the evil crawling Zerg said to me, “Madam, I’m sorry that this meeting can’t reach a consensus.”

I replied: “We will never agree with your plan, and we will never agree with your trick of trying to deceive people, enslave people and enslave souls.”

He replied, “Madam, I’m sorry that you misunderstood our good and great plan, and I’m sorry that we couldn’t reach a consensus. However, I believe this will not be the last time we meet. I hope we can be more open and have a good discussion at that time, and find out the consensus that we are satisfied with.”

After saying that, he saluted me with a very sorry look, then turned around and left, and returned to the ranks of hundreds of extraterrestrial life reptiles on the grass.

I will consolidate my energy and face them face to face. I feel that they also explored the power gap between us in terms of energy. After measuring, they knew there was no chance of winning, and then they returned to their disk shaped aircraft one by one along the beam.

Then, the three aircraft immediately disappeared into the night sky.

Q: What are the benefits for these reptiles to do such genetic tests? What can they get?

A: I’d better ask owls about the universe.

I asked the owl, “Why do these reptiles do such genetic transformation experiments? Where do they come from? What kind of reptiles are they? What’s the good for them?”
The owl was silent for a moment, looking at the distant stars, and I looked at the distant stars. He sighed, turned his eyes to me and said:

“When creating this universe, there are two forces. In order to form gravity and matter, it is necessary to generate two forces to check and balance each other to maintain the stability of the universe.

In the stability under the mutual check and balance of the two forces, when the soul enters the universe and begins to experience the journey of the universe, under the traction of another kind of heavy force, a group of souls will be attracted and produce an unbalanced state of mind. In this unbalanced state of mind, they are more attracted by a desire, and then closer to this heavy energy.

They have a strong desire to become the most powerful in the universe. So he began to want to control other souls and make himself the top one. Because they are trapped in an individual desire to become the strongest and highest.

Because of this, they let their hearts move closer to the direction of heavy energy, and let their souls become heavier and heavier and forget the source. The source light in their hearts seems to be extinguished, but in fact it will not be extinguished. Just because they are too heavy, they feed their selfish desires and cover up the light of their source.

In this universe with gravity, if souls come in to experience and their will is not strong enough, they will be attracted by the energy of the other side, which is also a unique experience that this universe can provide.

This reptile race is the soul state formed by this energy, and they will have the idea of enslaving other souls. And they try to expand their sphere of influence as their capabilities permit. So during this long cosmic journey, they came to this planet, and they also wanted to enter this planet to try to satisfy their desire to control other species. “

Q: Why can they come to the earth? Did they get the approval of the Galactic Council?

A: I asked the owl: “Our ancestors could enter this planet only with the consent of the Galactic Council, so have these reptiles been approved by the Galactic Council?”

The owl said, “They belong to the marginal race of the universe and will not obey the Galactic Council or any galactic council at all.”

I asked again: “Do they now act recklessly on this planet, destroying our transformation plan, and the Galactic Council will not care?”

The owl replied to me: “Because of the operation of the whole planet, this planet is currently the farthest from the center of the Milky Way, entering the cold winter of connecting the source energy. Therefore, during this cold winter, our marginal zone has become a zone of neglect.

This is because if the energy returns to the direct sunlight near the central sun of the Milky Way galaxy, the energy heavy groups such as this reptile can not survive in this area or this planet. They can’t stay, they have to leave.

Only when our planet enters the cold winter of the central sun of the Milky Way, can they come over. When the planet returns to the orbit that the central sun shines on, the planet can receive more light from the source, and they will naturally leave.

During this period, the whole universe believed that this could also allow the souls of this region to have another experience, and the universe would not stop it. In the view of the whole universe, this situation is not good or bad, but because of the unique experience that the two energies of the universe can get by balancing each other. “

Q: Then what?

A: Then I asked the owl: “However, I and my other companions can never agree with their approach. With their way of transforming human vehicles, as well as the social form and lifestyle they created, they began to let humans compete with wild animals, hunt, drink blood and hair, and become more and more brutal, competitive and violent.

They are actually controlling these souls and enslaving these humans. Such a human vehicle and material life style can never repair the soul in it, and we will never agree to this practice.

Well, this planet has now become a “no matter what” zone, and we must be self reliant. What should we do? What should we do to be right? How to do it better? “

Q: What did the owl say?
A: The owl comforted me and said, “In the 30000 years, this cold winter is about 30000 years. This planet will enter an unlimited experimental period, and we still have a lot to do. It doesn’t matter, you don’t need to agree with them. During this period, we still have a lot to do.”

I continued to ask, “What should I do then?” Because these two different human races are bound to be unable to live on this surface at the same time.

Therefore, during this period, my other companions and I will take turns to guard here and stay outside the garden where we protect this group of human beings, so as to prevent other depraved protoss or evil reptiles from touching our human seeds.

Q: Why do you call the place where you protect human beings to live “garden”?

A: We call it “garden” because it is the beautiful nature garden nurtured by this planet. While human beings live in it, they can integrate with the overall natural environment and live a life of balance, harmony and joy.

And through such a life, slowly repair the souls that reside in these human vehicles. This can be said to be the garden where we cultivate human seeds, so we call it “garden”.

The area of this garden is very large. We set an energy boundary outside the garden, which is separated from other areas of the city to make it impossible for both sides to contact each other. Because we can’t let our human seeds be polluted. Those fallen protoss and reptiles are eyeing each other. Alas, we both know that the two sides need a war eventually.

I told Owl what I thought, “It seems that war cannot be avoided at that time.”

The owl said, “Well, let’s wait and see what changes will happen next. Just hold on to these 30000 years. Human beings will get better and better. We just need to hold on to these 30000 years. Maybe there will be some changes, but our original plan can continue. It doesn’t matter. We just hold on to these 30000 years.”

Q: Owl, how did the protoss or reptiles at that time transform human genes? Why do they seem to be able to do this simply?

A: This is not a difficult thing. Just because you humans are limited too much ability, you would think that genetic transformation can only be performed in the laboratory by intelligent scientists. No, it is actually a mental and energy operation. Of course, some instruments and steps must be coordinated, but it is mainly a mental way of gene adjustment.

Q: Then what?

A: I stared at the night sky ahead with owls, and the stars were shining. We know that we are going to face 30000 years of self-reliance and struggle alone. We still have to stick to the original purpose of coming to this planet and continue what we can do.

Thirty thousand years, nearly thirty thousand years, is now the initial stage. Maybe there will be some changes in the middle process, but our goals have not changed, and we can continue to move towards our goals.

The owl said, “We will not be helpless all the time. At the right time, our friends in the distant stars will come to help us. But most of the time, we must stick to our posts and keep our original intention. There will be no lack of foreign help.”

I turned to the owl and looked at it and said, “OK, I understand. I just felt a little sad. Our strength is still great, and we can still do a lot of things. And this planet will cooperate with us. The Blue Planet (Earth) has not forgotten its original intention to accept these souls here to recuperate. I know that the Blue Planet is also powerful, and it will help us to take care of these souls together.”

The owl then reminded: “We can’t lose confidence, we can’t lose confidence, don’t be disappointed. We just do our best to do what we can during this period.”

We looked at the sky together. At this time, the sky gradually brightened and turned into a bright morning.

11、 Soul twins

Q: What happens next?

A: In front of me, there appeared a friend of mine. He was a male, wearing silver armor, and looked like me.

Q: Who is he?

A: My companion, he also does not agree with the Protoss who degenerate human genes. He also joined me in meditation for 300 years. We stayed in the same residence for 300 years. Recently, we woke up together and returned to the world.

Q: What kind of relationship do you have?

A: We are not a husband and wife relationship, which is different from what you think now. We are a partnership, and our relationship is eternal.

He looks very similar to me. We are like twins, but not brother and sister, but what is the relationship… I don’t know now. He also has silver hair, tied up in a low ponytail and hanging behind his back.

Q: Then what?

A: He came to pick me up. I told him about the Zerg who had just climbed here. He nodded and said, “Well, they will come to us sooner or later.” In the daytime, I found that owls are white, and their fur is white.

The two of us chatted with the owl, and my partner then told me:

“Don’t worry, we and other sober partners work together to minimize the possible damage. In our work area, we still have a group of partners who can cooperate with each other; in other work areas of the blue planet, not every worker in the genetic modification program is doomed, so we still have a group of partners who can cooperate with each other to maintain the purpose of the work we undertake.”

After saying goodbye to the owl, he took my hand, and we moved back to our place in an instant. We sit together in the residence, enter a state of fusion energy, and also meditate, which is a bit like resting, and also replenish energy together.

Then my soul energy and his soul energy will merge like a light ball. We will sit together and let the soul energy merge, and our soul energy will merge into an energy ball. The light energy will blend into a complete light ball and surround us, so that we can get deep peace and energy supplement.

Q: What does your residence look like? Do you have furniture?

A: It is a kind of energy space with some furniture. But… it’s not clear now

Q: You said that your Protoss have their own living space, which is not on the surface. What kind of space is it?

A: The frequency here is higher than that of the surface world. The frequency here is fine and large. This area is considered as the living space of our Protoss, but each has its own residence.

There are also some friends who are familiar and close to me near my residence. Other degenerate friends who are not suitable live far away from us, but they are still in this space.

We are comfortable to live here. It is light and has fine energy. We are more comfortable in such a space. Relatively speaking, the energy of the surface world is heavy.

We also have bodies, but the frequency of our bodies is finer than that of human beings, so we can live in the space with higher frequency on this planet.

Q: How do you produce the next generation?

A: We also give birth to the next generation through the combination of men and women, but we are the combination of energy. Our bodies do not need to pass through the combination of sperm and eggs to produce genetic inheritance to give birth to the next generation.

Through the fusion of energy, we split up a protoss body like ours. Differentiation means that it is more like a cell dividing into a body.

If the soul wants to be born in our group, we will discuss with each other. With the consent of both parties, the two people will combine to split a suitable body and let the soul enter.

Therefore, we also have parents, but the relationship between us is very different from your current human. And do we have brothers and sisters? We will not emphasize this relationship so much, because we are through mutual consent between souls. When we want to come to this group, we will need a body of this group. With the consent of a couple of men and women in this group, they will combine, and then split a body to let the soul enter.

So I said that my partner and I are twins, because we came here together as souls. Our bodies are split by the same parents, and our twins are different from your human brothers and sisters.

Because we create the next generation through cell division, after birth, we can naturally grow and thrive without special care from parents or other elderly people, so we do not have very close relationships with your human parents, brothers and sisters or relatives.

We are young after birth, but there is no vulnerable period when babies need to be taken care of. After birth, we can directly communicate, walk and explore the world by ourselves. In addition, we don’t need to eat, so we don’t need the care of the elderly.

Our body is not as dense as human body, although we also need to be born through the combination of men and women. However, after birth, we are all independent individuals, and we will not have the relationship between up and down, age and young. Therefore, there is no incest between our close relatives who cannot intermarry or the next generation with genetic defects. Because we generate the next generation by cell division, we will not have the problem of genetic variation.
Although my partner and I are twins, our integration is the integration of soul and soul Your modern human mode of production should be after… a state of change and control. I have no information yet. Maybe it will become clearer if the story continues.

Therefore, the relationship between our next generation and each other, as well as the relationship and interaction between groups, are far different from your current human beings. Don’t think about us with the current human ideas, or you will not understand.

Q: OK, does your partner have anything to tell you?

A: When we blend together, we will know everything about each other, needless to say.

Q: OK. Is there anything else?

A: No, that’s the case today.


Q: Why did you let her see today?

SC: Continue to let you know the previous story.

Q: How long has it been since the cold winter of 30000 years far away from the central sun of the Milky Way Galaxy?

SC: It’s almost over.

Q: So is the so-called Mayan calendar “the end of a big cycle in 2012” related to the 30000 years?

SC: There is no direct relationship. Different algorithms have different basic calculation methods, but the time is very similar. There is nothing wrong with this understanding.

Q: Why do some “Protoss” agree to cooperate with the Creepers?

SC: Because they also fall into their own desires, their own selfish desires, and their desire to feel superior, to be worshipped, and to control the rights of a group of people, they have such selfish desires. However, for another group of Protoss, there was no such desire to be satisfied. Therefore, one party chooses to cooperate, while the other party does not agree to cooperate.

Q: What does it mean to say that the Protoss are the next generation by cell division?

SC: In this universe, there are various forms and continuation ways of life. It is not just a way for you to know on the earth now. It can be said that you understand the production mode of copying people.

Q: Why do we now human beings have to be born through the fertilized eggs of male and female union?

SC: As I said just now, let the following stories emerge slowly, and you will be more and more clear. Why do you people look like this now? Why is the human mind applied in the way it is now? Why do your society have so many misunderstandings and distortions about “sex” and “sexual behavior”? These will be answered in the following messages. Slowly, as the story goes on, you will understand more and more.

Q: Must a soul enter a vehicle to experience the material world?

SC: Because the soul is not matter, the soul is consciousness, and the soul is light. If the soul does not use a material vehicle as a medium, how can it experience everything in the material world? No, because the soul is not material.

Q: Why do those injured souls have to be reincarnated into human bodies to repair souls? Can’t the soul live on the earth directly for repair? Must we reincarnate into a human vehicle?

SC: They come to the earth to recuperate. Because these souls forget that they come from the Source, they will not return to the Source. Because they can’t go back to the source, their souls can’t find their way back, and they can’t leave this universe, so they have to find a suitable planet in this universe and place them on this planet for rest.

The planet we found at the beginning was the earth, because the earth consciousness agreed to help these souls, the earth was willing to take care of them, and the natural environment of the earth was also suitable for these souls to stay here for rest.

Because you have been injured on the soul level, you cannot repair it directly on the soul level. With the consent and help of the earth, let them reincarnate into a material carrier nourished by the earth, experience the material natural environment of the earth through the connection with the earth, and slowly repair their souls.

It is mainly to integrate with the light of the earth, because the earth consciousness also comes from the source, and the earth also connects and emits the light of the source. Therefore, these souls enter the material carrier nourished by the earth, and also repair their souls through the light of the source, so that they can remember the way back to the source.

Q: Why do Earth’s human vehicles need to be modified by these aliens for a long time?

SC: Because the last big disaster, which was a natural disaster, led to the overall degradation of the earth’s species. However, we will not talk about that incident here.

Q: When was that disaster? What event?

SC: Even the last collapse of the earth civilization can be said to be the destruction of the Atlantean civilization as you call it in some messages.

After the destruction of this civilization, it took a long time for this group of alien species to be allowed to enter the Earth, helping to improve the Earth’s indigenous species, which had been seriously degraded at that time.

At that time, the earth was divided into many regions, and the alien race assigned to different planets was responsible. They use the same basic native race of the earth, plus the genes of different alien races in different regions, to gradually merge into the ethnic humans you see today who have the same genetic basis, but have different skin color, hair, eyes or looks.

It doesn’t matter. If you continue this story slowly, you will know more and more about the true history of human development on earth.

Q: Is there anything else to remind her?

SC: Continue to improve your mind. The illusion and belief that need to be cleared will continue to be cleared. The part that needs to be lifted will continue to be lifted. With your promotion, the story will become clearer. If you do not follow the ascension, the follow-up information will not come out. Continue to purify yourself and improve your mind.

Q: Thanks SC.

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