There is no tomorrow, only the present^_^

There is no tomorrow, only the present^_^

Ruohe Purple Stars 2022-10-13 13:15 Posted on Yunnan

The so-called tomorrow, the future, is just a lie. This, like death, is a lie rooted in the human brain. Maybe you can travel on the timeline, it looks like there is a future. But think carefully, if you really see your future, can it be regarded as the future.

Your actions and choices now will lead to everything in the future. Not because it is really in the future, but because you have access to different frequency realities, like switching to different TV channels.

Each channel is playing its own program, which channel you choose will have what kind of reality and experience. Don’t think that others or other mysterious forces are controlling you. If there is, the mysterious force is yourself.

It is you who hold the remote control. It is you who switch channels and experience different realities. You control the initiative, control, choice and decision, not anyone else. There are countless frequencies, there are countless TV channels, corresponding to countless realities.

Every time you focus, every current choice, will lead to a different picture. It has been said many times that the earth is a holographic projection, and what you want is up to you.

If you can make a firm choice and adjust your channel, instead of looking around and wandering around, you can be stable in the reality of your choice without being disturbed by other frequencies and other people’s realistic pictures.

It is important to understand that everyone has a remote control to escape from suffering and pain. It is also necessary for everyone to make their own choices and decisions. You can provide reference as an example of living up to the reality you want. Those who want to follow, those who want to live in freedom, will make their own choices.

Don’t force anyone to follow, because every soul has its own plan. Don’t interfere forcefully without knowing others’ plans. Respect everyone’s path and choice, and do not worry or worry about them.

Do yourself well, stick to your own choice, live in the reality you want, and align with your own matching frequency, which is the most important. Even if the fruits on the same tree mature at different times.
However, all fruits that choose to mature will mature, while those that do not want to mature will fall off from the tree before they mature. All of you are the fruits of the tree of life on the earth. Whether and when you are mature are determined by each fruit, that is, your own soul.

If I think of it this way, I will feel relaxed. Remember, even if the fruit is not ripe for the time being, the fruit that falls off the tree will have a chance to do it again.

Because time does not really exist, a moment is equal to eternity. What does it matter this time or next.

The important thing is how you choose and show what you want to show.

Thank you for reading and deep blessing!


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