Defender 8 of the Blue Planet (Earth) – painless birth mode of cell division, advanced version of the human mind state

Defender 8 of the Blue Planet (Earth) – painless birth mode of cell division, advanced version of the human mind state

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Past life hypnosis:

  • Date: 2022.03
  • Hypnotic: Q
  • Hypnosis cases: A
  • Subconscious (higher self) of hypnotized cases: SC

15、 Painless labor mode of cell division

Q: (Lead to another important day)

A: I came to the owl’s lounge and it said to me, “Let’s start.” So I watched its swirling eyes like light blue crystals, entering a more ancient era.

Q: Where have you been this time?

A: I still came to the white space of the white pyramid last time. My companion and I were still chatting with the twin souls. Didn’t you say how to produce the next generation last time?

Q: Yes, how can the perfect version of race produce the next generation?

A: It is mainly about spiritual integration, that is, spiritual and energy integration. Of course, it must also cooperate with physical integration.

Q: At that time, how did humans get pregnant and produce the next generation?

A: In this garden, a pair of twin souls grow up, communicate with each other, and create a love connection. Their body and body, mind and spirit are nourished by nature (that is, the planet). The love between them is getting deeper and deeper, and their body and mind are getting more and more balanced. Their body and mind are also mature to a certain state. When their integration with the soul is getting more and more balanced, harmonious and mature, they will recognize each other, and their souls recognize each other, generating the corresponding love connection in the deep soul.

Then, in such a state and time when the body and mind tend to mature, they can produce the next generation through the integration of the body, that is, the combination of sexual organs. Because both of them have two kinds of sexual organs, they can make choices according to their own internal desire, and see who will bear them.

However, the physical integration is not the most important, but the spiritual, spiritual and spiritual integration. They can fuse the souls of two people in the state of body fusion. At that time, a complete soul energy will be generated around their bodies. Their own soul energy will encircle the two people like an energy light ball, resulting in a complete soul fusion.

Because the fusion of souls makes them return to the state of souls, at this time they have the ability to lead souls into the material world. When their souls merge, they will attract a predestined soul (that is, a soul with the same nature). This predestined soul will ask them to enter the material world through their integration.

Then, this pair of twin souls can consider the development status of each other and their bodies, and consider whether to provide the material body to the soul who asks. With the consent of both parties, it may be this time or another appropriate time to produce material body through body fusion and provide soul to enter.

Q: Then what?

A: The corresponding two halves integrate the soul through body integration. At the same time, they can connect back to the state of complete soul, with the consent of their body and soul, and under the premise of agreement with another soul; In the state of entering the soul, lead the soul who wants to enter the material world into the material world.

And how to lead this soul into the material world?

Because it is to lead the soul into the material world, the twin souls must also enter the state of the soul, so that the corresponding two halves of the soul can merge and return to the state of complete soul. By returning to the state of the soul, it leads the soul into the material world.

Because it is to lead the soul into the material world that we need to produce the next generation through body fusion. If it is not to lead the soul, such body fusion does not need to produce the next generation. It is just a sexual act that simply feels the body fusion of love and allows the soul to fuse.

Sexual behavior is to let the soul feel the feeling of love and soul connection generated by body integration, which is the main purpose of sexual behavior. However, the sexual behavior of body fusion can also be a channel to lead the soul into the material world.

So, how does this new physical body come into being?

The twin souls who decide and agree to lead souls into the material world will enter an indoor space dedicated to production in this pyramid. This indoor space maintains a very stable energy state, which is very helpful for the production of a new body vehicle.

After the twin souls entered this special production space, they began to integrate their bodies based on the connection of love, which is a kind of integration of yin and yang energy. Yin is the energy property of tolerance.

Therefore, at the moment of body fusion of two people, positive energy (the party showing more positive energy) will enter the uterus of the negative body through the positive sexual organs, and the negative energy will provide the main fusion environment to fuse with the negative energy.

At this time, the genes of the two will fuse. This kind of fusion is more at the level of energy connection, through the fusion of yin and yang energy, and then the body carrier showing the more negative side splits a new body from the position of the umbilical wheel by cell division.

The split new body presents a baby state, wrapped in an energy light ball. Next, we will put the newborn baby in an energy chamber specially designed to take care of the newborn baby. This kind of energy chamber is like a sphere, filled with earth energy that nourishes human flesh.

As I said before, people in our garden don’t need to eat, they can live by absorbing a kind of earth energy. Therefore, a baby can gradually grow and thrive by staying in such an energy chamber to absorb the earth’s energy.

Q: What is the energy light ball that encloses the baby?

A: It is the soul of the newborn. With the growth of the body, the soul light ball will be more and more integrated with the body. When the soul enters a body vehicle, the soul would have enveloped the body.

You modern humans do not know that this light ball was born with a baby, because you cannot see it. And we can see that human beings can also see at this time, because their ability of the third eye has not been turned off.

Q: Yes, and then?

A: After that, the twin souls (or the parents as you call them) will come to see the baby every day, hug him, talk to him, and then put him back into the sphere energy chamber for the baby to rest and grow.

Other humans can also come to visit and accompany these babies at any time. We also have fellow protoss who take care of these new lives.
These babies can learn to walk in about three months. It does not require a long growth period, and they grow very fast. In our opinion, it is a normal time, and it cannot be fast.

Q: The baby born is just one side of the soul, but what about the other side?

A: Usually, during the same period, the other party of the soul will also seek the birth of the same or another parent. There are many new lives born in the garden at any time, and they can grow and interact together.

Q: Don’t you need breast milk?

A: No, there is no such thing as breast milk. All babies grow up by absorbing the earth’s energy.

Q: Then what?

A: After about ten months, the baby will grow up.

After birth, these newborns will stay in the pyramids and grow up. We will take care of them. Their parents and other humans will come to see them, accompany them, play with them, communicate with them, and take them out to know nature.

After about ten months, when their body and mind have grown to a certain extent, they can leave the pyramid and enter the garden to live together with other human groups.

That’s probably the case. I don’t want to talk too much about details.

Q: So, at this time, human beings are generated through cell division. Can you say more about this part?

A: Because it is the body generated by cell division through the fusion of yin and yang energy, the genes of both parents can be completely inherited, that is, there will be no genetic variation or defect. Because it is cell division through balanced energy fusion. Moreover, if produced in this way, the genes of the next generation will continue to evolve and will be presented in the perfect version we planned.

This part involves the science of soul, which mainly lies in the fusion of energy states and then affects the fusion and evolution of genes. However, I will come to this point first, but don’t say too much, because you modern humans can’t use such knowledge, and your mode of production has been completely changed. More words, these messages have no meaning for your growth.

This mode of production needs to be matched with the growth of the soul. If your soul has not evolved to a certain balance state and degree, you cannot have children through this way, nor can you understand how to make gene fusion and adjustment from it. So I won’t say much about the details, because you can’t use them at present.

Q: OK, so the production at this time is that the body merges and then directly divides cells to produce?

A: Yes, you don’t need to be pregnant for ten months, and there is no pain when cells divide. You can divide a material body with a soul in it quietly.

Isn’t that a wonderful way? After giving birth to a child, send it directly into the energy chamber, and then parents can leave. After that, they can come to look after the child every day, and then have a dedicated Protoss to help you look after the child and take care of it. Parents don’t need to worry at all.

Q: Do humans have sperm and eggs at this time? Does cell division not require growing into a baby through a fertilized egg?

A: At this time, human beings also have female organs similar to the uterus. However, the function of the uterus is not to let the body grow. The uterus is used to receive positive energy.

The uterus of the negative side will provide negative energy in the uterus, allowing the incoming positive energy to converge here, forming the energy of yin and yang fusion, and then generating cell division from the umbilical wheel to split a newborn baby’s body.

But is there any sperm egg meeting? It can not be said that there is no, but it is in different forms. The main is the fusion of energy forms, the fusion of negative energy and positive energy. There will also be a fusion of yin and yang, very similar to the sperm and egg you know, but in a very different form.

However, because it is very different from your modern human production mode, I will not say more about the details. This also involves other knowledge about soul, energy and genes, and there is no relevant knowledge and vocabulary in the body’s brain for me to explain in detail.

Q: Sounds like the production method of cell division is the same as that of your Protoss?

A: Yes, it’s very similar to our production mode. So do we have sex organs? Yes, we also have both kinds of sexual organs.

Because the fusion of the body must occur, so that the masculine and feminine sex organs can be combined, and return to the fusion state of the soul, which can lead the soul into the material world. Let the positive material provided by the more positive body merge with the negative material provided by the more negative body to produce cell division.

Moreover, both parties must agree and be willing to promote the fusion of yin and yang energy to generate cell division and give birth to the next generation from the umbilical wheel. Therefore, the body, mind and spirit of both sides must be fully integrated, and it must be a mode of production in a sound state.

Q: You said that only with the consent of the soul can the body divide into children. So will the body that gave birth to the child or the body level of the parents know that their souls agree with this?

A: Do you know why you asked this question? Because your modern human body and mind are not integrated, most of you are still living in the mind consciousness of the ego.

The perfect version of human beings at this time is to completely integrate their body and mind, without the problem of separation of soul and mind (ego consciousness), and they will not live in the ego illusion.

They live with their body and soul together. Of course, they know in their mind consciousness that they agree to lead another soul into the material world. Through the balance and integration of body and soul, they can slowly repair the injured soul, remember who they are, and return to the high frequency state of the complete soul.

They (the perfect version of human beings) are pregnant due to conscious sexual behavior, and they will not be accidentally or forcibly pregnant like you modern people. In addition, before pregnancy, they will also know in advance who the soul is to be reincarnated.

Therefore, human beings at this time must be very clear in mind and consciousness and agree to have conscious sexual behavior to give birth to children, and you can decide when and where to give birth and which soul enters the child’s body.

This is very different from the situation of your modern people. Next, there will be more and more information to let you know what happened after that, which will lead to your modern human body and production mode becoming what they are today.


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