“We will try to teach you how to better understand, handle, overcome and transform your fears. We will show you how to better handle these fears through a short story^_^

“We will try to teach you how to better understand, handle, overcome and transform your fears. We will show you how to better handle these fears through a short story.

[Wisdom Course] Lesson 10
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[Wisdom Course] Lesson 10

“We will try to teach you how to better understand, handle, overcome and transform your fears. We will show you how to better handle these fears through a short story.

The initial fear is basically generated by your brain. Let us suppose that your mind is divided into two parts; One part produces all the light, positivity and trust; The other part produces anxiety, no matter what it is, and all kinds of fears. Each of these two parts wants to dominate the other.

The goal of your avatar this time, the goal of the work you started and are still finishing, is to light up as much as possible these parts of your brain that we will call uncivilized and self destructive fear. These fears will have a huge impact on your physical body. They may produce hormones, completely paralyze or even destroy your body.

Some of these hormones, which have been discovered by humans, are called adrenaline. These hormones produce irrational fears. The word “hormone” is actually not completely accurate, because what we say here is far beyond any analysis allowed by your evolutionary level.

We will tell the story of a young girl who lives in a small village. This young girl has everything that makes her happy, including a wonderful family that understands and supports her. She is very smart, but she is very vulnerable and extremely upset with fear. Her life is full of illusory fears. She constantly creates her insurmountable fears, which seriously hinder her life.

Her parents, despairing of being unable to comfort their daughter, told her:

“Go and meet the sage, the wise man who lives in the village. We believe he can help you.”

The little girl didn’t want to go because she was afraid that she might not express herself well enough and might say something stupid. Nevertheless, her loving parents comforted her a little and told her:

“The sage will not judge you. He will accept you as you are and help you overcome your fears.”

So the little girl went to the saint who lived on the other side of the village. She walked into a bright, completely white house and saw an elderly man sitting at a table, shining with light and love. He told her:

“Come and sit next to me.”

The young girl, shy, still full of her fears, sat next to the saint. She believed him and was comforted. Her fears miraculously disappeared, as if she had left them at the door. She felt completely free, relaxed, happy and peaceful. She told the saint, “It’s amazing; I’ve never experienced such a state of fullness. How could it be? I hope I can keep this state of fullness. Please help me, sage. How can I completely get rid of this burden, all fears, and all obstacles?”

Then the saint told her:

“My child, you should understand that these fears are created by yourself. They are thought forms with reality. From your childhood, you have created fears again and again. This fear accompanies you. They are close to you, and you nourish them. They want you to admit them, but of course in the wrong way. They want to remain active.

Let’s play a little game together. First, invite all your fears to this table, start talking to them, invite them to have a meal, ask them why they harass you, why they torture you, and why they prevent you from being happy. At first they will not answer you; They even laugh at your problems. They don’t want to die. You gave them birth. Gradually, the dialogue between you and them will occur. You will become more aware of them. You will understand the origin of these fears and how you created them.

This first lesson is enough. Go home and come back tomorrow. “

The little girl left. When she walked out of the house, all her fears came back, attacked her, bit her, tortured her, and she felt very sad again. However, since the sage asked her to come back tomorrow, she told herself that tomorrow would be better and he would help me.

At the same time, she felt relaxed and relieved. She had a good sleep and was eager to see the saint the next day. When the day came, she was excited to see him. The same miracle happened. As soon as she entered the door, all her fears disappeared. So she simply asked the saint a question:

“Why, saint, when I entered your house, all my fears disappeared?”

He replied:

“There is no space for fear, only a space for confidence, peace, love and joy. Even if you invite your fears to my home, they will not hurt you. You just need to examine them.

Now you will invite your fears again and realize that you are not afraid of them. Talk to each of them and find out how you created them. You will understand that no fear can touch you unless you want to.

With one fear after another, play with it and laugh at it. It will be so depressed that it can no longer shake you, it will quit, it will leave you; It will not take anything from you, because you will no longer allow it to take anything from your life.

So the saints and girls began to examine each fear one by one. She first chats with one of them, then chats with the other, plays with them and laughs at them. She said:

“Good heavens! How can I be so afraid of something that doesn’t exist?”

Then slowly, she began to think:

“Now I don’t think I’m afraid anymore.”

The saint told her:

“Go home and come back tomorrow.”

The little girl walked home. After a few steps, some of her fears surfaced. She told herself:

“When I am with saints, I play with them. I am not afraid at all. Why do they come back? They are less and less. Why do they come back after I send them away?”

She was much more free than the first day. She went home to sleep peacefully and still couldn’t wait to see the saint again.

The third day arrived. She knocked at the saint’s door; He walked in and saw him again. He had a wonderful smile and said:

“Now I can say that you are ready; you can invite your fears to your table as you like, and you can play with them, but they will not have any power for you, because we will go to their roots, their origins together, and in the game, we will kidnap them, take them to the complete light, and light them with God Holy Light; I will teach you how to love yourself, how to love your Fear, because it is essential. If you love your fears, they will disappear. If you are afraid that they will harass you, and you give them energy to keep them alive, then you can never get rid of them. If you love them, if you admit them, and gently talk to them while they are still, until they leave you forever, then they will lose control of you.

You must love whatever emanates from you, whether it is dark or light. Love is the only key. You see, in this house, I cultivate love, and every morning I use love to water the garden I create around me; Therefore, in this garden of love, there is only the flower of love, all forms of space of love, and fear cannot enter. That’s why when you enter this arena, your fear is thrown out the door. Learn to love all of you, learn to love the dark side of your existence, so that it will dissolve in the love of the universe.

The sage added:

“Now you can leave, and come back to me a long time later to see how things are going. Leave quietly, but the most important thing is to get the support of love. You have learned how to talk with your fears, how to identify them, and how not to fear them, so now you need to learn how to love them, because darkness is always absorbed by light, and your fears will be dissolved.

The little girl left, completely comforted. Confident, she left the house, feeling uneasy, but she calmed down immediately, and her doubts disappeared. She felt relaxed, improved, confident, and felt a love she had never realized before. She left with a song and told herself that if a new fear appeared, she would talk to it and ask:

“What do you want from me? What do you expect from me? If you want to disturb me or trouble me, you are wrong, because I love you as you are. Therefore, if you accept my love, be my partner, and turn yourself into courage, confidence and strength.”

Young girls no longer need saints; She became completely confident; She has understood all her fears. No matter what they are or where they come from (that is, fears from this life or previous lives), they will not hurt her anymore, and they will no longer have the power to control her, because she loves them.

You can turn all the dark energy within you into light. It may be hard for you to understand that you must love what you call “fear”, but this is the only way to resolve them, get rid of them, and turn them into strength and confidence.

We do not ask you to bring all your fears to your table at once. Invite them one by one; This will be easier to handle because there are no saints at your table. Invite them, talk to them loudly or whisper, try to understand them, try to love them, don’t be afraid of them, don’t be afraid of your fears.

There are also useful fears, but you don’t care about them at this time. The great fear you have to save your life, and the fear you feel in a sudden situation, are not common. You may also like this type of fear so that you can stay calm and better handle difficult situations.

Fear paralyzes you; It weakens your ability to analyze and judge. Although you sometimes tell yourself, ‘I’m trying to understand, and I’m doing a good job of analysis,’ you actually only analyze part of the fear.

You must also understand that at this moment, you are facing more and more fears, but these fears have never appeared before in the way you are experiencing.

Imagine that you are a crystal with a thousand faces; Imagine you wipe one face at a time. This is an arduous task, a delicate work, and a goldsmith’s work that requires a lot of patience and love. When you polish, transform and refine a surface, there will be more surfaces to polish and transform. It requires a lot of work and a high degree of consistency before you reach perfection.

Therefore, each of you is polishing and perfecting your own crystal at this time. Your fears will come back again and again, but you will learn how to deal with them and understand them better.

We want to ask you (and we hope this story will help you) not to be too rational, because the more rational you are, the more powerful you will be. This requires an effort to understand the process, but must also let go.

Never specify a situation, because you will give you the power of the dark side.

We call it the “dark side” rather than the “bright side”, because these two sides are necessary for experimental life and constantly overcoming your different behaviors at this time. Once you understand and stop judging, things will become smoother and easier. “


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