The state of mind of the higher version race^_^

  1. The state of mind of the higher version race

Q: OK.

A: Therefore, from another perspective, what is the development state of the human mind in the perfect version of the garden?

As far as you modern people are concerned, everyone in the garden is an enlightened person. Each of them is Jesus Christ and Buddha. They don’t need to run to the Himalayas and wear shabby clothes to enter the high frequency state of physical and mental balance.

The people in our garden are all enlightened people who have the balance of body and mind, and have the abilities that most souls have. It is not necessary for later human beings to sit in a remote mountain to practice, learn Taoism, learn Buddhism or other religions and enter a secluded house or practice asceticism to have these abilities.

The body, mind and spirit of all the advanced versions of human beings in our garden are in a state of complete integration and balance.

Q: Then what?

A: Therefore, the twin souls in front of me are very beautiful and pure human beings. One of them has a more positive appearance, and the other has a more negative appearance. They grow up very beautiful and innocent, and their bodies gradually become mature.

They are still growing up and haven’t had a baby yet. They will come regularly for us to check, and we will chat with them at the same time to understand their physical and mental state and life, and give them our care and love.

For us, the human beings in the garden are the human seeds we take care of and cultivate. We hope that they can be passed down from generation to generation in this way, so that the soul can enter the perfect body one after another, and gradually show the balance of body and mind.

In addition, let all human beings establish a balanced and harmonious community relationship in the garden, and care, help and love each other. And everyone will also meet the other half of the soul, and then recognize each other, create a love connection, and repair the souls of both sides from this love connection. Let their souls more and more tend to the frequency state of the complete soul, remember each other, and return to the integrity of the soul.

These humans live a balanced and harmonious life in the garden. You can also imagine a group of enlightened people living in the garden, which will be a very different form from your modern human life. They live not by themselves, but by their souls.

Q: Don’t people in the garden feel cold at this time? Don’t they need to wear clothes?

A: Humans with balanced body and mind have the ability to keep warm, and they will not be afraid of cold. So I say that we are a “perfect version of people”. They can adjust their body temperature by themselves, and they are not afraid of cold or heat. Don’t you have some Tibetan practitioners who can heat themselves? this is it.
At this time, our human beings will not be injured, ill, aging, or cold. They can move instantly and communicate with each other. This is the basic equipment and ability of the “perfect version of race”. Where are they now? Where did you go? Why do you all have no modern humans?

So, I’m really unhappy. Those degenerate companions and the creepers are fooling around in the city. They are all fooling around. Why do people living in cities want to farm? Why go hunting? You can live by absorbing the energy of the earth. Just eat some fruits, grains and drink some water for fun.

Why do people still need to work hard? Fighting with wild animals? Why do humans suffer? Why work hard to live? unwanted.

The “perfect version of human race” can fully adapt to climate change, because their body and mind are fully integrated, and their souls are almost completely integrated in the body, and they have the ability that most souls have.

They are energy type bodies. They can see and feel energy, and they are more able to change and use energy. Because they can use the energy of their body, that is, the energy from their soul. Because their souls are fully integrated into the body, they can use all the abilities of their souls.

The soul can protect the body and generate energy, so they will not feel cold, nor hot, nor will they get sick or injured.

If you can’t bring your soul into the body, you can’t use your soul power. Therefore, people in your future generations will often envy and worship those who have supernatural powers, psychic powers or super powers. No need. Those people just bring their soul abilities into their bodies, so their bodies can give play to the power of the soul.

These miraculous powers are the power of the soul. They are not unique, nor magical, nor can they be possessed only by Jesus or Buddha. But every soul has it. As long as you bring your soul into your body, you will have these abilities. This is the basic ability of the soul.

However, why do you have no modern humans? I’m really unhappy with those evil creepers and their fallen companions. What are they doing? What’s the point of their mess? They are fooling with human beings. What’s the significance of lowering human genes? I really don’t understand.

Q: Why do they mess with human genes like this?

A: The owl said, “Keep looking, and you will know.” I just let off steam.

Q: OK, let’s continue to watch. so what?

A: Therefore, our perfect version of human race is happy, balanced and harmonious to communicate with their other half in this garden, as well as with other humans. They all communicate with each other with love, so as to gradually repair their souls. When they become more and more integrated, they will return to the state of complete soul more and more.

When their soul has been repaired, they can choose the time to leave the body. At this time, because they have integrated back into the complete soul, the soul with amnesia has remembered the corresponding each other, they can therefore increase the frequency, leave the earth for reincarnation, and do not need to stay on the earth to recuperate.

In our garden, we sent many repaired souls away from the earth. They can continue to experience other planets in the universe, or other space experiences, or even leave the universe to return to the source and return to the unity of the whole consciousness.

They don’t need to stay on the earth to recuperate, and they don’t need to be trapped in the earth’s reincarnation. At this time, each of them is an enlightened person, a Christian consciousness, and a Buddha state.

Q: Yes. But will there be souls that have not been repaired?

A: Of course, there will also be souls that have not been repaired once, and they will return to the spiritual world. In the spiritual world, there will be souls from the source to help them continue to repair. Maybe they need to help repair souls by entering the body again.

However, even if they are reincarnated again, they come to the garden and rest their souls in a stable, balanced and harmonious environment.

By participating in such a stable and harmonious environment again and again, we can experience material life, and then repair the soul again and again until the soul is completely restored, which is enough to increase the frequency so that we do not need to stay in the earth cycle again.

Q: What is the average life span of people in the garden?
A: They can freely choose the time to leave the body, but the average life span of most people in the garden is about 1000 years.

Q: So, how do people in the garden die?

A: As just said, they can freely choose the time to leave. When they are about a thousand years old, they will gradually let their bodies dissipate into light and return to the state of light of the soul in a state of peace of mind.
If they have returned to full soul, then they can leave the earth. If there is no way to restore the complete soul and raise the frequency to leave the earth, then they will return to the spiritual world to rest again.

There will be souls from the source to take care of them in the spiritual world, and then they can choose to reincarnate into the garden again to gradually repair their souls by connecting with the earth and living with the other half until they are complete.

Q: Their deaths leave no remains?

A: No, just like in Tibetan Buddhism, some people can practice the rainbow body, which is similar to that. Death is neither terrible nor painful. At this time, our human beings will not be aged or ill, and can freely choose the time to leave the body, because their body and mind are in a balanced and harmonious state of integration.

Q: Anything else?

A: That’s about it. So, in this state of balance between body and mind, do humans still need to commit crimes? And humans need to steal? Occupy territory? Live in a big house? Make more money? Steal other people’s husbands and wives? Promiscuous sexual relations? And humans should not be cold, hot, hungry, sick or injured.

It is good for human beings to maintain the balance of body and mind and live a harmonious and happy life. They just feel the nature and the love exchange between people. No need to bear hardships, why should we bear hardships? Why work hard?

Alas, so I really don’t know what’s going on outside? Why do they (fallen protoss, evil creeper) make human vehicles so inferior?

We are watching the human growth in these gardens. My companion and I watched the twin souls walk out of the room hand in hand. Our hearts are all pleased and happy. They have grown up so perfectly and beautifully that they are happy to go out.
These are our usual jobs in the garden. I sometimes come to check, scan and talk with people. We all work in shifts.

Q: In addition to these jobs, what else will you do in the pyramid?

A: Taking care of newborn babies, I sometimes help people teach them how to balance their body and mind, or learn about the universe, the earth, and the soul. Although they can feel the knowledge themselves, and then pass it on from generation to generation, and teach the next generation of human beings themselves, we will still help them.

They live a balanced life in the garden, and learn and experience all the knowledge of the whole universe, planet, earth nature and soul. We will also tell them who we caregivers are, where we come from and why we come here to help human beings transform their genes.

They (the people in the garden) live in the truth completely. They know what is “soul”, what is the situation after “death”, what is “birth”, what is “earth”, what is “material world”, what is “universe”, and where our “soul comes from”. They have no doubt about all life phenomena, They knew the truth of everything, and they were not fooled at all.

They understand “life”, “life”, “death”, “earth”, “universe” and “soul”. They know very well what they are and who we are; They know that our inner souls are the same, and there is no difference between them. It’s just that in different kinds of bodies, they may be in different frequency states.

They understand that life is equal, and there is no doubt in their hearts. So, under this premise, will these humans worship us? No, no, because our inner souls are the same, but the frequency of entering the body is different.

They will also understand that the souls put into the bodies of small animals are also pure. Those souls just want to experience the physical body and put into an animal body to experience it. They are not inferior souls or evil spirits. On the contrary, these souls may be uninjured spirits.

So, do these humans need to worship “gods”? Does the earth need to create “religion”?

Of course not.

At this time, does the perfect version of human race need “religion” among human groups? Need to believe in “God”? Need to worship “God”?

Q: No.

A: Need a “leader”? Need “government”?

Q: No need.


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