What is Love^_^

What is love^_^


Q: Why did she see these pictures today?

SC: These messages are provided to help you understand the truth of modern humans. The purpose of this series of messages is to help you understand the truth.

Q: If you don’t meet the corresponding half, can you reach the state of soul unity (complete soul) through your own cultivation, and return to the source (unity consciousness)?

SC: Yes, because the soul has never really left the source, but consciousness projects the material universe. The “soul path” mentioned before is just a description; In fact, the real soul still exists in the overall state.

The material universe is only an illusion, and the light of the soul is only an illusion. In fact, they are still in the overall consciousness and have not been separated. The above statement is only for the convenience of description. These are illusions.

The real state is “consciousness has always been one”, “soul has never left” and “soul has never been separated”. Therefore, one aspect of the soul can still return to the state of the source if it continuously increases its frequency.

Just because your current human world is in a state of chaos, you do not know what has happened to mankind in the next 30000 years? What happened to the soul? What happened to the earth? Why are so few people on earth now meeting their twin souls?

We have told this story for a long time. Let’s continue to tell it, and you will understand the truth more and more. What happened in the next 30000 years? What happened to the earth after that?

Q: Why can “sex with love” link back to the soul? To heal the soul?

SC: Because “love” is the state of “soul”. If you don’t return to the state of love and have sex, you can’t really connect your soul. When you feel love, you feel the soul.

So, all of them are the same thing. We are talking about “soul”. The soul is “love” and the soul is “light”.

And what is love? You can only feel “love”, but can’t define what is “love”. When you lose the connection with your soul and fall into the ego state of the material world, you can only use language and words to communicate, but language and words cannot fully describe the complete truth. You must feel, feel, and be aware before you can know the truth.

You must feel what love is, that is, the feeling of the soul. You must experience, feel, and be aware of it yourself. You must go back to your soul before you know what love is. When you still live a life with your mind, try to define love with your mind, and imagine love with your ego, these are false, and you will not understand what is true love.

You must go back to your soul and break the ego illusion, then you will know what true “love” is. Otherwise, what you modern people think of as love is just “desire”.

And what is the feeling of “love”? Why do humans always seek “love”?

In fact, you want to return to the “soul”, because the soul is the truth of your life. As long as you return to the truth of your life, feel the feeling of love and love yourself; To love yourself is to return to your soul. To return to your truth is love, because the soul is love.

To feel love for yourself, what kind of love do you want? You must be able to love yourself before you can truly love others. If you haven’t returned to your soul and never felt the love you have given yourself, how can you feel the love of others? impossible.

So, don’t ask others to give you love. You should go back to your own soul first and feel how you love yourself. Then you will know what true love is? What is true love? Only then can you give true love and feel the true love of others.

Otherwise, other people may just control you and take whatever they want from you, while you mistakenly think that what they give you is love. On the contrary, you don’t know what true love is. You just ask for love as a reason, but in fact, you say you are loving others to satisfy your own desire.
When you only pursue love with your mind or body, what you get will not be true love. First awaken to your ego, break the ego illusion, and return to the soul to live, then you will know what love is. The point is that you must love yourself first, go back to your soul and feel the love you give yourself.

Go to love yourself first, and learn to really love yourself first. Otherwise, the love you say and the love you give out are just false. Love yourself first, and return to your soul. The soul is love.

Therefore, the sexual relationship without love is not the sexual relationship of soul and soul integration, and this sexual behavior will only make you more and more far away from your soul; As you get farther away from your soul, you will feel more empty. You will feel that there is a big, big hole in your heart. The hole is because you have no soul.

So you will keep asking, keep asking, and want to satisfy the huge hole filled with dissatisfaction through sexual relations again and again.

But you can never satisfy the huge emptiness of your heart through sex without love. You can never be satisfied. Unless you have love in your heart, you will love yourself, and those who have sexual relations with you must also have love in their hearts and love themselves; And then from the two of you love each other’s communication of sexual behavior, can fill the hole in each other’s hearts, connect their souls. Otherwise, you will never be satisfied.

This is why human beings constantly produce “sexual desire”?

Sexual desire is because you want to return to your soul. However, if you simply satisfy your physical desire and have sex without love, you will get temporary pleasure; You will not be able to connect your soul through sexual behavior, then you will not be able to get satisfied, and let your inner emptiness become bigger and bigger. Because you can’t really connect your soul, you will constantly create sexual desire to connect your soul.

If you have sex with love on both sides, or if you masturbate yourself with love, you can use tools. As long as you have love in your heart, you can connect with your soul because of this sexual behavior, making your body and mind more and more balanced. You will get the satisfaction of soul connection, and you will no longer need to rise the sexual desire that can never be satisfied.

So, if you can’t satisfy your sexual desire that you can never satisfy, you should learn to love yourself first. Not from the outside to seek love, not from physical sexual behavior to seek love, but first to learn to love yourself.

Q: Is there anything else to remind you of?

SC: Don’t worry, don’t be afraid. Thirty thousand years of the earth’s cold winter has passed. The power of those creepers is not as great as you think. They can’t stay on the earth, and they have almost left.

You just need to continue to see what your heart is thinking and what your desires are. Don’t be afraid to uncover your scars. Only by opening them bravely can you have the possibility of healing.

No matter what kind of body you have, it is just an experience. You are infinitely powerful souls, with unlimited power and freedom.

Slowly and more clearly see your inner self. Wake up from my childhood, let your soul enter the body and emit the light of the soul. You don’t need to be afraid of any power. You will have all the power to live in your real world and live your real life well.

Q: OK, thanks SC.

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