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About Practition

One Minder One Mindfulness Practice Classroom 2022-10-22 02:43 Posted on Gansu
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Author: A Mindwalker

Hey, don’t fall into the pool
If a person’s mind is a pond, the most important thing for a practitioner is not to fall into the pond.

The pool is full of crocodiles. Once you fall into it, you can hardly climb up on your own.

The crocodile will keep rolling when it bites you until it turns you dizzy, kills you and eats you.

That crocodile is your question after question, one after another.

The symbol that you are bitten by it is that you are dragged by problems, you are hijacked by the questions in your mind, you can’t get away from it, you can’t climb up.
Hey, practitioner, check whether your practice is like this. Be careful not to fall into the pool and be bitten by crocodiles.


If people’s mind is a pool full of crocodiles, can you just stand on the shore and not go into the water?

This is what I mean by “being aware”.

To remain aware means standing on the shore, not in the water;

Or, even if you are under water, you should wear a conscious bathing suit.

Don’t leave awareness. If you stand still, awareness is the bank of a pond;

If you go into the water, it is a bathing suit, or even a raft or lifeboat for crossing the sea.
Awareness is a very useful tool for overcoming the hardships of life and death. If you want to, make good use of it.

Diligent awareness, always fully understand the reality.

Don’t believe in understanding. Every understanding is a spray that leads you to water.

On the way to practice, the question is crocodile, and the problem is robbing thieves. We should be alert to them and bypass them.

However, you can’t believe that every “understanding” is a spray thrown at you by the river god or water demon. Its purpose is to lead you into the water and make you lose your awareness.

In the way of cultivation, no matter what kind of perception or understanding, we should treat it as grass root, as stone, as the bait of Bo Xun, and keep away from it.

Comprehension is something on the thinking level. It has nothing to do with true liberation. It intercepts and interferes with your liberation.

No matter how useful or important you feel it is to you, regard it as a normal breath, and regard it as a dream of your mind at the moment.
We tend to be complacent because of our own understanding, and then Morro has his own way.

Be careful that Morro will subdue you with the bait of “understanding”.

It’s like a lotus that doesn’t touch water

A deep observation of our own mind will reveal that our sincerity is not contaminated with anything.

Whether it is right or wrong, useful or useless, truth or illusion, it is not contaminated.
It is not that it does not want to be contaminated with other things, or that other things do not want to be contaminated with it, but that it is not contaminated.

Our real hearts are really like lotus flowers that don’t touch water.

To discover that our sincerity is directly related to it and exists with it is at the root of liberation.

When we find this heart, our practice will be carried out on this platform, not in the mind.

Some practitioners have discovered this truth, but they have unconsciously gone from this truth to the creation of karma in their consciousness.

Enjoy your heart and life

The standard to judge whether you are sincere is to see if you are enjoying your heart and your life.

No matter what kind of life circumstances you experience, if you have a feeling of enjoyment that is not attached, this is right.
If not, you must go to the platform of sincerity, leave the position of the pharaoh, run to hell, run to the pool, and be the crocodile’s lunch or the ghost king’s slave.

If you realize this, return to your position as the Dharma King again, or come to the platform of sincerity, and continue to practice non stick enjoyment and enjoy life.

This process of practicing conscious enjoyment, enjoying life, and enjoying life on the platform of sincerity is “the practice after understanding”.

The practice after enlightenment is just like this.

Be with the dharma

Some people may ask, when will the practice end? What is its standard?

In fact, the final stage of practice is to be with the dharma (UNIVERSAL LAW).

When we can be with the dharma (UNIVERSAL LAW), we don’t need to practice any more. Just being with the dharma (UNIVERSAL LAW) is not a practice.

When we can be with the law, we do not need any of our personal efforts and wisdom;

Just being with the dharma, just living as the dharma, just being safe, just being harmonious, without any personal problems.

Here is the end of practice, the beginning of life for all Buddhas, and God’s life in his own home.

At this time, it is time for you to graduate from the school of Buddhism.

Let all Buddhists in the world graduate from the school of Buddhism and live in the world of (Buddha) dharma:

Living with the dharma (UNIVERSAL LAW) is like living with the dharma (UNIVERSAL LAW).


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