There are a lot to look forward to^_^

There are a lot to look forward to

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Archangel Mike – There’s a lot to look forward to

Dear, this is the moment of deep expansion. As a result of your transmission and transformation in the past six months, you are now ready to align more fully with higher consciousness and multi-dimensional experience

You are entering a state of consciousness where you can experience the six dimensional frequency (related to magical creation and manifestation). This powerful frequency activates changes in human brain physiology. Frequency transforms the brain into alpha brainwaves, which are usually activated during meditation and deep creative states. This will become a normal state of existence on the New Earth

Now, as you know, dolphins have bigger brains than humans, and their natural brain frequency is alpha. So dolphins are coming to work with you

Dolphin’s Dream: The Next Level

Dolphins pick up physical forms in Earth’s oceans, but they also have higher etheric forms connected to Sirius, the Pleiades, and other galactic locations. There are also angel dolphins, known as “golden dolphins”, who work closely with angels

Dolphins have a very broad and clear understanding of human holograms and physiological functions, so they can help at the time of evolutionary transition, such as now

You may have heard that people who swim or work with dolphins experience powerful transformations and spontaneous healing. Now, as you adapt to this deep shift in consciousness, they step forward to help you adapt to these new frequencies. They are experts in 6D consciousness and can maintain it on the earth

Dolphins communicate through sound, and sound frequency brings compressed information into holographic form. This information can be downloaded to your cells as light code or language to help recode the physical body and prepare for the next step of evolution

Many healers, channels and teachers will be attracted to cooperate with these advanced beings to assist the emergence of multidimensional humans (people who activate “dolphin brain” or can be in a deep meditation state in daily life)

Galaxy Connection: Whales, θ Frequency and Whale Sound
Dear, the universe/Milky Way whales are also serving you one step further! Like dolphins, whales also exist in physical form and in higher angelic and galactic forms
Whales are very ancient beings, and they have been a part of the earth story since the beginning of creation. They maintain a “sound line” or holographic creation matrix in the ocean, and their singing creates a new path for evolution and expression. They are also guardians of Earth’s Akashic records, that is, records of Earth’s journey in time and space

In their cosmic and galactic roles, whales θ Frequency. The brain structure is larger than that of dolphins. θ It is a state of consciousness that you would call “deep trance state”. stay θ Frequency, you can go beyond the physical limitations into the flowing plasma creation and manifestation, and the reality of creating holograms is manifested into the new earth time spiral

This is the next step of conscious evolution, which can interact with θ Frequency cooperation. The problem for you is the human brain θ Frequency is associated with sleep and dreaming, so you can hardly access it in a conscious way. Whales will assist you in learning to maintain these energies and become creators of the universe. Many of you feel drawn to work with the Voice of the Whales and create with the whales

Conscious breathing and living between two worlds
Whale species are conscious breathers. They live in a moving medium (water) but they breathe air. They must be able to move between these two states and be aware of their breath, so that they can maintain this awareness and be able to exist between the two worlds

Your ascension journey and evolution tells you to realize that you exist between two worlds, physical and spiritual. Now, with this consciousness, you can start to become an expert in multi-dimensional consciousness, as you move between two worlds, dimensions and frequencies

The first key is conscious breathing. Like whales and dolphins, you will understand the connection between the heart, lungs and cosmic pulsations. You will learn to access different frequencies through conscious breathing

There is much to look forward to as you continue your journey

Date: October 19, 2022
From: CeliaFenn


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