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Just me

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Holy Self – Just me

In fact, you can’t completely change your personality. There is nothing wrong with being yourself. As long as you don’t hurt others

The most important thing to get free is to surrender to me. (free) is equivalent to enlightenment. Anyway, your personality can’t be enlightened

What is surrender?

Honey, surrender has always been misunderstood

Surrender does not mean becoming my puppet. It doesn’t mean living in want, depression, etc

If you are lucky to have a glimpse of the true meaning, you will not want to give up this state again

Because it is my emergence, and your form is taken over by me. It is completely happy, perfect and beautiful (free), because only I am shining.

Your whole being knows only the source and its majesty

You work hard for enlightenment. But you can’t do it alone. I can never enlighten myself

If you give me the identification for the ego and with body mind, I will appear as a happy dress, and you will realize that there is only source and bright consciousness

All the illusions suddenly disappeared, leaving me alone. It’s not you walking, it’s me. I’m the road itself

So, yes, what you deliver is your body mind, so that I can present myself in this world, embodied in illusion and constant change

In any case, you are used to worshiping your own form and strive to make it better. Repairing here and replacing there is like moving pieces on the chessboard. But the chessboard itself remains.

You haven’t understood that you can never find me when you hold on to it. Because the chessboard stopped my reflection
Rather than remain self – reflective. You cling to the reverence of the body mind. When you work hard with the strategy, it may be a little brighter. When your mind goes to the shining astral level, when your mind says love, you may feel a little better

So surrender is a magical act and the key to enlightenment, because I am enlightenment. Your body mind is not.

There is no second me. I am the only one. But your body mind must be aware of this. The illusion of separation makes you think that the separated part of you can realize without me: you, the body with your imaginary consciousness – mind VS me

Just me
Date: October 19, 2022
From: Ute


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