Humans can control what happens to them^_^

Humans can control what happens to them

When we talk about this topic, we are always opposed by intellectuals and logical thinkers. They immediately said, “This is illusion. Probability is random. It is luck. If you walk out of the road and a truck hits you, it is probability. You can’t control all this.” This may sound right, but they don’t know something. There is a measurable physical energy that can change your sense of “luck”.

How can you avoid things like bad luck? How do you create a reality where you don’t accidentally walk in front of a truck? This is where things get better. Let me introduce something to you.

If you don’t have any consciousness of the road in front of you, in other words, if you just let chance happen, your life will indeed unfold like random luck. However, imagine a path full of potholes and dangerous areas in front of you. So, if you step into it, it’s called probability. Now think about what would happen if you had an energy that consciously controlled your path? What if I told you it was like putting a lamp in front of you? However, it is not physical light, but intuitive light. So, dear ones, when you use this consciousness tool, you will see a path without pits, or you can use intuitive timing and synchronization to bypass them. You will not appear at the intersection where the truck is coming, because you have asked not to appear. This is how it works. Such is the case.


We’ve talked about it before. This is not profound! It is the conscious energy of all humans on this planet, and it is measurable and real. The field has all the energy of consciousness that is happening now, and the possibility of what may or may not happen. Connecting to the field allows you to begin to guide yourself through that consciousness and into areas that are not pitted, because now you can control your path.

For decades, governments have been using what they call “remote viewers” to help them understand what is happening in other parts of the planet. These people are very good at distinguishing things in the field. This is not a mysterious gift. It’s just what we said.

Previously, my channeling gave you a prediction about the coming of the new pope, who will change the church. After 13 months, you got him, and the old pope didn’t die! This information is in the field, and many higher level people know it – but in the field!

Dear, I tell you that you have the ability to fully control your reality, rather than being the victim of luck or chance. How to do this?


The first step, which is absolutely necessary, is to create a positive awareness of your expectations. This sets the energy for the rest of the events. Your will and affirmation of life begin to create new energy and begin to cooperate with the field in a very real way. But first, you must change your old program (your current reality), which is actually feasible. We call it “Reconstructing Your Story”.

What do you think you can do now? Do you think it is possible for your body and mind to project yourself to a safe place? Can you really create an energy that allows you to be in the right place, safe place, or meet the people you should meet at the right time?

If you say, “Dear God, please let me see the person I should see tomorrow. Guide me to the right place. Give me the intuition of those places. Bring me this or something better.”
It seems to be a simple prayer, but God has not given you any special strength. On the contrary, it is a verbal will to release the old program, and your subconscious will hear it and begin to allow intuitive energy in a way that has been with you but has not been realized.

Start doing this every day, it will start a growing energy, so that you have a stronger intuition. In fact, you will not stand in front of the truck if you “control the probability”. In fact, you may meet people you need to meet in order to move to the next level – goals you plan for yourself that you will never reach.

If it wasn’t true, I wouldn’t tell you that. This energy is actually being measured by others and regarded as a viable energy that humans can use. Many old souls and light workers are involved. Your intentions and words have created viable energies that have never been considered true in the past. One reason is that consciousness is now regarded as physical energy rather than an elusive and inexplicable psychological attribute.

Bring the worst

Now, the creativity of consciousness is extremely powerful, and it can also play a reverse role. Many times, we tell you that you are not the victim of this planet. However, some people, I hope some of them are watching and reading, and they think so. If you are one of them and feel that you are the victim of this planet, because bad things happen to you again and again, please let me ask a very powerful question: what do you expect next? The answer is often the same!

If you analyze your thoughts and what you say aloud, dear, you see yourself as a victim and tell others how bad things are. Then, you often find yourself expressing your fears.

“I only know that I won’t get this and that, because I’ve never done this before.”

You just take out the energy of things that are not good for you! Then, surprise—— The incident is not good for you.
Is this you? You are controlling your life and directing yourself into a series of continuous negative things by expecting their energy. Let me tell you what I said before: your expression of expectation is almost like that of ordering food in a restaurant – you just order some things, which will create a reality for you and make you feel that you are a victim.

The worst thing you can imagine comes out of your mouth without even realizing it. If you change your will and begin to expect good things, you will begin to change your reality. This is how it works. This is the tool of mankind, through the consciousness that has always existed. Some people even call it law.

The law of attraction is a three-dimensional name, which gives a process far greater than this. But in fact, when you put things there, they seem to come to you. When you put things on that menu as what you expect to happen, you begin to connect to the field in a more positive way. Good things, synchronous things, and things that others say are impossible begin to happen to you. Then you know it works.

My partner saw this again and again in his life. It was so true for him that he even designed his life by expecting things that had not yet arrived. He smiled and knew it was effective. Many people begin to understand the process of consciousness creating reality, and are generating intentions that appear in the right place at the right time. This allows you to meet the right people and make things happen to a positive degree that you may think you have created the future. This is its strength. Others even teach it in courses and conferences.
A guide to creating your own reality

I want all of you to participate in this projection. Maybe now, with me, you may spend a little time using this gift and give this intention according to my guidance:

“Dear God, I now realize that I am not the victim of chance.

Dear God, I know this energy gift is real, and I can use it.

Dear God, my brilliance will help to create a healthy and positive reality for myself and guide me to the right place.

Dear God, I am not the victim of chance.

Dear God, I look forward to the best things, and I know it’s right beside me.

Dear God, let me be in the right place at the right time.

Dear God, I know that when I create positive thoughts in my field, it will also help those around me and others far away.

Dear God, I hope to push my brilliance to the future and see solutions to all things that are not suitable for my life today.

Dear God, this is my inheritance. I am aware of this energy in me, and I declare for myself that I know the light will shine on me. This is the light of my own soul. This is the light I bring. It is the light that changes everything from now on. It is powerful for the earth.

Dear God, I look forward to the beautiful things in my life every day. “

If you want to add amen at the end, please continue. This is traditional, which means “let’s do it”.

Indeed, this is an affirmation, a prayer, which can change your reality. These things are true, dear, and have been proven over and over again. Some are even measurable, and they are called “things hidden in sight”. You can use these ideas to change your life. It’s up to you.

Open and aboveboard concealment – Part IV (Text)

Why did Original stop me Kryon 2022-10-24 19:16 Posted on Canada

Open and aboveboard concealment — Part IV
Kryon conducted through Carol Lee, and the on-site channeling was on January 26, 2022

Original text:
Translator: Why do you stop me

Dear everyone, I’m Kryon from Magnetic Service. Greetings.
Dear, a lot has happened to you. The gods know you and know what you are experiencing. The gods cooperate and help you in many ways, sometimes your dreams are one of them. Today, someone mentioned dreams. [Live program Q&A session]

If you haven’t noticed, dreams are multidimensional. I mean they are never linear: in dreams, you find yourself in the past, often meeting people who should not be there, or people you don’t know, or even people who have died. So dreams are often metaphorical of what you are dealing with subconsciously. Sometimes, when you deal with more three-dimensional things in your mind, they will distract your attention. Sometimes, they are directly related to what you are learning or experiencing as a light worker.

How many of your dreams have colors, or, perhaps, you are flying in your dreams? These are dreams, dear, it clearly shows that you are on the right track. Maybe you want to have such a dream? Let me give you a piece of advice: Before going to bed, set goals for the dreams you want to have and see what happens. Those of you who do not like dreaming can also control them. Once again, before you go to bed, say:

“Dear God, please let tonight’s dream enhance my magnificence. Let me wake up refreshed and smile at the lovely things that appear at night.”

You can control things that you may think you can’t control. None of you are slaves to nightmares. You can completely control them, as we have always told you: you control all other things. The exercise I just gave you is a positive human programming style, which releases many programs that you were born with, where you were taught not to do this or that. It creates dreams in which your fears are expressed, or dreams in which your fears are reinforced. This is a story you believe and dream about, because you will never see what will happen next.

Something hidden in sight
This is the fourth channeling in our series entitled “Open and aboveboard hiding”. In this series, we provide you with the names and views of three other things hidden in your sight. Some of you already know them, but do not know their meaning or how to actually use them. For those who read this article, the other three features are easy to find and implement. They are available on my partner’s website.

I reserve this feature as the last one to discuss, because it is the most practical and not as profound as others. After listening, you may disagree and say it is profound. If that is you, then you have never heard of anything that any spiritual organization on the earth has ever told you. That is, when you sit there and experience your life every day, you have the ability to control your reality.

I am Kryon, who loves human beings.

That’s it.



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