Bashar: You are creating Miracles all the time^_^

Bashar: You are creating Miracles all the time

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Hello, Bashar.

Good day, good day to you.

Hi, I had a question about miracles.

On the website, there’s a quote from you that said miracles are not the exception to the rule,

They are the natural order of things.

Could you give more of a definition or understanding of that? please.


Well, the idea is that in your Society typically people look at what they call a miracle as being an unusual phenomenon,

Something unexpected, unusual, very rare.

And it is a coming together of certain ideas experiences, influences, appearances, objects, so on and so forth.

that seem to be out of the norm, seem to be beyond what you consider your typical reality to be capable of producing.

But the idea is that you’re creating your reality every single moment anyway,

you are creating Miracles all the time, just by having a physical reality experience all the time constantly as a continuous experience.

So the idea is the same shall we say mechanism used to create any reality experience that you are having,

is the same mechanism used to create what you typically refer to as Miracles.

It’s just that for some reason at that moment synchronistically your mind and Consciousness is open to the fact that that is being created through alignment through synchronicity,

as a relevant experience that stands out.

Because of the meaning you have infused in it,

And the reflection it provides for you in a certain direction.

But if you start to understand that you’re doing this all the time,

Start to see everything as synchronicity,

Then you will start to see physical reality as miraculous as it actually is every single moment.

Does that help?

Yes, thank you!

Why is our society why is guilt and shame so much a part of our society?

Because you have created a sense and an experience of disconnection from all that is,

You have created a sense of disconnection from your self-worth and your self-empowerment.

Therefore what comes with that experience of disconnection,

not that you’re actually disconnected,

Because that’s not possible.

But what comes with the experience of disconnection is the shame that goes with the idea of not belonging not being connected anymore,

Considering yourself to be less than and unworthy,

And that is simply the side effects that happen from that negative state of being.

Does that make sense?

Yes, yes.


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