[Basis] The true meaning of “Christ”

[Basis] The true meaning of “Christ”

Original Close to the Heart of the Universe 2022-10-28 00:00 Posted on Beijing

Q: Christianity talks about “Jesus” and “Christ”, while you talk about “Sun Christ” to us. So what is the exact definition of the word “Christ”?

Brothers of Light:
Please regard Kyi Duk as a great power of divine love.

Realizing our own inner Christ is to awaken our own inner Christian love and the divine love of our God.

By the sun Christ, we mean the sun entity that is all holy love. The one you call “Jesus” was once filled with the great energy of the sun Christ to carry out his mission on earth.

Christian energy has nothing to do with religion. You call it “Christ Energy” – that’s the name you gave it. In the final analysis, the name is not important. It is important to know that this energy is real and exists.

The Christ energy resides within each of you. You can call it the Divine Part. To realize the Christ within oneself is to realize the integration of the three parts of oneself – man, soul and God.

Buddhists say, “We realize the state of Buddha within.” This refers to the fusion of three parts of oneself in the holy love energy.


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