Without moving others, we are in the Western Paradise^_^

Recognize the Pure Land before leaving

One Minder One Mindfulness Practice Classroom 2022-10-15 08:24 Posted on Gansu

put questions to:
I’m in a dilemma now, because I believe in Amitabha Buddha in the Infinite Life Sutra, his 48 wishes and the Blissful World. I have also been living in the Blissful World after praying to Buddha for death, and I like to read your blog very much. But you always say that the rest is blissful and the pure land is idealistic, and never say that the Western Blissful World is beyond the one billion Buddha land. So I’m confused. Every time I read your blog, my faith will always waver. I feel that you are denying the practice of praying to Buddha for survival and bliss.
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Response from a meditator

The furthest distance in the world is not from here to a hundred thousand billion countries, but in front of you and you can’t recognize it;

The most difficult practice in the world is not to travel a long distance across a billion countries, but to recognize that the world in front of you is the western paradise you want to find.

If a Buddha says to you, I will stretch out my right hand and slap the Blissful World in your face across the country of one billion;

When I do this, the world does not decrease, and the world does not increase.

Will you believe him when he says so? Can you recognize it?

If someone tells you this, do not take it as a myth, and it is not a joke, but a real situation that you have not recognized.

I said, the nirvana is right in front of you, and it is separated from you by hundreds of millions of your hearts——

Buddha also often said, “There is a world beyond a billion countries, called Blissful…”.

Its one billion territory is your one billion hearts,

When you go beyond your various consciousness and leave the world, you will see the country, reach the land, and reach the nirvana.

There is here, can you understand?

This is the Western Paradise outside the one billion country that Buddha often said.

If you can’t see the nirvana beyond one hundred thousand billion Buddhas here, you will never see the nirvana.

You will never reach the nirvana.

The Blissful World can only be seen by taking care;

If you don’t relax, you can’t see it when the sun is cold, the moon is hot, the mountains are endless, and the rivers are exhausted.

That is why I said that the West is only the interest side;
The Western Blissful Valley is just the rest.

The pure land of all Buddhas can be seen from the heart;
All ordinary filth is made of delusion.

If people want to see the Western Pure Land and the nirvana, they will not stop to rest their hearts, not purify their minds, and hope to see success.

Buddha said that there is a Buddhist country beyond one hundred billion Buddhist soil, which is called Blissful Valley. It is paved with gold, glazed walls, and inlaid with precious stones.

Just like in those days when Cao Cao led the army to fight, the soldiers were hungry and thirsty in the middle of the battle and refused to go again. So Cao Cao was quick to get wise and said that there was a bayberry forest in front of him. The fruit was bright and dribbling. When all the soldiers heard about it, they marched quickly.

Our Buddha said this for all beings who are unwilling to do kung fu or are tired of practice. There is a Buddhist country outside one billion countries, called Blissful Valley. It is paved with gold, glazed walls, and gems are inlaid

There are also living beings who refuse to practice at ordinary times. When they die, they have great fear, great anxiety and great suffering.

My Buddha is merciful, saying for this kind of sentient beings, there is no need to be afraid. Before death, we should settle down and meditate on Buddha, thinking about Buddha and remembering Buddha,
When the three saints come to pick them up, they will be able to go to the Pure Land… It’s just a convenient plan for dying unwise people. Who is the wise?

More unwise people regard convenience as the real thing, and practice in ordinary days. They also think about it.
If you don’t understand the Buddha’s meaning and the convenience, you will become a fool.

To practice, one must focus on one’s mind and see the pure land and bliss in the world before him.

If you do what you want, you should think in an unnamed way.

Believing in what Buddha said, there is an external pure land and nirvana. You can reach it by chanting Buddha and thinking Buddha in your heart.

This is the thought of a fool and a sluggard. The delusion can solve the problem without having to work hard on your mind or face your bad heart. Simply recite Buddhism.
This is what the lazy and foolish people think and do, and it is not advisable.

Devoted to Buddha, it is intended to relax. If you can rest, you will see the pure land.

When you see the Pure Land, you will see the Blissful Valley.
When you see Blissful Valley, you don’t need to move to another place.

In the world in front of us, Buddha and earth will appear.
When the mind is pure, the present world is the Pure Land of Blissfulness;

If the mind is not clean, the present Pure Land of Blissful Valley will become all kinds of dirty soil.

Therefore, purification is in the heart, not in the soil;

Happiness and unhappiness are the result of the heart. What is the pure land and nirvana beyond centrifugation?

The present world, that is, the essence of the Western Pure Land Paradise, should be recognized by the wise.

It is right to chant Buddhism, to think about Pure Land, and to speak about the Blissful World. If anything is wrong, where is it?

The fault lies in what the lazy fool thinks.

Wise people recognize the pure land before they leave the present;

Without moving others, we are in the Western Paradise.


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