How to end this mess^_^

Living in the present is not the work and life of suffering in the present^_^

How to end this mess^_^

Ashtar – Call us from the heart

My heart is celebrating. We are already celebrating success. We haven’t released the balloon yet, but we will soon. The joy that exists in every galaxy around the earth is huge. Because I can go home, the time to say goodbye to this experience is coming. Nothing needs to be done except to keep the earth energetic.

The sunlight of Pleiades 6 comes with the greatest intensity. High quality energy is being transmitted to the earth by our ships. This brings purification to the soil, ocean and air
We are not looking for the spotlight. We are not looking for a great gift. We have been entrusted with a task. The task has succeeded. There is not much to change. What is needed now is for everyone to expand their consciousness and understand that we exist, which is essential in this process. We will not leave. The planet will be protected by a large number of patrol vessels, which will ensure balance and close the gate. Every planet has a gate. You’ll never be alone again

It is difficult at this moment, but when all this is over, you will look back and say, “I passed all this. I experienced the rise of the earth!” No one in the universe has these memories. When other planets ascend, the life above either leaves that planet or transits to another dimension, which is not the case here. You will pass through your physical body, but you still need to go through a lot of adjustments. But you won’t die and be reborn into the five dimensions

Then the whole process will be stored in your mind, so you don’t have to go back to every point you have experienced. Memory will be a sweet memory without any emotion. We have shown up many times. Anyone who wants to see us, many people have called us, and we will show up because we are very close. The mother ship is right above your head, covering your entire field of vision.

They’re big, but you can’t see them because it’s not time
These ships are very close to the surface to absorb any wrong decisions on Earth. The response will be immediate. The bigger the boat, the greater the protection. Smaller ships patrol every point. Every ship must immediately tell us what is happening within its scope, so that we can act without offending free will. The huge mess that has been said is accurate. Don’t go deep, stay away from it. Look at it from the outside

So you don’t have to suffer the consequences of your own decisions. We know how to end this mess, and the time is right. It will not be a beautiful picture, it will not be easy to experience, but it must be completed. It needs to be removed, which means removing all the bad guys. They won’t stay here. We will do everything we can to remove them. We are not worried about your judgment on us. We will do what we need. So don’t be in this mess, because people in it will be affected
We never said it would be easy time. Because even those who are not in this mess need to do a lot of work to keep balance, stand upright, and not get into anger or pain. Strengthen your heart and mind. If you ask, we will be your shield. Make the right choice, stay away from all this, and don’t get involved in this mess.

Of course, it will be difficult in a period of time, but you will recover quickly. People in this mess will harvest what they have sown in their own way. How long will it take? It depends on everyone’s road, what is distributed and what is sown.

Therefore, improve yourself and stay away from all these things, so that the pain will be infinitely reduced. Look at the sky and call us at any time. We are always ready to show up. Just call us from the heart
Date: October 28, 2022
From: Vania Rodriguez


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