Change must take place ^_^

[News from all levels] News from the three Pleiadian sages

Original Close to the Heart of the Universe 2022-11-03 23:00 Posted on Beijing

“You are reaching the end of a cycle. As you said on Earth, this cycle is closing. The last cycle will open with the closing of this cycle. This last cycle will be more important for human beings.”

I now see some beings. They appear naturally. There are four in all. Somehow, I recognized their energy, because I was familiar with them, but they had never been in the future before. They told me:

“We belong to a collective of the three Pleiades suns, an asteroid revolving around the sun.

Our current mission is “planet Earth”. Many of our beings come to this world to carry out their missions.

We will not tell you, as you usually hear, that something will happen. This is not the purpose of our coming tonight. “

They only told me the following:

“Let’s balance some energy. The energy of dark light (which is actually far beyond the word) is trying to delay the start of this last cycle as much as possible, and it will automatically guide you into a new dimension of your own, a new life dimension, a new understanding and a new vibration dimension.

We are here also to help you break free from the chains of fear that bind you, from ignorance, violence and education that lacks free will.

We will work with the Archangel to liberate all humans who wish to do so. This is part of our mission in this world, that is, to use all our love and strength to help mankind get rid of the shackles that have fettered mankind for thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years.

This seems to be a long time ago, but human beings have been bound for a long time. “

They showed me a great rebirth. As if, suddenly, the brightness of the world has become completely different. I didn’t see “before”. I’m glad they didn’t tell me. Actually, it has nothing to do with me.

“After” is absolutely wonderful. I have such a picture: after a strong rainstorm, nature becomes very fresh, as if washed clean, and a wonderful round of sunshine illuminates it.

In another place, the effect of this purification and light may increase hundreds of times, which is my feeling about this new cycle and the upcoming experience of many human beings. They told me:

“It is very important for you to remember who you are. Don’t forget: by remembering who you are, you will find strength. You will remember more and more who you were through a little understanding. You will retrieve those memories that you never thought of, those deeply buried in your heart, and these memories will reappear little by little. You will retrieve these memories in the most amazing way.

Don’t try to speed up the process of liberation. This will be achieved by releasing some energy. We, the Pleiades, ask you again and again to break free and let this process be done in the best way. This is very important.

If you can see your energy, if you can sense your vibration frequency. If you can understand how much your vibration frequency decreases when you are worried, lose confidence, sad or painful.

However, you can easily increase your vibration frequency, just become lighter, do not provide energy for unnecessary problems, and enter a new level by calling joy, power, light and love, and by seeking help from all the beings in the universe who help the earth and all the beings living on the earth.

I can feel human energy. This is on the new earth. They showed me something strange and symbolic: it was like a magic wand that changed everything. I don’t know if it was after three days of darkness, because they didn’t say anything. They just told me:

“The world has been created into a wonderful school. However, the world will no longer be the school it used to be. The world will become a gem. It will become a place for many beings to rest and meditate in the solar system, the Milky Way and the entire universe. This sphere will have an extraordinary beauty and special energy. The high level and source of light will protect your planet.

Before that, change must take place. As the brothers who came here before us have told you, solid things cannot be built on loose foundations. Everything must be strengthened through transformation. “

I can’t see the past. It’s like it’s hidden in front of me, so I can only feel the extraordinary energy “after”. They told me:

“However, humans will have no additional time.

However, we are very happy. We are a member of the Sage Committee from several solar systems. They decide how much time to give the planet and its residents, so that they can improve their awareness on the level of love. We fully approve of this extra time. “

This is strange. When I am completely with them, I feel that there is a time shift between what I said and what I actually am. It seems that I am familiar with them. I’m glad they showed up. They told me:

“The most important thing is to ask for help when you are really trapped in the very difficult third dimensional energy. You did not ask for help sufficiently. If you ask for help more, those clouds that instantly cover your sky (the sky you are) will disappear quickly.

You don’t ask for help because you don’t trust us enough. When your manifestation carrier encounters a problem, you would rather be trapped by the problem than seek help with all your love and belief, and believe that your call will be answered.

We urge you to call us your brothers of light in the years to come.

We are really your brothers. Many of you have known us long ago; They have known us at other times and places.

Don’t believe all the information you may receive, because there will be a lot of false information. Don’t let yourself be manipulated in any way. We stick to this point, just continue to follow your path, and don’t care too much about what happens on your left, right or behind you. Walk on this road with faith and confidence.

In this year, you will integrate more control, peace and wisdom. Each of you will show your wisdom according to the work he or she has done.

We say again and again: get rid of the shackles. You don’t know how important it is for your growth. Be confident. Through what you are doing, you are precious to us, your brothers of light. So no matter what happens, we will protect you. “

They are still here. They look so beautiful, with blue skin, big eyes and bright smile. There seems to be a woman among them. She has long dark hair with blue reflections. They told me:

“We can assure you that when you meet us again, and when you meet your galactic brothers again, you will experience great joy. It will not be the earthly satisfaction type of happiness, such as the happiness of owning a huge car, house or jewelry. These happiness will be fleeting. This will be the joy of meeting us again, merging with the love of the universe, and the joy of finding your real home again. This will be a real fast Music is a kind of spiritual happiness that will never be forgotten. “

They spoke again:

“You will hear more and more information about UFOs. Fortunately, the information will be released slightly, because it is necessary to expose all the hidden things now.

In the next cycle, there will be no more lies or manipulations. All those who have lied and manipulated will have to be very worried, as you said on Earth. “


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