Lanto: Shedding ThoseSelf-Imposed Limitations^_^

Lanto: Shedding Those
Self-Imposed Limitations

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Hello, old friend. It’s me, Lanto, the wise man. I come from the source of the Creator’s Light, and I serve His divine will. I am most often associated with yellow light. I walked through your physical planet thousands of years ago; My most widely known incarnation is the Gautama Siddhartha Buddha.

As many paths as there are “going home” (back to the Creator’s Source), there are as many paths as there are looking for. There are many forms of enlightenment, which can be found in many ways.

However, finding a path to success has some common aspects. Self discipline, dedication, desire, and the belief in personal connection with the Source are perhaps the most common characteristics of those who have successfully found their way home.

Many people try to push them in a certain direction along their very personal path, but resist information and argue with themselves about what is the best growth. This phenomenon is mainly due to an internal conflict based on a fundamentally incorrect belief. For example, when a person believes that the idea that “one must strive to be ‘successful’ in the world” is correct, then those who hold this belief will certainly have many struggles in their experience.

Many of you are living your own lives and practicing your own beliefs, but you never really spend time or energy on what makes you keep a very limited habit of thinking. There is no need for “struggle”, and life does not need “hardship”.

Life is natural and mobile. It’s the creative people (you!) They set limits for themselves. You summon creative energy and create (manifest) your desires – whether they are limited or extended.

Many of you believe that you must work harder for whatever you want, and if you want more, you must work harder. This belief limits not only yourself, but also the power of God within.

God is infinite abundance, and you are a part of his infinite existence! Many of you also believe that you do not deserve such rich gifts (because of past mistakes), and again, you block the flow of your creative potential.

Look into your heart and ask what you are most afraid of. What are you most worried about (for a long time)? Are you afraid of loneliness?

Are you worried about always doing the “right” thing?

Do you worry about what your family and friends will think of you if they know your true feelings, thoughts or beliefs?

Are you worried that you haven’t “heard” our proper warning?

Are you worried that what you do will not “win” your “salvation”?

Are you worried that you are not ready for the coming “possibility”?

Ask close friends, relatives or spouses what they think you are most worried about. Be prepared because feedback can surprise you.

Note: Don’t argue with these people: you asked for their opinions! Accept advice. Be compassionate and grateful for your own sake. To some extent, you will all worry.

These things that cause you worry are tips you should pay attention to. If you take the time to really examine why you persist in these things, you can always find the wrong answer that you think is the truth. These may be the result of childhood experiences, or you may make decisions when you are out of control.

Other statements that need attention begin like this: “All men are .” Or something similar: “All women are .”

These types of generalizations are always based on false perceptions, and they limit you and your creative ability to flow. In these cases, your energy is guided by the original self, which always tries to avoid pain.

All of you have experienced mental and physical pain. Often, as a result of this pain, you will decide how you will live your life so that you never have to face the experience again.

Suppose you have an intimate relationship with another person, and because of this relationship, you are emotionally hurt. (Many of you can relate to this example.) Then you decide: “Men (or women) are not trustworthy.” Or: “I am unlucky in love.” Or: “I will never love another person as I love that person.”

This is just a small example of a general phenomenon that can cause you to disconnect, close, or limit yourself in order to “feel” safe from the pain of the external world. However, the pain experienced never actually comes from the outside world; It always comes from the heart! The end result is that you erect a “wall” to protect yourself from yourself!

Q: What is behind your elaborate “security wall”?

Answer: You!

That is to say, you are isolated from the part you do not want to face, because it will make you feel great emotional pressure. When you build such a wall, in essence, you are disconnecting yourself from the source!

This is the closest thing to death. The more walls you build, the less vitality you will feel!

When a person has a near death experience, they usually say that their life “flashes before their eyes” or such statements. This is mainly because when you reappear in the infinite love of the Creator, the wall will collapse.

You will also notice that many times these people will become a “changed” person. They will have a new passion for life and begin to live truly, perhaps for the first time. Why? Because their “separation wall” has been put down, they have found what is missing in life – themselves!

Does this mean that you must have a “near death” experience to reach this connection state? no Absolutely not!

All you need is a strong desire to free yourself from these self imposed restrictions, to try your best to identify lies (so as to see the truth), and to adhere to self-discipline and faith day after day.

This is also the key to self-healing of any disease. In oneness and truth, you can easily heal yourself from any disease. It is the fear of death and dying, or the fear of pain and suffering, that creates a persistent and limited state of illness.

When you eliminate fear and limiting ideas, you will naturally overcome all imbalances.

Is this easy? This is neither easy nor difficult. This is a challenge, which will bring you great rewards, and let you have a deeper understanding of yourself, others, and God’s perfect thought.

Again: The path back to the whole (unity with the Creator) is infinite, and each of you will follow the same path in your own way and time.

I cannot emphasize too much. The most common characteristics of those who have successfully walked the necessary path of “enlightenment” are: a strong desire for unity; Have the dedication to realize this desire; There is a kind of self-discipline, no matter what interference (there will be a lot of interference!), They should focus on their own wishes and believe that there is indeed “light” at the end of the “tunnel”.

Another clue is that the answer comes from within, because each of you is unique, and there are very different perceptions and understandings in your uniqueness. What works for a person may not work for you at all.

Find your own way. You will never be alone, and your mentor will always provide you with acceptable clues. Just keep alert and open mind to identify them – don’t deny those roads that suggest you, they may be disgusting or there are signs of “potholes” in some places. After all, anything really worth doing should be a challenge to your growth!

Get rid of the limitations of your perception and take a big step forward in understanding and growth. Don’t be afraid, because God knows your needs and will not judge you severely. On the contrary, he glorifies you with all the love he exists; Love is your motivation to live! Similarly, be gentle and tolerant to yourself and others, because mistakes are an important part of the learning process, and their contributions to your growth are often underestimated (and overrated by yourself).

I am Lanto, a wise man. I walked on the material road and found the way back to oneness and oneness. This return goes beyond the limits of language and reaches the depth of the soul. I am honored to serve the divine will of the Creator, because it is in perfect harmony with the most satisfying and valuable things I have found.

Greet all of you in light and love. Thank you for participating in this exchange of growth and challenges.




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