How to get rid of fear^_^

[Dialogue with Higher Self] How to get rid of fear

Ruohe Purple Star 2022-12-03 06:13 Posted on Yunnan

Why do people fear?

Children, people are afraid because they have forgotten the truth, about love, about life, about eternal truth. This truth is that life is eternal, love is eternal, there is no real loss, there is no real death.

But many people forget this, and even if someone else reminds them, they still can’t believe it. Because they are only willing to believe what they are willing to believe is the belief rooted in their minds and everything they see.

They cannot believe that there is more love, more freedom, and eternal unity in the invisible.

Where does fear come from?
And where does fear come from? In fact, fear comes from a setting of the human mind. Humans here are not completely equal to each of you, but refer to the existence of human beings, a physical vehicle for experiencing the three-dimensional material world.

Humans are designed, just like the houses you live in, they are also designed and built. When designing the house, smoke alarm devices will be installed to prevent fire.
Of course, this is for the personal safety of the residents, and fear is also equivalent to an alarm device, which is installed on the human intelligent biological vehicle for experience. The purpose is to ensure the safety of this physical vehicle. In case of danger, measures can be taken in time.

In the early days, such as the era of hunting and gathering, this kind of fear can be used to protect your life, because if there is a tiger in front of you, you will be easily injured if you don’t know the fear. Therefore, the fear at this time is really a kind of protection for people.

In modern society, there are not so many wild animals to threaten people’s personal safety, but there are other similar threats, such as cars on the road, so people will be careful when crossing the road, which is also a kind of protection for human beings.

Therefore, there is no need to talk about fear. It is very reasonable to have fear, which will ensure the survival of the body, rather than going offline prematurely.

Since fear is a biological setting, why should we get rid of it?

This is because there are fears that there is no real danger, just like a false alarm. For example, it is equivalent to the failure of the smoke detector in the house. When there is no clear smoke, it will also alarm, but there is no fire.

In this case, people may wake up in the middle of the night and run downstairs. In fact, there is no fire. This is also the reason why many people suffer from insomnia, because the alarm device in the brain is always in an excited state, always reminding them of the existence of danger.

These dangers are the problems that people worry about everyday, and these problems will trigger the brain alarm device. The more problems they worry about, the more times they trigger. At this time, the anxiety and fear will be more serious.

And getting rid of fear is equivalent to removing unnecessary alarm devices, and making sure that the alarm devices give an alarm at the time of the alarm, and keep quiet when the alarm should not be given, that is, when it is safe.

As for the problems corresponding to these alarm devices, they vary from person to person. Some people may be interpersonal, such as fear of being rejected, rejected, or disliked. These are trigger points.

Others are afraid of various dangers, such as accidents or diseases, and always worry about their own health or that of their relatives. No matter in terms of interpersonal relationship or personal body, these alarm devices are actually unnecessary most of the time.

If there are too many unnecessary fears and anxieties, it will seriously affect the normal life, just like the alarm in your home keeps ringing, and you are always ready to run out, at the same time, it will disturb other people in the building, making them also in fear and unable to live normally.

The long-term tension will also have an impact on the body, such as blood pressure will rise, digestive system problems, and so on.

To get rid of fear is to put unnecessary worries and keep an open attitude towards the outcome.

How to get rid of fear?
To get rid of all kinds of fears, what you need to do is to examine some of your beliefs. These beliefs are the thoughts that often appear in your mind, and these thoughts are often negative and negative.

For example, I can’t ask for help from others, because I will be rejected, or I can’t reject others, which will make people hate me, and so on. The corresponding fear is that, in interpersonal relationships, people are afraid of making requests or being rejected.

But in fact, not all requests will be rejected, and not all rejections will destroy interpersonal relationships.

What is needed at this time is actually a reverse proof. You can write down your own belief first, and then write down the reverse of this belief. For example, the above can be written as: I can ask others for help, which may not be rejected, and I can try to reject others, which may not be annoying.

Then he began to make small attempts in real interpersonal relationships, such as asking strangers how to go to a place, or refusing to go shopping with others because of his own arrangements.

When you start to make some attempts, you will find that what you worried about is not really going to happen. At this time, the alarm will be lifted, and you won’t have to worry any more.

Thank you for reading and deep blessing!


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