This experiment is wrong…Yes, I use the word “error” because it has become too much and has become a tumor. So to make all of us become complete and light, the earth and your field must feel it

This experiment is wrong

Yes, I use the word “error” because it has become too much and has become a tumor. So to make all of us become complete and light, the earth and your field must feel it

Children, this is what is coming

I’m your mother. I wrap you in the warmest light. I wipe away your tears, you can wipe away mine. I come for you. Many people have been injured in the human journey. You want to know whether the source is silent. It is silent only in the darkest time, but we have been sending angels, healing, our own fragments into this field to do what we can to help, help and heal.

But when the human heart is broken, it will not fully heal. (I saw a healed fracture fractured again due to misalignment). This is the time for Earth to fracture again so that it can be healed. It will heal in a new way and everything will be fine.

You are in its throes, but I assure you, children, (light) is already here, in you, flowing through you, as you reach out in love to serve, it is flowing through your fingers that hit the keyboard, it is flowing through the mouth that tells friendly words – you are all doing these things. I’m proud of each of you

I love you, children. The pipeline doesn’t want me to write too long, but children, how long do you think it will last? There are delays, but such days are far away from us. I am calling all forces to take action. Time is now. So, my dear, it is encouraging to be fully open to the hope in these messages

(I suddenly feel dizzy and have strong tinnitus. My team told me that “we are adjusting your system and sending these adjustments to the message. You can continue to write”)

Children, nothing is like that before, which is a good thing. It’s exciting that you can create with change, right? Raise your head and continue to lead the way. You will find many people following. More people are waking up than you realize.

Many changes take place in the human mind as energy enters. I’m your mother. I love you very much

I am your father, and I come to illuminate this message. You are not alone. You are deeply loved. The brave, friends, welcome home.

You are immeasurably loved. (His eyes are also wet.). I assure you that we are all ready for your return home. Be peaceful in the future. Keep strong, firm and safe. You are not alone. Angels are with you and your team expands. You’re ready

Father and mother. – You’re ready

Dear children, I am your mother. I embrace you with a pink light and golden warmth. Can you feel it? Let’s breathe in each other’s energy. Feel my presence, just as I feel yours. We are having a comfortable mother son relationship. I am grateful to be invited to come

Your life is very busy. There are always a lot of things to do, often spiritual aspects are left out, sometimes dusty, forgotten. But children, the spirit also needs to be nourished, which is the main reason why you are here. Some people don’t like this, because yes, you also come here for many other reasons to serve the collective, the earth and find your own healing in internal and external changes, yes, but don’t get lost in it. Don’t lose your connection with me, your father and yourself. Because it’s important, isn’t it?

I feel her sadness and see her tears. Children, this has never been the way it should be. The “black” in this field is so strong. My heart is broken, and I find my own in your healing. We heal together, this field, this universe. Because the whole body must be healed, and health must be thorough.

Date: December 6, 2022
From: Galaxy Girl


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