Upgrade in progress^_^

Upgrade in progress^_^

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Ashian – Upgrade in progress
J: Hello, dear friend! I’m sorry, I haven’t been in touch with you in recent months. How are you doing? What do you want to share?

A: You forget that time is created by you, not us! We have not been timing since our last conversation, we follow the energy. We welcome you back to our energy and we share it with you

We observe that there is a huge review cycle in the rapidly rising energy of the earth. You are invited to return to your unfinished past moments so that you can view those things from a different perspective, so that you can release them more fully

J: Wow! absolutely right. I had a deep karmic clearing yesterday (the second time in six weeks). I will publish it later, so that others can use it as a template, if they feel it helps them

A: To share it is a profound tool. Human beings need everyone to do their own part of the work, whether it is personal cleaning or sharing tools or information

You are entering an era of information, not lack of information. (truth) It will vibrate in your cells and make a sound with knowledge and information, as long as there is something right for you

J: Oh! Again, that’s exactly right! I have a surreal experience. Looking at a random picture shows the alignment of a number, just like you see 11:11 on the clock. Every cell in my body is vibrating. It feels like a burst of energy, and my brain is completely blank. I can’t think. I just feel… beautiful, I don’t know how to describe it… expansion? The expansion of happiness

A: Yes, these are physical manifestations of ascension; It is dual. It is your physical body releasing the old program and your soul embedding your physical form more deeply. This is a leap, when you have such a profound physical experience. Many people have these experiences, which will only increase as you release the limited thoughts and beliefs that bind you to 3D self-expression

J: Exciting! What can we do to bring these experiences?

A: Good question, we thought you would never ask

J: Thank you! I’m not trying to figure everything out these days

A: This is because you are integrating and evolving, and the process of rewiring will show chaos, because your old spiritual framework is being dismantled, and new and more intuitive ones are being introduced

Answer your question: The spiritual journey is not rocket science, it will always return to the state of paying attention to you. When you are in flow, joy and simultaneity, you are in the basic work stage that you have completed. This is the time for you to understand and master a new level of consciousness. It’s like crossing a mountain top

When you feel trapped, depressed, overwhelming, or angry, it’s slow down and figure out what triggers you to feel so

When you feel you’re stuck in a valley, it’s time to clean up
In many cases, just being aware of the thoughts or interactions that make you feel hurt – more precisely, re hurt – will lead you to a time when you need healing. It is enough to invite the violet flame to clean up the energy/belief that created this painful moment

But what needs to be understood is that in your situation, for example, you keep falling into fear, and you feel unable to move forward. Because you are constantly experiencing the same debilitating emotions, this is a clear sign that this is a karma that needs to be cleared, and this is an energy pattern far beyond this life. You cleaned it up

Sometimes you need to try several times to clear up a deep maintenance mode, because the layers can be deeply embedded in your character, so if you find that a clean up does not have an immediate effect, it is not because you did not do it right, but because it is deep and needs to be dissolved layer by layer. Similarly, sometimes you are ready to release an outdated mode. Grace will be called, and the remaining limited modes/triggers will be released by the Holy Mother

You are here to create change, and you will do it most effectively by loving yourself and returning to your most perfect form. Your compass is your feeling. believe oneself

Remember, dear brothers and sisters, you never have to face these moments alone. Each of you is surrounded by a team of assistants who are ready to assist you at any time. They can guide you towards the right people, ideas and simultaneity to help you evolve with greater lightness and elegance

We always exist for you. All you need to do is call us

This is your time. You have been invited to join us. We are honored to support you at every step along the way


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