Supreme Father via Erena Velazquez | December 11, 2022

Supreme Father via Erena Velazquez | December 11, 2022

My Beloved Children,

I am Supreme Father, Father of Fathers , and I am happy to connect to everyone through the Universal Channel.

Right now, I am overlooking the progress of Ascension on Earth. I want to remind humanity, now it’s the time to pay attention closely, what is happening around you and worldly. The uprising events keep surfacing everywhere, nobody is happy with their governments, which were elected to represent you. Each day more and more of mankind are getting awake from 3D’s illusion.

Food shortages and price increases are created superficially. This planet has enough food and water for everyone. No one doesn’t need to starve or be homeless, your governments made money purposely to control humanity. Your existence has been controlled and pulled strings by Negative Souls anytime they wanted. Their authority is ending. Divine is preparing a foundation for the ones, who are ready to take a next step in their evolution.

I want to specify that 3D will continue to exist for others, who are still asleep. Your bodies will transform to be suitable to handle multidimensional vibrations of 5D or higher. Each of you came from different parts of Cosmos like Star Systems, Galaxies, Universes. Everybody is advanced Light being, and just have amnesia about their origins. The memories will come back in Divine timing, when humanity are ready to accept them.

Your souls traveled to many places to learn, experience and help, now you are here again on the path of self-discovery, what you are done many times. Each person carries the essence of God within themselves. Awaken ones are going to leave 3D to build New Earth. The structures, roads and etc. are representing low energies and are build by using the limitations of Matrix. Humanity deserves to move to high vibrational Paradise, instead of being in this nightmare you experienced for millions of years. Ascension can’t be stopped by anyone as Divine Plan is right now in works.

Alliance continues to keep sabotaging the process by moving too slow and having disagreements between each other. They are going to be accountable for their insubordinations. Everyone is very tired and wants to see colossal changes on Mother Earth. Trust the process and stay only in the Now. Please, spend every free minute on meditations to help Collective Consciousness to continue to raise. Big transformations are on the way on Mother Earth.

Thank you Universal Channel. Follow the Divine Flow, negative energies can’t effect you, when you stay in high frequencies.

Accept my Supreme Love and high dimensional frequencies from Cosmos.

Supreme Father


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